Titanium Dental Implant Removal

It is ALL about your health.  If you feel that your body is reacting to the titanium dental implants in your mouth, then you are in luck.

Titanium Dental Implants

Titanium Dental Implant Removal: Titanium dental implants have been cleared for use for over 30 years now. It is one of the main reasons why Dr. Marvin became a dentist in the first place. While in high school, he worked for one of the top research dentists in the nation working on titanium implant research back in 1993. So why remove titanium dental implants if they’ve been approved for tooth replacements for so long?

The answer simply is this: What we know now is more than what we knew then.

Like most innovations in life, be it asbestos, lead, or any of the other known carcinogens, when these products were introduced, they were thought to be required and safe. Years or decades later they discover that they are not safe or there are now safer alternatives. This is the case with titanium dental implants.

What The Majority of Dentists Believe:

Many dentists will argue that titanium is non-reactive and that it has been proven to be a “safe” and “successful” treatment option. They will use such words as “research, studies, and evidence-based.”

Here is the truth: More and more people are now showing allergic reactions to having a foreign metal material inside their mouths. When dental implants fail, most dentists say that this is due to manufacturing defects or the patient’s non-compliance and denying it is their problem.

Should You Have Your Titanium Implant Removed?

As you can see, there are risks in getting titanium dental implants. Reactions may not occur instantly, but it can reveal itself when your immune system is compromised.

If you already have a titanium dental implant and you suspect that you may be reacting to the implant itself, then consider scheduling an exam and consult with us. If you or your immune system is struggling with chronic inflammation or any inflammatory disease, then eliminating one more trigger to your inflammation may be necessary and greatly beneficial to your overall health.

The Removal Process

Our titanium implant removal process is similar to our tooth extraction procedure. Upon getting our patient relaxed and comfortable (by using a biocompatible epinephrine-free local anesthetic), we gently pull back the gums to expose the titanium implant body. With the use of a Fotona laser and special surgical instruments, we remove the bone around the implant so that we can gently unscrew the implant without damaging the neighboring teeth, healthy bone and gums. Once we have removed the implant, we meticulously hand curette the site to make sure that there is no infection or metals left. The use of ozone, laser and PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) complete the procedure. Precise instructions are then given to the patient to ensure that the bone grows naturally inside the surgical site.

If you have a feeling that your titanium dental implants are causing you harm, feel free to contact us for an exam and consultation.