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There are many dentists in this world.  And there are many services that dentists provide.  What are you looking for?   

Today’s Modern Dentistry

Not a lot of people are aware that there are many kinds of disciplines under dentistry. To name a few, there is implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, endodontics, periodontics, IV conscious sedation, sinus surgery, orthodontics, sleep medicine, CAD-CAM dentistry, emergency dentistry, and all the usual procedures you find at a dental practice (ex. fillings, crowns, bridges, onlays, cleanings, partials, and dentures).

Stemming from his passion towards his chosen vocation, Dr. Marvin has studied and delved into these disciplines at one point or another throughout his 20 years of experience.

At present, instead of spreading himself too thinly across all these different disciplines, Dr. Marvin has made a conscious decision to focus his energies on mastering the following:

  • Preventive, educational dentistry (by providing patients with valuable advise through examinations and consultations)
  • Conservative and restorative dentistry (by saving teeth using the latest technologies) and finally, 
  • Biological dentistry (by removing known toxins from a patient’s oral cavity)

In line with these, The Center for Natural Dentistry offers the following services:

Our List Of Services

Exams and Consultations

From a simple tooth issue, to an elaborate complicated case, Dr. Marvin has the experience and know-how to develop a strategic plan that can meet or even exceed your expectations. Granted, he will not be able to do all the work himself, he will surely give you his unbiased opinion.


2nd Opinion Exams

Everyone wants a second or even third opinion. Dr. Marvin in fact gives many 2nd opinion exams because there are quite frankly so many different perspectives. Being that of having a more holistic approach, Dr. Marvin will provide his honest opinion of what he would do if it were for him or a close family member.

Check-up Exams

Because not everyone needs a lot of work, Dr. Marvin highly recommends check-up exams every 6 months, because a lot can change in only a few months. During each check-up exam, he looks for hidden cavities, checks the balance of the bite, scans the mouth region for oral cancers, and thoroughly looks all over the teeth with fine detail.


Comprehensive Exams

All mouths are different.  A 40-yr old’s mouth can look like a 60-yr old’s mouth with worn down teeth, veneers, metal crowns, root canals and missing teeth.  The mouth of another 40-yr old may have all 32 teeth, no bleeding gums, and no signs of decay. That said, getting a treatment plan that not only includes the “why things came to be that way” discussion, but also a discussion on
“what is coming around the corner” may be warranted.  If you like prevention and like to be informed, then we will take the extra time to explain the why, what, how, and what if scenarios with you.

3D Imaging
CBCT Technology

With the advent of Conebeam technology, the benefits of Computer Tomography x-rays (aka CT Scans) has allowed dentists to see more versus traditional x-rays. Being the first general dental practice in San Diego to have this technology, this has enabled us to provide better diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations for our patients in the past 10 years.

BioCompatible Fillings

Doing fillings is a common service done by dentists, but not a lot of people realize that there are different types of fillings out there. Our office specializes in laser fillings that mostly do not require the use of the drill – something our patients really appreciate.

Mercury Filling Removal

It is taught in dental schools that amalgam fillings are safe and stable for patients, but at the same time they are told to use amalgam separators and devices to remove amalgam scraps from entering the water supply to keep the environment safe.

At our practice, our patients want the best natural approach to dental care. We have invested in the necessary equipment to minimize our patient’s, our staff’s and our doctor’s exposure to harmful mercury vapor.

Tooth Extractions

When it comes to extracting teeth, the range of complexity of each case varies based on several factors. Some teeth that need to be extracted can be 60 year olds or as few as 10 year old. There are also teeth that have skinny roots, while others have thicker roots. We have to take into account those teeth that may have been root canal treated or are simply brittle.  And the same goes with the condition of the bone that the tooth needing to be extracted is in. People that clench or grind their teeth have denser bone making it more difficult to remove.

All in all, not all tooth extraction procedures are the same.  It is important to have it done right… th first time.

Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleaning services depend on the severity of each patient’s condition.  In some extreme cases where plaque and tartar buildup can be found below the gumline. This would require more than just regular cleaning. Subsequently, because we take gum health seriously (as this is important to one’s overall health) – it is vital to have the right diagnosis and treatment plan for such cases. 

Do not neglect signs of gum disease, these could be signs of systemic disease.

Cavitation Surgery

When infected bone needs to be removed, we focus on complete removal and disinfection of the site. Our intention is for our patients to have predictable outcomes without the need of unnatural products such as antibiotics and bone grafting materials. The goal of the treatment is to “remove what is not supposed to there”, disinfect thoroughly and naturally so as to allow the body to heal quickly and completely.

Titanium Dental Implant Removal

Many patients have reported illnesses due to placement of titanium dental implants in their jaws. With careful consideration, patients have requested that we remove titanium dental implants from their mouths. The hope is, after removing a foreign object (in this case titanium), the body will stop reacting to the material and the immune system can relax or tackle a different issue.

Bite Balancing

This procedure is a lost art that can do wonders for many patients. In dental speak, it is known as occlusal equilibration. This involves adjusting taller teeth to allow other teeth to meet thereby distributing pressure on many teeth versus just a few. The results of this procedure can increase the lifespan of one’s filings, crowns, teeth, jaw joints and possibly improve one’s chiropractic adjustments and spinal alignment. Most of these adjustments take less than 15 minutes and can save a patient a lot of costly dental work in the future.


The services on this page are 98% of what we do. If you are looking for services like crowns, tooth replacement options (i.e. bridges, implants or dentures), cosmetic dentistry (i.e. veneers or teeth whitening or TMJ/TMD), snoring, sleep dentistry and orthodontics, we can help refer you to people we trust.