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What’s The Latest Scoop on the Hot Topics in Holistic Dentistry? Find Out Below!

[one_fifth first][iconbox title=”Fluoride” icon=”help.png”]Fluoride is supposed to prevent cavities. But does it? Discover the answers.[/iconbox] [/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][iconbox title=”Root Canals” icon=”magnify.png”]Root Canals are supposed to “save” a tooth… but at what cost? Are you safe?.[/iconbox] [/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][iconbox title=”Mercury” icon=”alert.png”]Mercury is extremely toxic… and commonly used in fillings. Protect yourself.[/iconbox] [/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][iconbox title=”Cavitations” icon=”gears.png”]Did you know that an extracted tooth can cause long term systemic health issues? Find out more[/iconbox][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][iconbox title=”X-Rays” icon=”power.png”]Does your dentist pressure you into high doses of  radiation with costly X-Rays? Try a CBCT.[/iconbox][/one_fifth]