Safe Dental Materials List

Which Dental Materials Are Safe?
Find out what Dr. Marvin Uses!

Dr. Marvin’s Safe Dental Materials List

Please remember that these materials are not good for everyone.  In other words, you may be sensitive to some or all of these materials.  That’s why we incorporate several different methods to determine biocompatibility.  Here are the three methods:

  1. Electrodermal Testing (EDT) or Electrodermal Screening (EDS) or Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV)
  2. Applied Kinesiology aka Muscle Testing
  3. Blood-Serum Testing using Clifford Reactivity List and Biocomp Laboratories

Which one is best for you?

That depends.  We’ve seen instances where one patient is ok with the Blood Serum testing for a material but when we muscle test them, they are “weak.”

Just remember that most dentists do not use biocompatible materials.  They use what works best in their hands.  In fact, most don’t even know or use the word biocompatible.  It is in my opinion that they should know what’s IN the dental materials before they use them.  AND… it is important for you to ASK.  I mean… it is your mouth and your money so please make that extra effort to ask the dentist what it is.

WARNING:  This list has changed multiple times in the past year.  We always stay on the cutting edge of new dental products and sometimes patients come to us with better, more biocompatible products.  When that happens, we’ll up date this list.  So keep this list handy and check back here often for updates.  I can honestly say that I’ll be updating this list (taking off products and adding dental materials) about every 3 months.