Natural Dentistry

Natural dentistry is the blend of scientifically-proven holistic dentistry and Earth-friendly dentistry.   It is dentistry that is good for you, for your body, and for the world around you.

On Health:

Dr. Marvin, the founder and dentist at The Center For Natural Dentistry, has put in years of hard work and dedication to develop a practice with a particular focus on health and wellness.

Having grown up in a family where pharmaceutical drugs, pain relievers, and surgical treatments were the norm, Dr. Marvin lived a life knowing what he was told… that traditional medicine is medicine.

Not until him and his family moved to California did his eyes open up.  It became clear that the alternative route to health may be the right one.  It was that time when Dr. Marvin expressed a dire need to find the truth about health and wellness.  Things have never been the same.

On The Earth

Read or listen to the news and you will notice that the Earth is changing.  Just like our bodies, at any given time it is either improving or getting worse.  It is Dr. Marvin’s opinion that the Earth is getting worse.

The good news is that Dr. Marvin feels that though the Earth is massive, we as a society can make a difference.

So when Dr. Marvin designed The Center For Natural Dentistry, he specifically worked the facility so that it is Eco-friendly.  For instance, he has invested in air filtration, water filtration, air duct cleanings, and energy efficient lights and equipment.

Day-to-day activities such as recycling wastes, using washable products instead of disposables, and minimizing the use of paper by using electronic charts, are all part of the way Dr. Marvin and his team do things.  They know it is time-consuming, requires more effort and energy, and costs more; however, the cost of fixing the problem later and having the vision to know the consequences outweigh the short-term negatives.  We hope you feel the same way.