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The Dangers of Mercury (Amalgam) Fillings and What it Means to You.

Mercury ThermometerFor decades dentists have been placing “silver” fillings to repair cavities and halt tooth decay. Despite the common “silver” moniker, these fillings contain very little silver at all. Instead, they are a mixture of metals that create an amalgam. One of those metals is arguably the most toxic metal on Earth: Mercury.

Every day around the world dentists continue to place fillings that contain mercury despite the proven links between mercury and dementia, birth defects, Alzheimer’s, and more.

So why, if these fillings are so toxic, are they still placed in patient’s every day? The answer is simple: economics.

There are 4 major reasons why a dentist still uses mercury fillings.

  1. Mercury fillings are easy to do for a dentist. It is not as technique sensitive than say a composite or plastic filling.
  2. Mercury fillings are covered by most insurances.
  3. Customers or patients will pay for these fillings because they are cheaper.
  4. Mercury fillings last a long time without any physical symptoms.

None of the reasons should trump your long-term health and the long term health of other patients that visit the dentist (mercury vapors can remain in the air up to 30 minutes after a filling is placed, so if you visit the dentist after someone had a filling placed, you could be inhaling toxic mercury vapors).

Amalgam (Mercury) fillingThat’s why we never place amalgam fillings at The Center for Natural Dentistry in San Diego. In fact, we’ve gone above and beyond “not placing” these fillings — we have developed one of the most comprehensive amalgam removal programs in the nation. We employ safety techniques used in fewer than 1% of dental offices in America, ensuring that the removal of your amalgam “silver” fillings are removed safely every time.

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