“Is Your Dentist Holistic?”

Is Your Dentist Holistic?We ask you this questions because things are changing.  For generations, people know their dentist as the “tooth doctor” – the one they go to for toothaches, for filling a cavity, or for simply getting a check up.  Most dentists do a great job of servicing this need.

However, in the 21st century dentistry goes far beyond teeth and gums… it now involves the whole body.  For instance, the relationship between gum disease and chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease is so strong that it makes sense to discuss those issues with your dentist.

Another example is the issue of mercury; for almost a century, dentists have been placing mercury amalgam fillings inside teeth without any regard to its effect on the rest of the body. As of July 2008, the FDA has finally ruled that “mercury may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous system.”  Mercury is toxic and does affect our bodies.

So we ask this again, “Is your dentist holistic?”

If not, then we would like you to open your mind and introduce you to “Wellness Through Dentistry.”