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“Are Your Teeth Poisoning You?
The Hidden Dangers of Amalgam Fillings…”



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Do you have headaches? Sleeping problems? Irritability?
Do you get sick frequently? Feel run down?

Can’t quite put your finger on why?

The problem could lie in your mouth… more specifically, in your teeth.

Hi, I’m Dr. Marvin, America’s Holistic Dentist and Mercury Filling Expert. There’s a lot of bogus information out there about mercury fillings. I’m here to tell you definitively and with scientific proof that it’s ALL LIES! I’m blowing the lid off the “mercury conspiracy” and revealing the secrets behind the cover-up and how you can protect yourself.


In my new — FREE — book, you’ll discover:


  • The warning signs of mercury toxicity… What to look for and how to know when YOU are being poisoned!
  • Why mercury fillings are still being placed and who’s supporting it. We’ll uncover the controversy behind it all.
  • The specific steps you can take to actually reverse the affects of mercury poisoning… including Alzheimer’s!
  • Why simply removing the fillings might NOT be the answer (and how some dentists are actually making you sicker while they get rich!)
  • Why going to the dentist for ANY reason might put you at risk for mercury poisoning… even if you DON’T have mercury fillings!

And that’s just a tiny sample!

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Are Your Teeth Poisoning You?
The Hidden Dangers of Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings
and the Truths “They” Don’t Want You to Know About!

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  • SECRET #3:

    Are Your Teeth Smoking?! That’s Toxic Mercury Vapor!

  • SECRET #11:

    Most dentists have NO IDEA how to SAFELY remove mercury fillings… Discover how YOU can find the right dentist.

  • SECRET #23:

    Mercury-Free dentistry IS possible and is affordable… find out how!

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