Dental Implants

Strengthen Your Foundation

We offer the most advanced technologies in dental implant restorations.  When you lose a tooth, a dental implant may be the ideal choice to replace that missing tooth. Dental implants are simply biocompatible “anchors” that permanently support crowns or dentures. They are secure and durable and can be cleaned and cared for much like your natural teeth.

The procedure requires a special artificial root to be fitted into your jaw to replace the lost tooth’s root. Once the implant is anchored into the bone, the bone around the implant “grabs a hold of” the dental implant.  This can take six weeks to six months to heal.  Once healed, we piece together a crown and voila, your new tooth is as good as new.

Dental implants are preferred over bridges because they do not require “filing down” the neighboring teeth.

Our San Diego Dentists have had plenty of experience with dental implants.