Better Imaging Technology for Better Patient Treatment

New GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam Technology for Better Patient Treatment

Undergoing a series of x-rays has become an all too familiar aspect of visiting your dentist, and for many of us who are concerned about exposure to unnecessary radiation, we are constantly looking for alternatives. As holistic dentists we not only seek to minimize our patient’s exposure to harmful radiation, we generally also refrain from using this type of technology unless it is vitally important to the treatment of our patients. Therefore, when we do require a diagnostic x-ray we make sure that the instrument we utilize offers the most effective results, using the least harmful amounts of radiation.

A Safer Alternative

We are happy to say that we are one of the few biological dentists in our area able to offer state-of-the-art technology, and the most leading edge diagnostic systems to our patients though the use of the GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam imaging solution from Sirona. This technology is much safer than the old system of x-rays (80-100 times less radiation than traditional film) and offers much less exposure than a traditional medical CT scan (with less than 10 percent of the radiation), is more precise for diagnostic purposes in dentistry and creates a much superior quality image. Better quality imaging also means we can more accurately diagnose and better treat dental problems, and we are able to share the results of our findings almost instantly with patients.

Good for Us, Good for the Environment

Concerns of radiation using cone beam technology is much less for doctors and patients alike because the beam required to get the image is much more precise and focused, and it uses shorter, quicker bursts so there is less chance of overexposing our patients to unhealthy radiation. As one of the lowest dose radiation x-ray machines available in the world this technology actually reduces patient exposure time to as little as 2-6 seconds of radiation. Also, since the images are captured electronically, there is no need to develop the x-rays, thus eliminating the disposal of harmful waste and chemicals into the environment.

As your dentist the difference between making a diagnosis using traditional flat two-dimensional radiograph and diagnosing from 3-D imaging in such a way that we are able to see all structures from any given angle, is quite amazing. However, this technology has not replaced 2-D imaging completely – as that continues to have a place in our practice, but it is an important addition to how we are able to treat our patients.

3D Dental Imaging

A large volumetric 3D image is created in a single 14 seconds 3D scan resulting in virtually panoramic views generated by specialized imaging software. The imaging unit and its software work in complete harmony to provide a fully integrated workflow from diagnosis to treatment planning.

Although cone beam imaging is a relatively new technology for dentistry, its arrival on the U.S. market just a decade ago has practically revolutionized the way we are able to gather and view information. The result is that we can now diagnose and then create a treatment plan for our patients in a manner that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Since 3-D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) captures volumes or slices of information, which is then assembled by software into 3-D views of the scanned area, we are able to view the images not only as a 3-D object but from many different angles as well, enhancing our ability to quickly and accurately diagnosis a problem.

The GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam solution not only shows 3D displays in perfect image quality, but also enables a much more comprehensive reading and diagnosis than the traditional 2D x-ray films, benefits for patients include:

  • Focused Low Radiation dose (80-100 times less radiation than a full-mouth series of traditional film)
  • A fast and accurate scan of the complete oral area (under 14 seconds)
  • Easy sharing of images and diagnostic information
  • It’s also a virtual education tool

And we like it for these reasons:

  • Immediate diagnosis and treatment planning in just one visit
  • Improved vision of dental caries with lesion depth
  • Bone loss can be identified clearly
  • Improved 3D development means a more reliable diagnosis

We constantly strive to provide our patients with the best and safest dental care possible, that’s why we invested in GALILEOS 3D Dental Cone Beam Technology, and we know that when you have had a chance to see the results of this awesome tool, you’ll be as enthusiastic about the results as we are.

For more information on GALILEOS visit www.sirona.com