Are You Curious About Natural Dentistry?

The Role of a Holistic Dentist in Keeping Smiles Bright and Healthy

Biological, Natural or Holistic Dentistry may be new to you, but it is not to us.

Hello. I’m Dr. Marvin, owner and dentist at The Center For Natural Dentistry. We have proudly served Southern Californians with the latest and greatest in biological dentistry since 2008. In fact, we are celebrating our 11th year anniversary. (See Anniversary Sale Below)

Biological dentistry is all about a new way of approaching dentistry. Instead of viewing the mouth as a “bunch of teeth in gums,” biological dentists look to treat the mouth as it influences the rest of the body and future health of the whole person (hence the word Holistic or Whole-Body Dentistry).

Though it seems like it would be common for all dentists to look at the mouth the “biological way,” most do not. Instead, what most dentists do is wait until you, their patient, have a symptom (toothache, or broken, loose missing tooth, for example) and treat the symptom only. Though it is easier for dentists to convince a patient who is in “pain,” it is not always the best approach, in my honest opinion.

Many chronic inflammatory diseases do in fact show signs and symptoms in the mouth, take bleeding gums for example. Studies show that bleeding gums are more of a sign of systemic inflammation, rather than simply tooth plaque. As opposed to traditional dentists, biological dentists would rather look more into the root cause of disease, and it is commonly found in the mouth.

So, if you are at all interested in this version of dentistry, now is THE BEST time to call and book your appointment. Here is why.

In celebration of our 11-year anniversary, we are offering our first visit at the a significant discount. Our typical “first visit” takes about 90 minutes and it includes new patient examination, bite, TMJ, gum disease and oral cancer screening, consultation, and 3D x-rays.

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