Who Are We and What Do We do For Others?

About us: We are a boutique family dental practice with a unique approach to dental care. While most people imagine that all dental practices are basically the same, we will argue that ours is a lot different after peeling away the layers – take away the dental tools, remove the “appointment-making” routine, and forget about sitting on a chair in an awkward position while someone picks at your teeth.

What we want you to focus on is YOU and YOUR FUTURE.

We do more than just fixing teeth, treating gum disease or dealing with missing teeth. We seek to improve your OVERALL health by looking beyond your symptoms and figuring out the root cause of them. Consider us as part of your overall wellness team. That is the key difference.

Our holistic (aka whole-body) approach is meant to improve your health.

Cavities Filled

Infections removed

Patients Seen

Teeth Cleaned (estimated)

Our Origins

About us: Coming out of traditional dental school and after a few short years of practicing allopathic dentistry, Dr. Marvin became aware of how this kind of approach can put a patient’s overall health at risk. This realization concerned him and it led him to aggressively learn more about the field of biological dentistry. 


After seeking out the best education in biological dentistry, he had the passion to be the kind of dentist that helps health-conscious individuals achieve better health by taking out mercury amalgam fillings the safest way possible – and in 2008 The Center For Natural Dentistry was born. 


Since then, Dr. Marvin continuously arms himself with information by attending conferences and going beyond the minimum requirement to maintain his license and to passionately achieve excellence in his chosen field.

Below are some of our office’s milestones:


  • We added proven CEREC technology for metal-free, one-visit restorations 
  • The office became 100% fluoride-free and metal-free when it comes to restorations
  • The office became the first general dental clinic in San Diego with an in-office 3D Conebeam CT scanner


  • We placed the newly FDA-approved Zirconium metal-free dental implant 
  • We started doing Ozone Therapy 


  • We did our first jaw bone osteonecrosis (“Cavitation”) surgery
  • We started doing Tooth Meridian analysis and dental material biocompatibility testing


  • Dr. Marvin became Board-Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine in Biological Dentistry


  • We added a natural, “No-Braces” orthodontic program
  • We started doing all-natural Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) therapy as a substitute for bone grafting


Through years of both failures and successes, constant learning and numerous patient cases – Dr. Marvin has become an authority in the field of Biological Dentistry. Fortunately, we have been blessed with patients (from ages 3-93) who seek for his expertise.

If you are interested in a conservative and health-oriented approach to dental care, please contact our office for more information.