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“Great Services At Regular Pricing”

At our dental practice, you’ll notice that our fees are in line with 90% of practices in San Diego.

However, what you will experience when you come visit us is that we will be compassionate to your concerns, we will take our time, and we will treat you with respect… all for the same prices you’d pay at other dental offices.

In fact, if you are not 100% happy with your time with us or the work we do for you, we will gladly do what it takes to make you happy… even if it means doing it over.

I’m Dr. Marvin and you have my word on it.

Introductory Services:

Exams: Starting at $99

Xrays:  Starting at $25

Cleanings: (Only With Healthy Gums)  Starting at $99


Teeth Whitening:

Good:  In-Office Professional Whitening  $399

Better:  At-Home Professional Whitening  $399

Best:  Deep Bleaching  $1199

Lumineers:  Starting at $199/mo

Hollywood Smile Makeover:   Starting at $199/mo

Bad Breath Treatments:

Breath Optimizer System:  $39

Teeth Straightening:

Invisalign:  Starting at $133/mo

Minor Crowding/Spacing:  Starting at $799

Gum Disease Treatments:

Smile Detailing: $199

Soft Tissue Management:  Starting at $83/mo

PerioProtect(r) Non-Surgical Therapy:  Starting at $83/mo

Holistic Restorative Care:

Perfect Patient Protection Protocol:  Starting at $100/visit

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing:  $999

Biocompatible White Plastic Fillings:  Starting at $99/tooth

Bio-compatible Porcelain Fillings:  Starting at $600/tooth

Bio-Compatible Porcelain Crowns and Bridges:  Starting at $999/tooth