Patient Testimonials

Marybell’s Root Canal Extraction

Marybell had been suffering from vertigo-like symptoms consistently for quite a while. The dizziness had her seeing multiple medical specialists in an attempt to find a cure to the problem, but to no avail. When someone suggested that her problems could be related to her root canal, she returned to her regular dentist, who not only told her that there was nothing wrong, but also that he refused to extract the root canal.

Marybell visited The Center for Natural Dentistry, where her root canal was extracted and she had almost immediate improvement in her symptoms. The root canal tooth had become infected and was releasing toxins into her body, which could have been the root of her problems.

Marybell’s story is a good one. Check it out and see for yourself the affects that an infection in the mouth caused by a root canal can have on your overall well being.