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ABC’s of Holistic Dentistry

What Is Holistic Dentistry? Where Do You Start?

What makes us different? What is our stance on “hot topics” in dentistry? How do you get started as a patient? You’ll find most it right here:

[iconbox title=”What is Holistic Dentistry?” icon=”info.png”]Holistic Dentistry looks at the mouth’s affect on your overall health. Dentistry that’s good for the mouth AND your body! Discover more about holistic Dentistry.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Are You a Licensed Dentist?” icon=”v_card.png”]Dr. Marvin is a licensed dentist in the state of California. For more about the doctor, please click here: Dr. Marvin[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”What is Your Stance on Hot Topics?” icon=”megaphone.png”]Want to know our stance on mercury fillings, fluoride, root canals, dental implants, braces, toothpaste, bridges, mouthwash or anything else? View Our Stances Here [/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”How Do I Get Started or Become a Patient?” icon=”people.png”]If you would like to become a patient at The Center for Natural Dentistry or would like to learn more about costs, insurance, etc., please view our Become a Holistic Patient page![/iconbox]