Many people have taken the bold step of staying home.  Be it for 14 days or more, being isolated from the “outside” word is the smartest idea to avoid social contacts and the coronavirus itself.  Congratulations! You made the right decision. But are you starting to feel bored and unproductive?

To cure the stay at home blues, I have compiled a list of items below that you could be doing starting today.


For most of you, yoga is nothing new.  However, instead of the usual travel to the yoga class, try rolling out your yoga mat at home.  There are a countless number of yoga classes online and on apps. YouTube has thousands of yoga videos to follow.


Fasting has long been known to have major health benefits.  If it is detoxing the gunk in your body or detoxing the emotional patterns in your brain, fasting is something people can and should do while they are in the comforts of their own home.


Like fasting, shocking your normal bodily patterns by changing your diet is a viable way to improve one’s health, especially if you are in a single, controlled environment.  Purchase all the groceries you need for one week and consider limiting the diary, gluten, sugar, or meat in your shopping cart. By saying you can ONLY eat what you purchased eliminates the temptation to “break” the diet.  


As a dentist, I have recommended dental treatments for over 20 years.  One excuse that many of my patients have used (and I’m not picking on you!) is that they do not have the time.  I would hear one or all of the following, “I have a trip coming up. I have kids to look after, or I can’t take that much time away from work.”  Needless to say, this is not something you have to worry about when you self-quarantine.  

To be honest, now is the BEST time to get your NEEDED dental work done.  If it is to recover from wisdom teeth removal, to heal from an invasive tooth extraction, or to simply repair that broken tooth, getting your procedure done now will only make your quarantine more productive.

PS..  Need more reasons to schedule your appointment?  If you call us today, mention this article and get 25% off your treatment (payment required at scheduling).  

PPS.  Rest assured.  Our office has gone to great lengths to disinfect our office from the coronavirus.  Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.