It is time.  Like all things in life, people and companies evolve.  

Twelve years ago, an idea came to my mind after scanning the area for a dentist who does safe mercury filling removal.  I, then, saw an opportunity to be that dentist, the one who helps health-conscious individuals achieve greater health by taking out their mercury amalgam fillings… the absolute safest way possible.  

One year later, in October 2008, I opened the doors to the Center for Natural Dentistry (CND), and from that point, the journey began.

2009 – Added proven CEREC technology for metal-free one-visit restorations 

2009 – The office went 100% fluoride-free and metal-free restorations.

2009 – CND became the first general dental office in San Diego with an in-office 3D Conebeam CT scanner

2011 – We placed the newly FDA-approved Zirconium metal-free dental implant 

2011 – Added Ozone Therapy 

2012 – First jaw bone osteonecrosis (“Cavitation”) surgery

2012 – Added Tooth Meridian analysis and dental material biocompatibility testing

2013 – I became Board-Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine in Biological Dentistry

2014 – Added a natural, “No-Braces” orthodontic program

2014 – Added an all-natural Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) therapy as a substitute for bone grafting

2018 – Added a High-Powered Fotona Dental Laser that eliminates the need for drilling and “the painful needle”

And now, 11 years later, we stop, reflect and wonder…  

Did we accomplish our ultimate goal? Did we improve the health of our patients?” 

We believe we have… and way beyond our imagination!

But… we would be lying if we said it was always rosy. (No one is always perfect.)

From bridges and implants failing, to patients leaving our practice because they did not get the results they were expecting, the life of a dentist and a private dental practice can be lowly, grueling and humbling.  But as the cliche goes, we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.

So, as our team at the Center for Natural Dentistry embarks on the next decade, it is now time for change.

Whereas the last eleven years was more about us discovering biological dentistry, our focus now is LESS on us, and MORE on you, our precious patients. But it does not stop there.  Spreading our message of Achieving Health Through Dentistry goes way beyond the 4 walls of our office, we are excited to take this health message worldwide.  

Here are some key components of this reset you will notice:

  1. Change the look and feel of our practice.  Keep an eye out for some subtle, and some not-so-subtle, changes in our brand and in our office environment.
  2. Improving Outcomes –  “Good is the enemy of Great” -Jim Collins.  In our office, we want GREAT results, not GOOD ENOUGH results.  That is why our focus will now be on training, practicing, and perfecting our techniques, protocols and systems… that includes comprising only when absolutely necessary.
  3. Adding the little “Extras” that can make a major difference.  For example, this may include adding additional time before and after an appointment so you, our patient, do not feel rushed and can get the additional attention you desire.
  4. Eliminate services that do less to make more healthier you.  That is right.  We are working to enhance our strengths and to eliminate services which do not support our health message.  In the past we offered such services like teeth whitening and Invisalign which are great but are not congruent with our mission.  We will now be more health-focused, primarily removing mouth toxins (mercury-laden fillings, metal dental implants, nickel-crowns, dead teeth, infected bone to name a few) more safely and more effectively.
  5. Increase our network of like-minded dentists.  As many people, nationally and internationally, reach out and desire what we have to offer, we realize that we must have a closer network with other biological dentists around the world.  By the end of 2020, we hope to develop a stronger referral network of similar-minded dentists.
  6. This is only a beginning.  There will be a whole lot more…

My goal, as owner and leader of this organization, is to serve YOU, our patient.  Though this office has not, will not, and will never be able to help absolutely everyone (It is IMPOSSIBLE to do that!), we have made it our number one priority to provide the most Honest, Biological Dentistry for the Health-Conscious.

If you have been with us from the start, or if you have recently stumbled upon us, I sincerely appreciate you, your families, your trust, and your physical and emotional support… no matter what form it comes in.  This world is a much better place when we have cooperation and love.

Cheers to the next decade of healthier lives,

Dr. Marvin and the team at The Center For Natural Dentistry

Est. 2008

P.S. SPECIAL OFFER.  October is our Anniversary Month – 11 years since we opened.  Any treatment scheduled in the month of October 2019 will be automatically discounted 11%.  We never discount our fees because they are already priced fairly. However, our team has collectively decided to offer this promotion in celebration of our anniversary.  For a limited time only, call our office today to get on the appointment book. 

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