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Have you seen “Root Cause” film on Netflix?

If not I highly recommend you take time to watch the movie this evening, or now if you wish. The movie length itself is less than 90 min, but it is probably a good use of time considering there are over 25 million root canal treatments done annually in the US alone. Even for those who do not currently have a root canal performed yet, you should still watch this movie because you never know when a dentist will say you need one.

Why would a dentist say you need a root canal?

It may shock you to know there there is more than one reason why dentists may recommend root canals. Without going into too much detail, dentists usually say you need a root canal because “your decay is too deep and your tooth is infected.” However, you may be recommended a root canal for other reasons like, your tooth fractured, your tooth cracked, your tooth is too short for a crown, or simply your tooth has an infection in the bone surrounding the tooth.

The question is not “IF” you are going to be recommended a root canal, it is “WHEN” you will be recommended one. TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR, because another dentist says you need a root canal does not mean you need one and does not mean you need to now figure out what to do. In other words, dentists MAY recommend one for the WRONG reasons. That said… you should get another opinion from a different dentist with a different perspective. Only then should you decide what is best for your mouth and health.

There has been a lot of questions surrounding the recent attention that we would like to help clarify.

You can find “Root Cause” on Netflix now.

In the film multiple doctors mention the significance of having CBCT 3-D x-rays done as opposed to 2-D imaging (Panorex, Bitewings, Periapical x-rays) and the possible detriments of not having a full comprehensive exam with these special x-rays. We at The Center for Natural Dentistry provide these x-rays to most new adult patient to assure we have all the best information and data possible. All of the information we gather from x-rays, exams, interviews, etc. all serve as fragments to the best diagnosis and treatment plan for your health.

Is the Root Cause movie telling the truth?

The best answer is yes. The other best answer is no. Let us take a step back and try to understand this movie. First and foremost, this movie is a movie… entertainment. The maker of the movie probably wanted to dramatize the movie so he added comedy and created a story that is not supposed to bore the viewer. Because the story is about his own journey, one can only assume he tried to make it more interesting.

The intended “message” is to get the viewer to believe that his root canal (root canal therapy) and wisdom tooth site infection (cavitation) are the cause of his chronic fatigue and impotence issues. In the movie medical doctors and dentists speak as experts in the field making the scientific case that root canals and cavitations are the “possible” cause of systemic health issues.

Also in the movie they show some testing techniques that look voo-doo, quasi-science or pseudoscience.

We are acutely aware of the possible dangers and symptoms that root canals MAY cause. For the past 10 years, Dr. Marvin has been treating infected root canal and cavitations.

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