The best time to get your dental work done is now.

July 4th has passed, and we are in the heat of summer. It is time for vacations, heading to the pool, enjoying the extra sunshine, and spending time with family. It’s your summer break.

But let’s not forget that summer is also the best time to get your health in check. Do you have systemic or chronic health issues that could be caused by a tooth infection, gum infection, bone infection, or a harmful filling or crown made out of nickel or mercury?

If you suspect that you have dental issues causing other health issues, then now is the time to give us a call and book your appointment.

What we have found is that our patients wait until the very last second to get their dental work done… they underestimate the time and energy needed to get treatment completed. For instance, if you wanted to get a metal crown replaced due to a metal allergy, you would have to schedule a new patient holistic exam and 3D conebeam x-ray. Once that is completed, a thorough diagnosis, biocompatibility testing, treatment plan, and consultation would take place. Then, if you wanted to proceed with treatment, then you would have to schedule for the treatment which could take weeks. By the time you know it, summer is over, the kids are back in school, and activities and sports take over all your life. It can 2-3 MONTHS, not weeks, to get your necessary work done to improve your health. Does that sound familiar to you?

Because I have seen this common scenario over and over, I am going to give you a sweet incentive to schedule your exam today.

Yesterday, I scanned the rest of my July schedule and I literally only have 5 slots left to schedule a new patient. Because we only see one patient at a time (unlike other busy production-oriented dental practices), I can only be in one room at a time. We put these placeholders in our schedule for new patients only. Once they get filled up, then we schedule further out.

Our summer special is: 50% off your first visit (new patients only). This 60-minute appointment includes 3D conebear x-ray and comprehensive holistic dental exam and consultation. I guarantee that this exam will be the most thorough dental exam you’ve ever had. If not, then I won’t let you pay for it when it is over. That’s my own personal Dr. Marvin guarantee.

So call today, 760-536-1199, dial extension 1, speak with Quynh, our new patient coordinator, and get schedule. Again, this special is limited to the open appointment slots available in July 2016 only.