Gum Disease is a topic many people have pondered over… especially if you just came from the dental office.  However, most soon forget about it a few hours later as they tackle other mundane activities.

For most people, they don’t understand it or they are not willing to go the extra effort to prevent red bleeding gums.

But… being a scientist (as all dentists are to some extent), I can now say that it is NOT a good time to forget about this incurable disease we call periodontitis and gingivitis.

I’ll make this clear cut and straight to the point.  Gum diseases are almost always infections.  The cause of gum disease is bacteria.  The result is a body (or host) response that results in bleeding, pain, redness, and other inflammatory reactions.

There are 2 ways to avoid/reverse/stop the progression.  1) Kill the bacteria that cause it or 2) Help the body’s response to it.

The first method may sound simple but for decades, most people think that good oral hygiene can do the trick.  Not so.  Gum disease is getting progressively worse in our population.

One reason for that is NOT awareness as most people that go to the dentist have heard the lecture before. 

You know what I’m talking about.  “You should brush and floss more..” yada yada yada.  Either you don’t get it or you don’t care enough to do something about it.

The seconod reason why you have gum disease is because of the host, aka you.  If you don’t have good defense, the attacker will win.  In this case, the aggressor is bacteria.  This is the holistic part that gets me excited about being a holistic dentist.

Here’s where I go strong on ya so be prepared.

Below I’ve included a great scientific article about gum disease (and more specifically the bacteria found in your gums when you have gum disease) and the systemic (or whole body) ramifications.  Check it out.

Costerton J, Keller D. Oral periopathogens and systemic effects. Gen Dent. 2007 May-June;55(3):210-15.

As a result of hundreds of articles like this one which support the fact that there is a direct link between gum disease and other bodily diseases, we at The Center For Natural Dentistry have developed our own process for fighting illnesses by combating the bacteria under your gums.