Crushing The Top Four Dental Myths

There are a lot of places to get bad information, partial information or just completely made up information on just about any topic. Myths about what makes a healthy mouth are especially numerous. A multitude of ways to have great teeth and keep them healthy seem veiled in mystery and chance. While it is true that some patients are blessed with naturally whiter teeth and some patients have a naturally low incidence of cavities none of that means you can’t have a dazzling smile of your own. Leading to one of the most common myths:

Dental Myth #1

“I don’t like my smile but I am too old to do anything about it.”

There are lots of options for adults from 18 to 80. The benefits of straightening out teeth isn’t just about feeling better when you smile; straight teeth are easier to clean, less likely to get chipped, cracked or broken from a crossbite and cleaning appointments with a hygienist are even faster when those crowded teeth are lined up in a straight row. Plus options that employ any one of the various types of braces have become streamlined and are faster and more affordable than ever before.

Dental Myth #2

“Headaches are caused by stress.”

Many people who suffer from headaches might be surprised to find out their headaches are triggered by constantly clenching teeth, putting relentless strain on jaw muscles. Teeth clenching is often caused by or at least greatly affected by the way teeth line up. Weather from an uneven bite or from habit, if you have headaches that may be related to TMJ or Bruxism, your dentist can fix that.

Dental Myth #3

“Avoid brushing teeth if you have bleeding gums.”

Bleeding gums are one of the most common signs of periodontal and gum disease.  Gums can become inflamed from the bacteria colonies that form plaque. This happens because the bacteria create toxins that harm sensitive gum tissues. Make sure that if you have bleeding gums that you use a soft bristled, toothbrush and DO NOT skip flossing. Flossing is the only way to remove plaque, food particles and colonizing bacteria from between teeth and below the gumline. Skipping flossing can leave 35% of teeth surfaces dirty, even after brushing. The best way to heal bleeding gums is make sure you do not skip brushing or flossing. If more than six months have passed since your last visit with a dental hygienist you might want to consider making that appointment–especially if your gums are bleeding.

Dental Myth #4

“Cavities Hurt–so if my teeth don’t hurt, they must be fine.”

When a tooth hurts it signals that something is wrong with the living nerve deep inside. The nerve can become inflamed for a number of reasons: trauma, abscessed root, fractures in the enamel and dentine, and certain types of cavities to name a few. Unfortunately many cavities are doing their damage long before they reach the sensitive nerve and all too often big cavities can kill the nerve entirely so that the tooth loses all sensitivity and the cavity doesn’t hurt at all. Some of the most common places to get cavities are in between teeth and below the gumline. Both places that are impossible for the patient to see on their own.   The best way to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as they should be is to see your dentist on a regular basis and not skip any routine cleanings, including at home brushing and flossing.

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