Since the MyoBrace company was founded over twenty years ago more than five million patients have been successfully treated. Myobrace effectively trains the user to develop proper breathing and muscle positioning of lips and tongue that enable the user to attain their full potential for a strong, broad pallet and arch allowing natural and adequate spacing for all of the adult teeth. Often this technique substantially straightens teeth into a more correct alignment, both from a cosmetic and from a health conscience standpoint. At the same time MyoBrace avoids the majority of negatives associated with traditional orthodontics. With proper compliance and regular wear patients often report substantial improvement and overall correction in occlusion.

MyoBrace can be found in virtually every country routinely practicing dental care and it is the only option that successfully treats both children and adults with lifelong results.  Because MyoBrace is so passive patients avoid many of the harsh treatments and side effects commonly associated using traditional orthodontic methods.

Malocclusion, when teeth do not line up properly from opposing jaws, can be identified in children as young as three to five years in age.  In essence the top and bottom teeth are not properly aligned at a very young age, but until now there have been no widely successful  options for early treatment.  Conversely occlusions are when the teeth from the top and bottom jaws are properly aligned with each other while biting down. Traditional treatment to realign teeth typically employs harsh and physically aggressive treatments that utilize tooth extraction, wires and brackets and uncomfortable appliances that negotiate teeth into the desired position but do nothing to address soft tissue habits that ultimately work against proper tooth alignment.


Because malocclusions can be identified in young children long before all adult teeth have erupted, multiple methods of correction have been previously tried in order to correct issues early on, none with lasting or reliable outcomes. MyoBrace is different, now something can be done instead of waiting until all the adult teeth have erupted.  With MyoBrace adults, young adults and even small children with as few as one adult erupted tooth can be treated, painlessly and frequently with very little invasiveness.


Treatment is simple and involves wearing a device each night and for a short period of time during the daytime. MyoBrace works by retraining the patient’s mouth muscles and soft tissues into the positions that correctly support proper mouth and jaw alignment. When the muscles in the mouth are positioned accurately the tongue then supports a strong arch that, intern lasts a lifetime. With traditional orthodontic treatment there are substantial limitations, and many times teeth move back into malocclusions after treatment.


Bracket and wire or even clear plastic tray orthodontic treatment have a myriad of drawbacks including relapse of malocclusion, root absorption and painful adjustments.  Traditionally treatment is started long after malocclusions have begun to develop and much later than when first adult teeth erupt. MyoBrace system allows treatment to begin much younger in life and avoid many of the negatives associated with traditional orthodontic options, best of all the incident of relapse is significantly lower with MyoBrace.