When Doctors Disagree, Who Should You Believe?

Medicine is a science, right? Studied and perfected over time? If that’s the case, then why do doctors so often disagree? The differ in their diagnoses, in their treatments, and in their interpretations of the research. Dentistry is no different.

Dentists disagree all the time. One dentist may recommend a filling while one says you need an onlay. One may say you need a bridge while one recommends an implant. We have even had patients who were told they had cavities that we couldn’t find, even with a 3D scan.

At The Center for Natural Dentistry, we disagree with a lot of what traditional dentists believe and how they practice. For instance, we choose not to use mercury fillings with our patients. We believe in advanced diagnostics so we can better plan accurate treatment, we use metal-free implants, etc.

So why do dentists disagree… and who should you believe? Well the first question is easy. The second one is up to you?

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