TMJ NextGeneration™ is the Holistic Solution to TMJ Problems

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, you understand how painful and uncomfortable it can be. You also understand how difficult it can be to fix it.

For too long the solutions have been mostly designed to alleviate discomfort and pain — solutions that only tackle the symptom, not the cause. And if you are familiar with our natural approach to dentistry, you already know that we strive to find solutions to the things that CAUSE our dental problems. That’s why I’m so excited about TMJ NextGeneration™.

What is TMJ NextGeneration™?

TMJ NextGeneration™ is an almost-invisible FDA-approved device for TMJ problems that does not affect your eating, bite, or speech. It’s a small, hollow ear piece that hides inside your ear and provides bio-feedback. Because it’s hollow, you can wear it without having any affect on your hearing. Because it’s in your ear, it won’t affect your speech or eating.

How Does it Work?

TMJ disorder is caused by your jaw being out of position. When it slides out of place, one of the resulting actions is closing of your ear canal. TMJ NextGeneration prevents that by providing biofeedback every time your jaw gets out of position.

Your ear is loaded with nerve endings, and when your jaw slides back — as it typically does when you suffer TMJ problems — your canal closes slightly. With the ear piece in your ear, your body feels the action as it happens and naturally pushes your jaw back to it’s normal position. That’s what makes this product so exciting: it not only alleviates symptoms, but it also trains your body to stop making the action that causes the pain in the first place.

Does it Work?

I’ve been personally using the product for two months as of this writing.  I didn’t have any glaring symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, or popping/clicking in my joints… that doesn’t mean that I don’t have TMJ.  My jaw’s alignment has been off ever since I had orthodontics and jaw surgery when I was much, much younger.  I know now that my jaw position adjusts to accommodate my teeth.  In other words, my jaw moves to an unnatural position in order to get my teeth to touch (to chew and bite) but that jaw position is not where my TMJ is most natural.  By using TMJ Next Gen medical device, my jaw now relaxes in its more natural position regardless of where my teeth are located.  I’ve noticed my overall posture has improved and my grinding and teeth sensitivity has decreased significantly.

What Are the Benefits of TMJ NextGeneration?

  1. This is a drug-free, all natural solution made of safe materials so their are no un-wanted side-effects.
  2. They offer a complete, money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work within 45 days, take it back for a full refund.
  3. Eliminates migraine headaches that can affect your whole life.
  4. It can possibly eliminate annoying popping/grinding/locking sounds in your jaw joint.
  5. It helps provide better sleep.
  6. Possibly eliminates teeth grinding, often without the use of a cumbersome nightguard/biteguard

What’s the Process?

The first step is to give our office a call. I will do an exam to see if you are a good candidates. If you are, we send you to a certified audiologist to take an ear impressions. Once the impressions are made, your TMJ NextGeneration will be custom molded to fit your ear. Within a few days you will come back into our office to try out the fit and you’ll be on your way to a final solution to your TMJ problems!