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Everything About Natural Dentistry – Part 2 – Full Transcript of today’s Show Below!

In this episode Dr. Marvin has his 2nd installment of his big announcement, it’s a big step for the Center for Natural Dentistry as well as for Natural Dentistry as a whole, so today’s episode is on looking towards the future and the great things to come for us all. Great things are in store, so with that, lets get going on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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– Transcript –

Good morning, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. I’m Dr. Marvin, your host of this show. I’ve had this show for four or five years. It was initially called Dangers in Dentistry, but I transformed it to Let’s Talk Dentistry, because it became a live call in show.

We kind of adapted and we started learning more and more about what we do at The Center for Natural Dentistry. It’s wildly different with new ideas that are different from what you are used to as a person going to the dentist. What I have done is I’ve transformed dentistry to looking at it from the whole body or health perspective. The bottom line is that dentists only look at you from the teeth perspective or the smile perspective. They don’t look at you as a person. They aren’t trying to find the causes to problems as opposed to just covering up symptoms.

Thank you for listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. I am your host. Thank you for joining us. I have a very special day. It’s part 2 of a series called Everything About Natural Dentistry. Last week I uncovered some very big news. I don’t know if you’ve listened to that last show from last week, but I’m ending Let’s Talk Dentistry. That’s right. I’ve made a big decision that I’m going to start teaching other people, other dentists, other healthcare providers about the importance of natural dentistry.

In order for me to do that, I need to take time away from treating patients. I also have to take time away from doing this radio show, so next week will be our very last show. I’m in tears, because I love my listeners, and I love my patients. I love what I do, because I really feel like I’m helping them more than any other healthcare provider ever has. It’s absolutely incredible.

For instance I had a patient this last week who is 11 years old. He’s had decay in his mouth for so long that he went to a dentist and they recommended a root canal. Fortunately, the mom was smart enough to remember that root canals are not a good option. She came to see me, and we’re on our way to fixing him without doing procedures that can effect him for the rest of his life.

Those are the type of stories that we talk about all the time on this show. Today we’re going to go into the second part of the series where I talk about natural dentistry, and hopefully you’ll benefit from something that I’ve mentioned today.

I want to remind people that if they want to schedule an appointment with me (I only have a limited number of appointments for the rest of the year), you have to give me a call. Our telephone number is 760-536-1199. I’ll give it out throughout the show; you can also go to our website, trynaturaldentistry.com. We also have our facebook page at facebook.com/naturaldentistry.

Last week I talked about the difference between traditional and holistic dentistry. I’m going to go a little bit deeper, because the connection between dental health and overall health is a lot stronger than what you think, what your doctor thinks, and even what your dentist thinks.

Let me give you an example. While dentists like to say that oral health is important, which is why you need to take care of it (which I agree with), they really don’t know what that means. They trick you or they scare you into doing treatment for their own agenda. For example, they’ll tell you that the bacteria in your teeth and gums will go to your heart and cause you heart troubles. If you’re pregnant, they can cause your baby to come out prematurely. They’ll also talk about diabetes. They’re looking at the bacteria in your mouth causing those problems. When they talk to you about that, they’re scaring you into getting treatment done.

I’m going to agree with some of what they’re talking about. However, when you talk about infections in the mouth (like your teeth and jaw bone) can start infections elsewhere in the body. For instance if you have an abscess, the bacteria can travel through your blood and go to your brain, causing an infection there. It can cause a whole body infection. A lot of dentists don’t want to believe that, because their solution many times is to do what’s called a root canal and save the tooth.

It’s very heroic to save a tooth, but it’s not heroic to leave an infection. Their solution is to take some antibiotics, do a root canal and salvage the tooth. What they’re really doing is probably causing a more diseased state, and I am not in agreement.

Dentists pick and choose, like cherry picking what they want to believe for their own agenda. At the Center for Natural Dentistry, we talk about what’s good for your health. Here and there I may recommend that we have to extract the tooth. I tell people that they have an option. You can keep the tooth and the infection, and it will affect your health, or you can remove the tooth, clean out the infection and improve your health. Which one would you choose? You can’t have both.

A lot of people are emotionally tied to they’re tooth. Believe me, I love my teeth too, but what I love more is health. People don’t understand what health really means. Health means getting up in the morning without aches and pains. Health means doing what you want to do when you want to do it. It means eating the things you want to eat and being happy about it. It means taking a nature walk, visiting grandchildren, visiting family. That’s what health means, and people forget.

My mother just had a new hip done. She had a lot of pain in her hip, and she couldn’t sleep for two days. She was popping Vicodin and narcotics everyday, and it didn’t work. She was miserable. Just think of how her life changed due to those nagging issues with the hip. Fortunately she’s better now, but it just goes to show that you really need to look at health from a different perspective.

Health is the most important thing in your life. It’s more important than food or shelter. It’s everything because you are important. You being healthy is important to the rest of your family. If family is important, then you should be healthy, and you should take control and do something about it.

Again, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. We’re talking about the connection between oral health and dental health. The public is aware that it’s important, but I don’t think they really know how important it is.

In the past we’ve talked poisons. There are a lot of poisons in dentistry, and we aren’t testing these poisons with people. Some people react better than others to the poisons. For example, mercury fillings is a great example. A lot of people have mercury fillings. It may be poisoning them, they don’t know. They’ll go to their dentist and their dentist says, “I’ve placed mercury fillings. I have mercury fillings in my mouth, and I’m still alive. I don’t have any problems.” That’s not good enough for me. If that’s good enough for you, then yes, go ahead and accept that.

I’ve realized that our nation in extremely sick. We have a lot of cancers, a lot of heart troubles, a lot of disease, a lot of obesity, a lot of auto-immune problems. We have a lot of problems that conventional medicine does not understand and does not know how to fix. A very, very good friend of mine has a daughter who is five years old. She has acute liver failure, and she’s been in the hospital for the last week and a half. She has jaundice, which is basically your liver is not working well and you turn yellow. She is very yellow, and they don’t know why. They said 60% of the time they don’t know why, and they’re not doing anything. Here we are in the richest, smartest, most innovative nation, and we don’t know why things happen. We’re over confident in things we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

It’s frustrating, because we rely on our healthcare system. We rely on doctors and dentists to go to school and to learn and do the research and do the science, but the reality is that they don’t know. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here on this show to tell you that you’ve got to look at natural dentistry. You’ve got to look at how the teeth are related to the overall health of the body. You have to go to someone that really knows what they’re doing.

Fortunately, you have someone in your area. I want you to give us a call if you’ve never been with us. See what we see. I had a patient that didn’t want to do an exam or x-rays, because she knew what she needed to have done. She said it was an emergency and she wanted me to do this one particular treatment. I told her, “Just because you or another dentist thinks this one treatment needs to be done doesn’t mean that I’m going to agree that it’s the same treatment I would do if it were my mouth. That’s why the exam and x-ray are so much more important that the actual treatment.

Most dentists will jump forward to the treatment and do what they think or what the patient wants, because it’s easier for them to sell the patient if they are asking for it. In our case, we take a step back, we look at the big picture, we try to figure out the cause, and if there’s a more conservative treatment available.

If they’re recommended a root canal, they come to me, I take a step back, I look at the big picture, I figure out where the problem is. “Oh, it’s an infection. What is that infection causing? It’s causing you headaches, thyroid problems and knee problems.” All of this stuff because we took a step back and looked at things holistically. Now I have a bag of tricks that can save the tooth. I’m not going to consent to doing a root canal. I’m not necessarily going to extract the tooth because that’s what she wanted to hear. I’m going to try to save the tooth, because I’ve seen this before, and we’ve literally saved the teeth without doing root canals.

That’s what we’re talking about. We’re not the quick, cheap way and the push overs. We’re the ones that will look at things from the big perspective unlike other dentists, who look at it from the small perspective. That’s one of the very, very important things that we do.

We also don’t do root canals. As you know, we’re not a big fan of those. A lot of kids dentistry contains some cancer causing agents called formaldehyde or form of creosole. Everyone knows that formaldehyde is a poison, so why are we putting it in our kids?

Your dentist is not going to ask you, “Hey we’re going to do a root canal on your child. Is it OK if we use this cancer causing agent called formaldehyde?” They’re not going to say that. They’re going to go on, and you’re going to believe and hope that they’re doing the right thing. Listen up, dentists don’t know, or they refuse to know. We’re talking about common sense here, which is not very common. I want you to be smart. I want you to choose the right decision. That’s why you’re listening to this show. Thank you very much.

Another important part of health and dental issues is the structure. What do I mean by structure? When I think of structure, I think of your bones. I think of the alignment of the bones, and I think of symmetry. Are the bones in your skull symmetrical? Does your head tilt to one side? Does it tilt down? Does it tilt up? Are your shoulders the same length? Are your pelvic bone and hip bone the same length? What is your posture like? If I look at you from the side, is your head more forward than a line drawn through your neck all the way down to your heal?

That is the stuff we see. Unfortunately, dentistry is the cause of a lot of structural problems. I know my wife met a person who has braces on. She is fifty something years old. She had surgery done. She had TMJ surgery, because she had TMJ issues or TMD. If you don’t know what that is, that’s the jaw joint. They also put braces on, and I’m going to tell you that they’re doing it all wrong, because they don’t know the ideal position.

When you get to these “experts” and they’re telling you what to do, they’re looking at you from their perspective, from their professional, educated perspective and what they know how to treat. They have a hammer and everything looks like a nail. They’re not looking at it from the holistic or the whole body perspective. I have to caution you about that.

The structure is extremely important. When you start losing teeth, your structure starts going away. When it starts getting out of balance, when you start grinding on your teeth, or your enamel starts to wear down, or you get dentistry done that is not looking at the big picture, it can cause a lot of problems. Dentistry is health care, whole body health. It’s a part of your health care team. If your dentist doesn’t look at it like that, then you’re in the wrong place.

Another problem that we see is dry mouth. A lot of people take medications. Fortunately, a lot of my patients don’t. The reason that they don’t take medications is that they know that there are side effects. One of the big side effects out there is dry mouth. Dry mouth minimizes your cleansing effect. In other words, the alcohol in the mouth wash or the drug itself suppresses your salivary glands from secreting. If you’re not flushing the bacteria and acid away from your teeth through your own natural ability because you chose to take medications, then you’re going to develop cavities. Once you start developing cavities, then you’re going to need more dentistry. When you need more dentistry, there are thousands of dentists that will help you take your money and patch up that dentistry. Just to let you know, medications are a big, big cause of dry mouth, cavities and tooth loss. I hope your dentist is going to talk to you about that.

That’s my spiel about how oral and systemic health are related. The take home message today is that they are related more than you think and probably more than your dentist thinks. If you’re not going to a dentist that believes this, then you should really come to see us before the end of the year. In fact if you want us to do the treatment, you should be seen now for your exams, then get the treatment done before the end of the year, if you want me to do it. It’s very, very important that you don’t stand on the sidelines and that you act now.

Another way that oral health and systemic health are related is through meridians or energy pathways. This fascinates me, because for the last four or five years I’ve been able to test meridians and blockages. We’ve removed issues inside the mouth. A patient named Al, for instance, we removed infections and root canals from his teeth, and he had incredible results. Absolutely incredible, instant results. These energy pathways, when you have a blockage in your mouth, it blocks the rest of the pathways. That’s amazing.

Most doctors in western medicine and traditional medicine don’t believe in these pathways, but the Chinese have been for thousands of years. Since they believe in balance, we recognize and use a hybrid approach, using both eastern and western medicine to pull things together and figure out the cause of problems. It’s quite neat.

One other question that I get is regarding basic oral hygiene. What do you do at home? What’s the best habits for your teeth? I want people to understand that everyone thinks that sugar and candy are the cause of cavities. That’s one cause, but I don’t think it’s the direct cause. I think people should be focusing on what the real cause of cavities is, which is acidity. I agree that sugar is eaten up by the bacteria, and part of the waste product is acid. There is an indirect relationship between sugar and cavities, but I’m going to tell you that acidity has a stronger relationship. We’re talking about tea, coffee, soda, alcohol. There’s so much out there that is acidic that is causing your teeth to break down. It’s eats away at and demineralizes teeth. Get off the sugar band wagon and start addressing the real cause, which is the food and drinks that you eat.

I can hypothesize that the sugar in your mouth, when you swallow it and it goes into your bloodstream, can make your teeth more susceptible to decay. I’ve seen that. If you know people that have a sugar diet and eat fast food all the time (we’re talking about milkshakes, Coca Cola, cookies, snacks all the time, candy, gum) all of this stuff can cause decay from the inside out, and most doctors don’t know that.

Now that you know, it’s not only sugar but acidity. Just overall it’s about diet, nutrition and exercise. Have you heard that people, in order to lose weight, need to watch what they eat, cleanse and exercise? The thing is that most people don’t want to do that. They want surgery to make their stomach smaller. They want the pill or they want the super supplement to help them lose weight.

You know what to do. I’m telling you today that as far as your dentistry goes, you know what to do. In order for your oral health to improve, you have to improve your overall health. Everyone is like, “What’s the best toothbrush? What’s the best toothpaste? What’s the best floss? How often should I floss? Can I do this? Can I do that?” What you need to do is put good things in your body– that means eat healthy– and don’t put the bad things in.

The second part is, if you have bad things in your body (you may need to go to a practitioner to help you figure out the bad things. It could be heavy metals, parasites, candida, or a virus) you need to get rid of them. In my field, it could be the metals in your mouth. It could be the mercury fillings, it could be the metal retainer, it could be the denture that you have, a metal crown, a porcelain crown, or the plastic filling. There are so many things that are toxic that are found in the mouth, because dentists don’t know it. You need to get those out, and you need to get them out properly. It’s very, very important.

Going back to oral hygiene, if I were going on a trip and only had room for one oral hygiene product in my suitcase, it would probably be my Rotadent. It is a toothbrush that has been around for a while, and I’ve loved it ever since I was introduced. I didn’t know about this in dental school, I learned about it after dental school. It’s what I recommend to every single one of my patients, because I use it myself. I know what clean looks and feels like, and it gives you an incredible clean.

If you want to schedule a visit with us, or you want to take a look at what the Rotadent looks like, I can show you. I’m not a big fan of those Sonic toothbrushes, because they’re just way too aggressive on people. If you care about your teeth and you care about your gums, and you don’t want your gums to recede, then you have to make sure you don’t traumatize them or damage them by using a Sonic tooth brush. I know a lot of people that use that, and they love it. I don’t love it. I would recommend you use a Rotadent instead. Or not even a Rotadent is necessary. Sometimes, if you’re good enough at flossing and use a soft or extra soft bristled toothbrush, that’s all you need.

As we come to then end of the show, remember this is the second to last show. I’m getting teary eyed. I want to give you a reason to come in. Today’s reason for you to come in and see me before you get mad at me for not having my radio show or not seeing people anymore. If I stop seeing patients, you might get upset. I’m sorry, but I’ve given you fair warning, or warning enough. You need to be seen in order to be seen. If you want to schedule an exam, you need to call us right now. 760-536-1199. Schedule a visit, and I’ll give you free x-rays and half off the exam. That’s like $99 for $400 worth of stuff, and it’s not only that. The advice that I give you is priceless. If I give you advice where you get to save a tooth as opposed to doing a root canal with a metal crown and coming to me later and paying $800 to have that taken out, it’s priceless. It really its.

Saving teeth, adjusting people’s bite and getting the structure, removing toxins and getting people healthy is my mission. Hopefully it’s your desire to have the best mouth that you can have. I want you to call right now. Join me next week for my very last show. I may be doing some cameo appearances with Dr. Kellas on his show, “Health Talk.” It airs at 9:00 every Saturday morning.

I want you to know that I am going to be taking a break from dentistry. It’s to show other dentists how to do the dentistry that I do, because I want more people to experience the joy of good natural dentistry. I’m Dr. Marvin. Thank you for joining me today. Smile, and I’ll see you next week for my very last show of Let’s Talk Dentistry.