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Everything About Natural Dentistry – Part 1

In this episode Dr. Marvin has a big announcement for everyone, it’s a big step for the Center for Natural Dentistry as well as for Natural Dentistry as a whole. Great things are in store, so with that, lets get going on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry! For a full transcript of today’s show, scroll down below!

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— Transcript Of Today’s Show —

Good morning, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. This is Dr. Marvin coming to you from San Diego, the most beautiful place in the world. Hopefully you’re enjoying this radio show every Saturday at 8:30 am. If this is your first time listening, thank you for joining us. If you’ve been here before, thank you for returning to listen to my beautiful voice for the next 30 minutes.

We talk about dentistry and a whole lot more. The show is called Let’s Talk Dentistry, but it’s really about natural dentistry and doing what’s right and what’s common sense. Doing dentistry that’s good for your health, not just good for your teeth. There is a big, big difference between holistic and traditional dentistry, and that’s what this show is about.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was going to announce something big. As you know, some big announcements can be good, and some good announcements can be bad. This can be taken either way, but today I’m going to make a big announcement. The announcement is that I am going to stop doing this show. For the next three weeks, I am going to do a three part series which is going to be called Everything About Natural Dentistry. It’s a three part series. I’m going to talk about everything. I’m going to cram as much as I can into these three weeks.

This is part one. I’m sure everyone wants to know why I am quitting the show. I’m not really quitting, I’m just basically putting it to the side. I am going to devote the big chunk of my time into teaching. One way I can get the word out about what I know about natural dentistry is to get to the public, but I also need other dentists. Other people like me who are breaking free from the status quo, understanding what common sense dentistry is, not putting toxins into people, dealing with humans, not just bits and pieces like the parts of a car. You’re not going to go to a tire guy to look at your overall health. You need someone that looks at the big picture. That’s what I do, but we need more dentists out there doing what Dr. Godes and I do. There are very few dentists, and I am on a mission. In order for me to have this mission of teaching other dentists, I’m going to need to take some time off from my day to day activities, which is my doctor-patient activities.

I’ve grown a lot in this field of natural dentistry, faster than fast. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve experienced a lot. I owe a lot of that to you, my listeners and my patients for helping me learn. There are only a few ways that you can learn. The best way to learn is to see it, understand it, learn it, but also do it. I owe a lot of that to my patients who have been willing to come long distances in order to be seen by me, in order for me to get the confidence to do the procedures and to learn from the procedures. All doctors are practicing, that’s why they call it a practice. Unfortunately, we practice on people. What practitioners do with that practice is build confidence in procedures.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, but it’s now time for me to take a step back and teach other dentists. If I can teach other dentists how to do what I do, then they can help other people all around the world. I just got an email yesterday from the Netherlands asking about an endodontic or root canal procedure. He wants to come here, but he just can’t. He’s in the Netherlands. We’re talking about 25 hours of travel just to get here. If I can reach out and find a dentist who is open minded and is willing to accept something new and different, then I’ve helped people all over the world.

Forgive me if you are an existing patient and this is the first time you are listening or hearing about this. I need you to understand that, for the greater good of humanity and to get the best information about dentistry out there, I’m going to have to take time away from my busy practice in order to write books, come up with videos, write articles, go on speaking engagements, consult other dentists on not only the dentistry but how to run a dental practice from the marketing to the advertising to the message.

It comes full circle. I look at everything holistically. When I treat patients, I treat them holistically. I look at their whole body now and into the future. I also treat other problems holistically. If a dentist needs help, I’m going to look at the big picture and say, “In order for you to do this type of dentistry, you’re going to have to believe in it. In order for you to believe it, you’re going to have to learn.”

With these dentists that I’m going to be teaching, I’m going to have to get through to them that what we’re doing is the right thing to do. If they are truly open minded, they’ll understand everything that I’m telling them about. We’re going to help get more people in this world healthier, and that’s great for everyone.

I think God put me on this Earth to not only learn what I’ve learned, but also teach what I’ve learned. I feel like I can help many, many people around the world if I focus on training other dentists. That’s what people want. People want more dentists like me. Because I only have two hands, I can only work on one patient at a time. I don’t rush with my patients. If you know me, you’re not going to find me on roller skates running from room to room. You’ll find that I’m going to dedicate 100% of my time to the person in front of me to figure out the true cause of the problem. Then I’m going to look at the ideal solution, then possible options, but a lot of times there are consequences to these options.

This type of dentistry is so rare, that I’m compelled to teach other dentists. What I’ve been doing for the last few months is coming up with the Academy of Natural Dentistry. I have The Center for Natural Dentistry, which is my practice, but I’m starting Academy of Natural Dentistry. It’s going to be the foundation for my new endeavors, my new practice of helping other people. One of the things this does is limit my time in my practice.

I make a call out to you: If you’ve listened to me in the past or this is the first time you’ve listened and you know that this dentistry is the right dentistry for you, but you’re waiting on the sidelines to figure out the best time, and you want to see me for me to do the treatment, then you need to schedule an appointment with me now.

I am pretty much booked up through the summer. I know we just passed Memorial Day, but I’m pretty much booked up through the summer. In order for you to be seen by me and then get the dental treatment done by me, then you better do it now, or else you may never have an opportunity to have me do it.

If you’re willing to wait, I can train other dentists to do what I do. However, there is a learning curve with this stuff. I can’t teach everything that I’ve learned in the last 15 years to another dentist in 15 days. They’re going to have to experience things on their own. I can help them, but if you really want to be seen by me, then you need to schedule an appointment now. My appointments are going to fill up by the end of the year. I’m going schedule the end of the year around Christmas time as my final appointments.

If you need extractions, or you need mercury fillings to be taken out, or you need to be diagnosed and treated, you’ll have to act now. I’m going to give you a very, very incredible deal. If you call right now, I will give you free x-rays. That’s a $199 offer. Free x-rays if you schedule an exam with me. You do have to make the exam.

We’re not going to make you pay for the exam before hand, but you need to show up. One of the things I don’t like is when people say they’re going to show up for their appointment, I’ve reserved an hour of my time with you, and then you don’t show up. That’s disrespectful and discourteous. I wouldn’t do that to you; I don’t expect my patients to do it to me. I’m not saying it’s all of them out there, but if you schedule an appointment with me, please give me the common courtesy, decency and respect to call and let us know that you’re not coming. Don’t make an appointment that you’re not going to keep. That’s just plain and simple. That’s the way I do things. I treat my business as if I were a patient, and if I were a patient, I wouldn’t stand up my dentist for any appointment.

You only have your word, and if you schedule an appointment with me I’m going to give you free x-rays if you come in for the exam. You still have to pay for the exam, but free x-rays with the exam. It’s an incredible deal. It’s not for the first 3 callers, it’s for the first 10, 15 or 100 callers, but remember my time is limited. If you decide to call next week, and we can’t get you in until August, you may not have time to get the treatment done, because we can’t get it all done by the end of the year. That’s a bad situation. You know procrastinating is a bad thing. Procrastinating is actually a bad word. You don’t want to wait or delay. If you want to schedule a visit with me, the best thing you should do is call right now. 760-536-1199. We’re going to help you, but we can’t help you unless you call and schedule that appointment.

You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. This is Dr. Marvin. I’m talking about my last days doing dentistry. The reason is that I’m focusing on teaching this new way of doing dentistry, natural, holistic dentistry. I’ve had dentists that have asked for my help, and I have put them off, because I was doing patient care. I was treating patients like you. Now it’s time for me to help more patients by helping more dentists. This is going to be my last few months, so if you want to schedule an appointment with yours truly, then you need to do it right now. We’re giving you a deal of free x-rays. That’s a $199 offer. Free x-rays if you schedule an exam. Call 760-536-1199.

Again, this is my 3 part series. This is part 1. I call it Everything About Natural Dentistry. So how am I going to start?

The first underlying question that most people have when they hear what I do is, ‘what’s the difference.’ What’s the difference between holistic, natural dentistry and traditional dentistry. They key difference is that I’m focused on people, the real person. Not only the person now, but the person in the future. What we need to focus on is getting to the root cause of problems and figuring out if the root cause is dental related or if it’s in the mouth. Is it in the teeth? Is it in the gums? Is it in the bone? Is it how the teeth come together? Is it the alignment of the teeth? Is it cancers in the mouth? Is it the jaw joint? Is it in my expertise, in my scope of medicine in the mouth area? Is the root of people’s problems in that area? That’s the key difference between holistic and natural dentistry.

You may think, ‘don’t most dentists do that?’ The answer is no. Most dentists do what’s called traditional, mainstream dentistry. This is what we were taught in school. I went to the same dental schools that everyone else went to. There they focus on repairing teeth, cleaning teeth, dealing with gum disease like bone loss and bleeding gums, and straightening teeth? You’ll notice that the common word there is teeth.

They fix what I call the small picture, and that’s the difference. I look at the big picture, holistic, the whole body, and most dentists look at the small picture. They want you, the patient to tell them where the problem is. Let’s say I have pain in my tooth near the back, second one from the back. Your dentist is going to look to see what’s causing the pain. They found out it’s a cavity. “Let’s take an x-ray. Yep, there’s a cavity. Here’s how to fix it: We’re going to do a filling or a crown. You have a tooth that’s broken? Let’s fix that with an enlay, inlay or crown. You have a toothache? We’ve got to take out the nerve. That’s called a root canal. If we do a root canal, we have to do a buildup and place a crown.” They do it, everything is fine, and next time you come in there’s a new list of problems and recommended treatments.

The small picture stuff like a broken tooth or bleeding gums really doesn’t effect your health as much as some of the bigger stuff. If they’re not looking at the big picture, how can they diagnose something from the big picture? The reality is that dentists cause a lot of problems. That’s right, they cause systemic health issues. They cause sleep apnea, TMJ, infections in your mouth and body. They can cause toxins to affect your thyroid, kidney, liver and brain. They can cause your skin to break out. They can cause more neurological health problems, and they have no clue.

A true, 100% holistic, natural dentist, of which there aren’t many, will look at you from the big picture and make common sense, practical recommendations so that we can save teeth and get your health back on track. The reality is that we have way too many doctors in this world that are specialized or super specialized in what they know. They know their field, where they’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money reading books, reading journals, getting degrees, being mentored by smarter people in order for them to be smart.

The reality is that we know so little about how the body works. If our government, our companies, our doctors, our hospitals, and our practitioners knew how to help people, then we wouldn’t have all these chronic illnesses, such as auto-immune diseases, lime disease, glaucoma, thyroid disease, hormonal problems, cancers, heart disease, and arthritis. Think about this: We are supposed to be the richest, most innovative, smartest, and most philanthropic country in the world, but we have the sickest people. One of the reasons why (I’m not saying this is the only reason why) is that we have companies out there that are looking to grow at the expense of your health.

I just read an article that almost 90% of the products out there are owned by about 8 – 10 mega companies out there. If you look at all the foods and cleaning products out there, the biggest, richest companies out there own all these products. They’re wonderful at marketing and establishing brands and getting you to buy and buy and buy. This is all the stuff that you use on a regular basis. They’re owned by a few people, and these few companies are getting super wealthy, and they’re making their share holders wealthy. I’m not mad at those companies for growing and making necessary changes, but the reality is that what they’re doing is making us sick. All of these processed materials and foods, these chemicals, we’re not looking at it from the whole picture.

It’s too big to change. You can’t have the government regulate the companies and you can’t have the companies do what’s best for our health. You need to do what’s best for your health. Do not let your healthcare practitioner tell you, because they may not know. If they don’t see the link between what you eat, the stress that you have, what you drink, the house that you live in, the detergent you use, the lotion you use, the medication you use, every thing is holistic.

You need to look at everything from the big picture. If you don’t look at everything from the big picture, you realize that companies, healthcare practitioners and the government are not looking at helping you. You need to help yourself, that’s why you need to go to practitioners that believe the same thing. You need to look at things from the big picture, because you can not point fingers at other people, other companies, your genetics, or your family history. We love to point fingers, but the finger should be pointed at you. You need to decide, because you’re making decisions for yourself. If you’re an adult, you’re making decisions for yourself, and you’re making decisions for your future.

I have wonderful patients. 70, 80 years old with absolutely zero medications. I’m very proud of them, because they’ve made the necessary decisions and they haven’t succumbed to those marketing techniques and all of those doctors who said, ‘You should take this pill for high blood pressure. You should take this pill for high cholesterol. You should take this pill for your pain.’

Let’s celebrate that there are people out there that are doing this, and they are healthy and living a long life. You need to do this. Doing holistic dentistry is one component. If you’re not doing holistic, natural dentistry, you’re probably doing traditional dentistry. I’m telling you that holistic dentistry is different from traditional dentistry. You may want to consider being seen by one of these, because we are looking out for your overall health long term. That is the key difference between holistic and traditional dentistry.

Hopefully I nailed it, because you do need to figure this out. The link between dental health and overall health is stronger than what you think. It is absolutely stronger than what you think. Again, the link between dental and overall health is so strong that the root cause can be in your mouth. If the root cause can be in your mouth, and if you’re not going to a holistic dentist, then they’re not going to figure it out. That’s the bottom line.

That’s why I’m going to teach traditional dentists how to be more holistic and think outside of the box, so that their box can actually get bigger. Yeah, the box can actually change size. We want bigger boxes for big, open minded people. The bottom line is, how can we help people if we don’t know? I always say a lot of people don’t know what they don’t know.

If someone doesn’t know what they don’t know, how can they know what they don’t know? They don’t. Someone needs to tell them; someone needs to go out there. I’m thinking that the public, or you listeners, are getting smarter. You’re realizing that it’s not what it seems. You may know more than your dentist, which could be true. You need to find people that speak the same language and think the same way.

There have been many, many findings in the area of holistic health. You don’t need that much science to advance it. Next week in part 2 I’m going to talk about some of the connections between oral health and serious health issues. You don’t want to miss it.

This is Let’s Talk Dentistry. We’re coming down to the end of the show. At the beginning of the show, I made a big announcement. If you caught me at the end of this show, my big announcement is that I’m going to stop doing dentistry so I can help other dentists. I formed the Academy of Natural Dentistry so that I can teach other dentists how to do what I do.

But, if you have dental issues that you want me to take care of personally because you don’t want to wait, then you need to call and get scheduled with me now. If you’ve never been to our office, I encourage you to call me right now. Near the end of the year, if I don’t have time, I don’t have time. There’s only one of me. Dr. Godes and myself are going to allocate our time so that you can get the best dentistry possible.

I’m Dr. Marvin. You’ve listened to Let’s Talk Dentistry. The number you want to call to schedule an appointment is 760-536-1199. Write that number down. If you want to go online and read up more about what we do, go to trynaturaldentistry.com. I’ll see you next week, same time, for Part 2 of Everything Natural Dentistry. I’m out.