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In this episode Dr. Marvin is talking about how Dentistry should be, what REAL dentistry is and what it should mean to you, and more importantly for you! So with that, lets get going on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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— Transcript of Today’s Show —

Good morning, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. I am Dr. Marvin; it’s so good, a beautiful Saturday morning. I’ve got a lot of things to talk about today. As always we have a great show lined up for you. I want to thank my listeners for returning again this week. That means you like something I said, or maybe you just like my voice. I want you to grab everyone that you know. I want you to call and text people. Email them and tell them about this show, because you’re going to find out some very interesting information about this show, especially if you have not listened to me before. The next half hour, I’m going to talk about dentistry. The show is called “Let’s Talk Dentistry,” because I’m a dentist who is licensed here in California and several other states. I’ve been doing dentistry for a long time. What I really talk about is how dentistry should really be like real dentistry. Dentistry that’s good for your health and the long term, dentistry that is the right dentistry.

You may be thinking, “Right dentistry? What do you mean the right dentistry? Isn’t dentistry fixing teeth? Hasn’t it been the same for a long time? Isn’t it black or white, cut and dry? Isn’t dentistry pretty exact? Don’t we know what dentistry is?” The real answer is no. Though your dentist or the people that you know which may be dentists or know dentists may think other wise. That’s what I really wanted to touch on today. I’m Dr. Marvin, I have an office here in San Diego. Dr. Staci Godes and I have been practicing holistic dentistry for several years. I’ve got to tell you that we are at the forefront of holistic dentistry. There’s a lot more people, a lot more dentists are getting in to this, because they’re realizing that this is the right dentistry.

Let me tell you a little bit about who I am, then you get to see if I am someone that you want to see. I grew up in a medical family. Both of my parents are doctors. My dad is an ear, nose and throat surgeon, and my mom is an anesthesiologist. God bless them, they’re still alive. They’re breathing. They can still see our children, they’re grandparents, it’s great. What you need to understand is that I come from a medical background. All I knew was traditional, mainstream medicine. It wasn’t called traditional, mainstream medicine; it was just called medicine. Growing up, I was taught that there was only one way to fix disease. That way was to go to your doctor. Doctors have the solutions to problems. The problem may be a runny nose, it may be a fever, maybe you sprained your wrist or ankle. You have a heart attack, they know how to keep you alive. They’ll give you medications or surgeries or different options. That’s the medicine that I know, and it’s the medicine that you know. Here’s the dentistry growing up. When I was younger I went to the dentist a few times, not every six months. I got a cleaning, I got an exam, I had sealants put on my teeth, and if I had a cavity they filled it.

These healthcare professionals are supposedly experts. What I’m about to tell you today will shock you, because what you don’t know is what your dentist or healthcare professional doesn’t know either. There is a different way to look at this. The way that you look at this is to look at people as individuals over the long term. We need to take a step back and just look at the big picture. When you look at the big picture, it is not the same as fixing the small picture. You see, there are two different pictures. There’s one that’s in a small frame. There’s one that’s in a big frame. I look at the big frame, because I want a long, healthy life. By choosing to live a long, healthy life, I’ve chosen to look outside of the box and start questioning what I’ve learned and been taught.

You see, I went to dental school thinking that I wanted to be an implant dentist. Going through dental school, my teachers, my professors, other dentists, other healthcare specialists and scientists taught me the basics. They told me that in order to fix a disease I need to figure out the cause. A lot of times diseases are caused by bacteria. If you can figure out the bacteria and eliminate it either through ointments, creams, medications, pills, or through just washing your hands, that’s the best way to take care of it. As we went along in our training in dental school, we started getting more specialized, honed in on our skill, and started looking individually at the teeth.

Every dentist in their mind has a good idea of what dentists do. It’s not rocket science. Dentists fix teeth. What we’re looking for are problems in the teeth. We’re looking at possible problems in the gums. We’re looking at the alignment or the arrangement of the teeth, and we also consider cosmetically what beautiful teeth should look like. That’s pretty much what dentistry is. What dentists do to this day is look at the small picture. They figure out that something is wrong with the tooth. Maybe there’s a crack in the tooth, maybe the tooth starts to hurt, maybe the tooth is too high or it’s crooked, maybe they’re looking at the whole mouth, maybe you have pain in your jaw joints when you open and close your mouth. There’s a joint right in front of your ear; maybe there’s aches, pains, and problems there. We’re looking for symptoms, that’s the bottom line I’m getting at. What medicine has done (and it’s a huge failure) is they’ve taken these symptoms, and they’ve come up with solutions to quiet the symptoms or remove the symptoms without getting to the cause. Remember, I told you that in dental school or medical school you want to figure out the cause, because if you take care of the cause, chances are you’ve removed all the symptoms, not just one or two of the symptoms. Chances are you’ll know what to do next time if you get this infection. In dentistry we don’t want to look at that. What we want is to sit on our hands, clean people’s teeth, charge people for exams, take x-rays and wait until something goes wrong. When you have a symptom, ah ha! The dentist will be the hero, save the day, fix your tooth like a mechanic would fix your car, you go on your way, you come back in for your six month cleaning, and we’ll just wait until something else happens to your teeth or gums. That’s the way it is in dentistry. That is not the way we do it at The Center for Natural Dentistry.

You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. I’m Dr. Marvin. What we’re talking about today is very unique, it’s a very interesting way, we have a lot of good information to tell you. If you want to schedule an appointment with me, I encourage you. That telephone number is 760-536-1199. Before I forget, today, Saturday, April 25th, I’m going to be at the Encinitas Street Fair in Downtown Encinitas. If you want to say hi, if you have a question, if you have a comment, if you just want to shake hands, or if you want to smile at me so I’ll smile back at you, come visit me today. I’m going to be there for about six or seven hours. I want to go out there and meet the people face to face. If you want to meet with me, go to the Encinitas Street Fair. It’s on 101. Come see me, I invite you. If you cannot make it, and I know some of you cannot because either it’s too far or you have plans today since I didn’t tell you earlier, you can come visit me on Sunday. I am going to be at the Earth Fair in Balboa Park. If you’ve ever been to Earth Fair, you know that it gets packed. It’s a great time. A lot of great booths and exhibitors, great activities, a lot of people watching. If you love to people watch, it’s a great place. There is food. I’m going to have a booth or a table over there so you can come visit me. You don’t have to go around and start searching for me, because I have specifically chosen a place that is close to the fountain. If you’re familiar with the museums around there, I’m near the big fountain closer to the zoo. It’s called Prada East. I want you to meet me there and say hello. We’ve got a lot of great information. Even if you want, you can open your mouth, I can take a quick peek and give you a quick, two second consultation. How about that? Visit me tomorrow at Earth Fair, visit me today in Encinitas. You got that? Put it on your calendar. If you have plans, change them, because I don’t do this very often. To tell you the truth, it’s very exhausting to do these shows, but I just love the people and love helping people. Visit us today. I’m going to try to get Dr. Godes and Jonathan over there. We’re going to have a great time; come visit us today.

I’m going to get back to my topics. I was talking a little bit about my background and where I came from. Once I started learning how to look at the big picture, once I realized that I’m treating people and not teeth or gums but what the teeth and gums are connected to, I realized that what I learned was not enough. We can’t be heroes by eliminating symptoms. We’ll be heroes by taking care of disease. What happened when I moved to California was I started to understand that everything is connected. What I eat affects my health. No that may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s not for a lot of people, because once they learn what’s in their food, that can be the source of your long term health issues. Look around, understand the news, see everyone that’s taking medications, that has a chronic illness. There are so many chronic illnesses out there. There are people that are dying of cancer, they have diabetes, they have all of these inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and they’re doing the wrong treatment. When I realized that I, myself am a proactive, tell-it-like-it-is, self-reliant individual, I started to put two and two together. When I say put two and two together, it’s about having common sense. I think it’s common sense not to put toxins into your body. I hope you believe the same thing.

Once we understand and accept that statement, then we have to go and search out what the toxins are in our lives. Is it the mold in our house? Is it the fluoride in our drinking water? Is it the exhaust from the cars that we are around all the time? Is it the electrical wires that are outside our window? Is it the metal springs that are in our mattresses? Is it the allergens in the air, or is it the actual people around us that are feeding us with these negative thoughts, negative beliefs, and is that causing our structure to break down? Those are very difficult questions to answer, and this is the reason why health care does not take these on, because they do not know it all. These doctors are very smart; they’ve gone to school and they’ve earned the right to be called doctors, but the reality is that they don’t know what they don’t know. If you tell them what they don’t know, they’re going to get mad, because they’ve invested so much time, energy and money to be called experts. They don’t want the “non-experts” (you, the patient) to tell them what to do.

What I want from you is to open up your mind and understand that you need to question. It’s your responsibility and your right to question your practitioners and your doctors then ultimately make a decision based on the information that you receive. You may be getting some bad information, but if you accept that information and you act upon it, that is your responsibility. I know it’s hard. It takes a lot of effort and energy to find a practitioner that aligns with your beliefs, the same beliefs that I have. You need to have an open mind, accept, understand, and be responsible for your actions. This is the reason why I am a holistic dentist. I was a dentist first, then I went out and questioned what dentistry really was. I understood that it’s not the right type of dentistry.

There’s a new type of dentistry. It’s called holistic or natural dentistry. I’ve been doing holistic dentistry for a few years, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized that it goes beyond dentistry. It goes beyond the teeth and gums, it goes to the whole picture. Most dentists including holistic dentists have no clue about this. That’s why I’m here on this radio show, to tell you that not all holistic dentists are the same. I just had a holistic dentist call me and she did not understand anything about the dangers of root canals or cavitations and jaw bone infections. If all they know is that fluoride is bad for you and they don’t place mercury fillings, that’s just brushing the surface. Most holistic dentists should already know that, but when you go to an experiences, well-researched, scientific, idealistic, holistic dentist, they will go out and search for information and know how to treat people and get down to the root cause of problems. The root cause of problems is deeper that mercury fillings. It’s deeper than fluoride in toothpaste. It’s deeper than the radiation in the x-rays. We’re talking about materials that are used in people’s mouths. We’re talking about the structure of the jaw and teeth, the jaw joint, the bones in your skull, the bones in your neck, the bones that go all the way down your body, and how it all works together. We look at how the alignment of the teeth works, and how orthodontics and braces and affect that negatively. Why would you want to cause harm to your children? I see adults all the time that had braces when they were a child. They did everything they’re supposed to do. Their parents did whatever their expert dentist or orthodontist said, and now they have issue after issue after issue going on in their mouth because of those decisions. What I’m telling you is to not be a victim. Go search out holistic dentists. Figure out what’s best for your mouth.

If you decide not to do it, fine. That is your decision. We’re not going to pull your leg. We’re not going to yank your arms out. We’re not going to hold your hostage, put a gun to your head and say you have to do this. This is your choice, but there’s no way that you can get to these choices until you get an opinion from a holistic dentist. Believe it or not, I will look at the whole picture. Sometimes the problem is not in you mouth, but it’s elsewhere. I will help you and guide you into the right individual. Instead of just fixing my area of expertise, I’m looking out after you as if I were the patient. I’m not going to hold back. I’m not going to pass judgement just because you drove a long way, because your finances are not in order, because you have insurance, because you don’t have insurance, because you’re dressed a certain way, because you talk a different way, I’m not going to judge all of that. What I want to do is figure out where the stresses are in your body. If the stresses are found in your mouth, is that relating to all those other problems? I’m going to provide a treatment plan or some treatment options that I would do based on what I know as of today (as of this date) what I would do for that situation. I always tell patients that if I learn a new technique, or if I realize that what I was doing was probably not the most ideal, then I’m going to change. That’s what you want. I want people to understand that it’s not about me. It’s not about the money. It’s about doing what’s right. This is why I call this the right dentistry. That’s the reason why I make the decisions.

Our children (we have three children, a four year old, nine year old and eleven year old) for the most part were all health. I’m going to tell you that our oldest child had all the vaccinations, because we were not holistic. We did not understand about all the vaccinations. We gave her the wrong foods. We gave her a lot of medications. She was hospitalized a lot. She had some allergic reactions. She had a lot of asthma. Now she has more issues that we would like to deal with. Obviously hindsight is 20/20, so when we had our second child, we started doing things differently. Then we started having issues with her, with Sophia. She had eczema and all of these problems, so we got her on a really strict diet. By the time we had our third child, we were even more holistic and understood things, and even to this day, he’s the one that is the least sick of all of us. I can’t turn back time. I know what the history is. I told you the history of my background. I ate a lot of bad junk food growing up. I had a lot of medications growing up. I was in the hospital growing up. I did not know how what I was eating and drinking was going to effect me in the long term. I did a big 180, and now I understand that the holistic lifestyle is the lifestyle that I want to live, and I want to take control over that situation.

What I want you to do if you understood what I was saying, is I would like for you to be my patient. I absolutely would. Now is as good a time as ever. There should really be no reason why you should not be my patient, because I’m going to provide a special for those people who have never seen me. You can’t be an existing patient, because if you’re an existing patient, you’re not a new patient of mine. I want those outliers that haven’t been to the dentist for a while. Maybe they have been to the dentist, but they’re starting to question their dentist’s open mindedness or their knowledge. Just because a dentist says something (for example he recommended a crown) doesn’t mean that I’m going to agree that it’s a crown. I’m going to have my own opinions, my own evaluation, and my own thoughts. My thoughts, evaluation, or treatment plan could be completely different. I want anyone out there that is listening to this show and has never been a patient of mine to call 760-536-1199, or visit me at the Encinitas Street Fair today or at Earth Fair tomorrow. I will give you a fee exam and x-ray. That’s $398. You’re not going to find that anywhere. I’ve seen those deals at other dentist offices for $39. You can get an x-ray, cleaning and exam. Let me tell you, I used to work at one of those. I worked for seven days at one of those, and I’ve got to say it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I’m going to tell you that there is a huge difference between a ten minute exam, two dimensional x-rays and pictures, and their cleaning (which is very poorly done) than it is to have a 3D x-ray and CT scan, then sit down with us and talk about the holistic sense at my office. If you come see me today and tomorrow, I’ll write down your name and telephone number and give you a free exam an x-rays. It’s a comprehensive exam. Nothing is left behind; we’re not going to cut out anything just because you’re not going to pay. You have to come visit me today or tomorrow. Look for me. Come with your friends; I guarantee that it will be worth your while. I really want to meet my listeners. Even if you’re an existing patient, I of course want to see you there, because my patients are my friends. If you want to take advantage of this offer you can call right now, but in order to get the free visit, you have to see me. I’ll write your name down. I will be there or someone will be there. Bring your friends, bring your family, I’d like to meet all of you. I want to hear your stories. If you’re an existing patient, tell me your story about how your health has seriously improved since coming to see us, because we got to the root cause.

I’m at the end of my show. I hope to see you today and tomorrow. I’m Dr. Marvin and I’m out.