Were all dentists born without the common sense gene?Why put poisonous mercury in someone’s body if it kills brain cells?

Why put fluoride in our bodies if it causes thyroid and bone cancers?

Why treat the inside of teeth via root canal therapy when it does nothing to the infections OUTSIDE the teeth?

Why use cheap metals for orthodontics, partial dentures and crowns if people are allergic to the same metals in cheap jewelry?

Why do dentists think everyone is the same and everything dentists do is perfect for everyone and has no consequences?

It’s time to wake up and see a biological dentist. Call us today 760-536-1199 to schedule an appointment with the “common sense dentists.”

In a world where common sense is becoming increasingly rare, it’s becoming increasingly important to research, question, and challenge your health providers to ensure you get the care that you not only need, but the care that you DESERVE.

Don’t let someone take chances with your health. Don’t far prey to old ways of thinking. Don’t be a sheep and follow the herd, just because there are more of them. Be bold, stand out, think for yourself, and make educated decisions. It’s the least you can do for yourself.

And if along the way you choose to see an enlightened dentist with common sense and the audacity to think outside the box and step away from the herd, give us a call: 760-536-1199.