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In this episode Dr. Marvin focuses on allergy’s, we all have them to something, and we may go our entire life and never know it, but at the Center for Natural Dentistry it is so important that we plan for yours in our treatment, your body is interconnected and when one thing is off it effects another and that’s why its so important for you to consider your allergies and the way it can effect you living a healthy life. So with that, lets get going on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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— Transcript of Today’s Show —

Good morning, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. I’m Dr. Marvin, licensed dentist here in California. I’m ready to have a great show for you today. For the next 25 minutes we’re going to be talking about dentistry and a whole lot more.

What is natural dentistry? Natural dentistry is what’s good for your health and not just good for your teeth. Notice the main difference between us and other dentists. If you’re listening to us for the first time, be ready for a really interesting show, because dentistry can be interesting. I know it sounds weird, but as a dentist I talk about these subjects all the time with all my patients, people in the street, people at fairs, people at my church. I talk about dentistry all the time, and it basically rolls off my tongue.

Dentistry is actually very, very important. It’s not all about cleaning teeth. It’s not about repairing teeth, it’s not about making a pretty smile, and it’s not about just fixing teeth so you can eat and chew the foods that you like to eat. It’s a whole lot more, because it’s a part of your whole body.

That’s what we do at the Center for Natural Dentistry. I have an office here in San Diego where people come from all over the world just to come get our diagnoses, our treatment recommendations, and our treatment. We do have something different at our office that most dentists don’t.

I’m going to talk about what 99% of dentists don’t do, and that’s look at the big picture. We are treating people, not teeth. Since we’re treating people, we should be looking at the big picture. The big problem with regular, mainstream dentistry is they look at the small picture. They don’t look at how what they do affects you as an individual. That’s a big, big problem.

That’s what natural dentistry is, as far as what it means to me. We talk a lot every single week about different topics. Last week I talked about allergy sensitivities. Great information, if you missed that go to our website, find and listen to that last episode. If you haven’t been to our facebook page, I talk about allergies and some alternative treatments to allergies.

Last week, if you don’t remember, I had a very nasally voice. My nose was stuffed up. That’s because of all of the spring pollen that’s in the air. What I’ve done since that visit was have a treatment by Miss Ashley. She’s a nurse, and she did some alternative allergy elimination techniques, some energy work, and it was just incredible. You can tell the difference right now, just from the way I’m talking and how it’s not nasally. My nose isn’t clogged. It’s incredible stuff; there’s a whole lot more out there than just taking medications to decrease the amount of histamine, which is your normal allergic response to allergens. Get to the cause of the problem. Don’t just deal with the symptoms.

That’s what we’re doing with this allergy elimination by decreasing your body’s sensitivity to certain allergens. Go to our facebook page, find out more information about it. I put an article in there also to talk about that. facebook.com/naturaldentistry Great stuff.

Another thing is that patients are allergic to anesthetic. I had a patient tell me she went to the dentist and they gave her nine shots. How would you like to get nine shots and still not be numb? One of the reasons is because I tested her with the anesthetic that most dentists use, which is lidocaine, and she’s allergic to it. She doesn’t react well to it, that’s why the anesthetic doesn’t work really well with her. Instead of stopping the anesthetic and changing the anesthetic, they just fed her more anesthetic that she’s allergic to or that she’s sensitive to. Is that the type of dentist that you want to go to?

I’m going to tell you that 99% of dentists don’t take into consideration the best anesthetic. They don’t look at you as an individual with different sensitivities. It’s one size fits all. That’s the problem with dentistry and that’s the problem with a lot of medicine. We used to think that one medication will fix one problem. That’s not true, because you may have to go through four or five anti-depressants in order to figure out which one works well for you. Once you’ve figured out which one works for you, it may not be at the right dose. You have to experiment.

Medicine is not an exact science. Pharmacology and drugs are not an exact science. Every single one of us is different. Why are the physicians, the doctors, dentists, pharmaceutical companies, the marketing people, the sales reps all saying that everyone is going to get better if they use this one product? It’s absolutely incorrect.

The reality is that we know less about our bodies and how they work than we think. God created our bodies to work miraculously. We are a miracle. It’s as simple as that. Man has not really figured out how everything works. That’s just plain and simple. Check out that episode, find out more about allergies.

A couple weeks ago we talked about cavitations. You really need to get on board with these. Most dentists, again, are not familiar with this. They’re strictly jaw bone infections, where the bone marrow has been diseased and has been eaten away. Therefore you now have an infection in your jaw bone that can go on for years, even decades without being noticed by any dentists. They can be affecting your overall health day in and day out, every day, every week, every month, every year and you won’t even know it, because your dentist is not looking for it.

I’m working on a video that I’m going to put online showing you the procedures. I’ve invested in a special camera that can actually look and take pictures of what I can see. Once you see what I see when I do my surgeries and remove all these infections, you’ll be amazed. You’ll be like, ‘man, I wonder if I have those infections, and if I do, I want them out.’ If you get undiagnosed infections that harm your body, who knows what other problems that can cause? It can cause secondary infection elsewhere. It can cause your energy pathways to get blocked and you to have other problems going on in your body. It’s just incredible how the body is interconnected and how it all relates. If we don’t do what’s right, things can go seriously wrong.

Three weeks ago we talked about mercury and its dangerous effects on your health. We talked about mercury fillings. On facebook I described a patient that came in this last week that was telling me a great story. She said, “You know what? Those mercury fillings you took out on the right side? I have no more pain on the right side of my jaw, I have no more headaches, and it’s weird, but I don’t have any pains in my knees.” It’s going to be hard to explain how taking out mercury fillings are going to solve those problems, but again, we do not know how the body works. It is good for us go to doctors and dentists that understand how the body works all together and appreciate that.

The need to do the right things, like determine if people are sensitive to material and remove the mercury filling properly. That’s very important. Again, most dentists don’t do it. If you walk into a dental office today, chances are they do not remove mercury fillings properly. They’re going to have a mercury cloud of mercury vapor. Something that you can’t smell, see, or taste. It’s in their office; it’s on everything. It’s on their paint, it’s on their furniture. Even if you did not have mercury fillings in your mouth or had any work done, the moment that you walk in there, you are giving yourself a high dose of mercury.

Why do you not know this? It’s because you were not taught this and dentists weren’t taught this. Since they weren’t taught this and they believe that mercury fillings are great for people (they taught us this in dental school), then you as an innocent, unkowing victim can be toxifying yourself. That’s how dangerous this stuff is.

We’ve also talked about dental implants int he past. What’s the difference between a titanium dental implant and a ceramic dental implant? A lot. Most dentists don’t know anything about ceramic implants. They know about ceramic crowns because it’s been a while but ceramic implants are new. They believe that titanium implants work because they’ve been around for thirty-some years. They’re going to say that ceramic implants don’t work, that titanium implants work better, because we’ve been using them longer.

In fact, we’ve been using ceramic implants for they last 14 years. They’ve been available in Europe; that’s where they did all the testing. They’ve been here for over 5 years, and we’ve been working on it for the last 3 years. We are the most experienced ceramic implant dentists in San Diego County hands down.

If your dentist doesn’t do ceramic implants just because they don’t know anything about it and then they’re just slow to act. One thing you have to know is that you can have sensitivities to dental implants. Just ask Dick Van Dyke about his dental implants and all the bad symptoms he had after he got dental implants and how they all went away after he had his dental implants removed. This is serious stuff.

We’ve also talked about root canals. What they are, why patients are duped into doing them, and how they can be a serious health issue. We also talked about what you can do if you’ve already had a root canal. If you don’t have a root canal and a dentist had recommended one, what are your options?

There is just so much stuff we talked about in this show, and I encourage you every single week to set aside or record this show, or go to our archives and listen to more of this information, because this is free to you. This is fee to you because you have made the extra effort to get up in the morning on a Saturday morning or go and listen to our archived shows. Very important. That’s just a sampling of some of the topics we talk about on this show. You don’t want to miss this show any week.

Let me get to some of today’s topics. I usually get to questions that a lot of people ask, and this was not a question, but it got me to wonder; it’s very interesting. I was brushing my teeth the other night and I looked at the toothpaste, and it said fluoride free. I had intentionally purchased this fluoride fee toothpaste because I don’t want fluoride. The same company might have a fluoridated toothpaste. There are basically two camps, and you’re either in one or the other. You’re either pro-fluoride or you’re anti-fluoride.

Here’s what the pro-fluoride people think. Most dentists, most hygienists, most people, most manufacturers think that fluoride, or a fluoride ion being placed on your teeth with remineralize your teeth and therefore make it stronger. Also, it’s an anti-microbial, so it will kill bacteria.

It’s all fine and dandy until you realize that fluoride is a drug. You can’t get high dose fluoride toothpaste without a prescription. It’s a drug. If you look on the back of the toothpaste, it says ‘active ingredient: fluoride.’ The other ingredients are not active, because they’re not drugs. Fluoride is a drug. Fluoride actually is a poison. You use fluoride in a lot of poisons for killing rodents.

There’s a group out there that is strongly anti-fluoride. As a holistic dentist looking at the big picture, I’m going to tell you at one point I was pro-fluoride, because I was a regular dentist, but now I’m anti-fluoride, because now I understand what fluoride does to your bones. What does it do to your thyroid? If you look at the studies on how the fluoride actually decreases someone’s IQ, why would you want to expose yourself to more fluoride? Why would you want to put fluoridated toothpaste in your body, even when it’s on your teeth, you’re still swallowing it. It’s residual in your mouth. It can still go into your body, because the bottom of your tongue and the floor of your mouth is very thin. Fluoride, which is a really small ion, can get into your body. Once it gets inside, it can’t get out.

Understand that if you want to be holistic and you want to minimize your toxic burdens over your lifespan, then don’t use fluoridated toothpaste. Don’t use fluoridated drops or rinse, and when you go to the dentist, do not get fluoride treatments. Do not get fluoride in your fillings, in your cement or in your restorations. There’s fluoride everywhere in dentistry. If you don’t specifically ask for it, the dentist is going to use it. We use the non-fluoridated everything. We want to minimize your exposure, therefore we are the big anti-fluoride. If you want to know more about fluoride, you can find out more information about it.On last bag of saliva ejectors. On last box of lidocaine. Can we please get some college pliers for the pulp kits? I cant find any extra in the draw so i have to open exo kits for them. Great website is fluoridealert.org. Find out more information about that very important stuff.

The next thing I want to talk about is deep cleanings. I’m going to tell you that 80% of my patients that come into our office have had a deep cleaning or has recommended a deep cleaning. What is a deep cleaning? In dental terms, a deep cleaning is scaling and root planing. Scaling and root planing is where they use a scaler or sharp instrument to to scrape off the tarter buildup on your teeth to clean them.

We use scalers when we clean your teeth, but when they talk about deep cleaning, they’re talking about going below your gum line, because you have dirt below your gum line. They have pockets, and you have this little collar of gums are every single tooth. They take measurements of it, and what they’re looking for is measurements of four millimeters or more. How do they get that figure? Historically insurance companies won’t pay for deep cleanings, so when they’re probing around in your mouths, they can push a little bit harder here and there. They’re trying to get four millimeters or higher, up to 8 millimeters, so that they can get reimbursed from the insurance for these deep cleanings. They’re going to do this all around your mouth. They’re going to recommend these deep cleanings with irrigation, with laser debridement, with gross debridement, special toothbrushes. They’re going to give you all these rinses, peridex, and all this stuff.

It can change your regular cleaning, which can be anywhere from $50 to $150, up to $2,000 to $3,000 for these deep cleanings. The trigger for these deep cleanings is going to be the four millimeter pockets.

I’m going to tell you that deep cleanings are over treatment. Most of the time, if you brush and floss your teeth and go to the dentist, there should be no reason for you to have deep cleanings. The reason why people get deep cleanings is that there is something else going wrong.

Let me explain this. There are bugs and bacteria that are in your mouth. When the bacteria stays there and it’s not properly cleaned by you or a professional, it starts harboring more bacteria. Different kinds of bacteria start to form. Your gums can start to bleed. The bleeding gums is called gingivitis, or inflammation of your gingiva.

This is a one way street. There is one, the bugs, and two is your body’s response to the bugs. Your body’s response causes inflammation. That inflammation, or the red, puffy, bloody gums is your body’s reaction to the bacteria. If you don’t remove the bacteria, then your body is going to respond with that type of reaction, it’s called inflammation. Sometimes it’s your body’s response that is more harmful than the actual bacteria. When your body responds with all of these cellular factors where they bring white blood cells and red blood cells to that area to try and defend itself, it can actually eat away and cause more structural loss in that area, such as the bone or periodontia. Your body’s response can be an over response and cause those additional problems. Let’s talk about your body’s natural response, because if there’s an over response we’ve got a big problem, and let’s also talk about the bacteria and how to get rid of it.

There are two issues here, and most dentists don’t know about that. They jump straight to the treatment, which they say is deep cleaning. If you’ve ever had a deep cleaning before, you know it’s not very comfortable. Chances are, once you’ve had a deep cleaning, you’re going to be on this plan to go in for cleanings every three months. Again, your dentist is not referring to you as an individual. They’re looking at your teeth and gums, and they’re looking at insurance and payment. This is the difference between us and other dentists. We don’t treatment plan the insurance company. We don’t treatment plan your pocket book. We treatment plan what is best for your teeth and gums and overall health. That’s the bottom line. We can actually save you money. Other people come in to our office that were recommended deep cleanings for two, three, or four thousand dollars, get to our office and end up spending $100 to get their teeth cleaned. It’s because your other dentist was trying to sell you something that you didn’t need. Does that sound familiar?

The bottom line is that holistic, natural dentistry can save you money. If you think that you don’t want to go to a natural, holistic dentist because you think it’s more expensive, you could be dead wrong. You could actually save more money. What ends up happening is that people go to their regular dentist and spend thousands of dollars on regular dentistry. They come to us because they learn about us, they hear us on the radio. They come in, what they did was unnecessary, or they have to pay to undo what someone else did. That’s the most frustrating part.

Not only that, it’s that your trust in dentistry goes down. I had a patient that came in and has an infection in the upper right side of her mouth. She had two root canals done. I recommended that she get the infections taken out. Unfortunately, because she had root canals, we have to extract the teeth. I told her this and she believed everything I said. She doesn’t want to extract the teeth, because she feels so bad about making the decision to get the root canals done by the first dentist. She doesn’t trust any dentist. She’s stuck with teeth with infections or removing the teeth, which she doesn’t want either. If she would have come to see us a long time ago, we’d have gotten to the root cause without doing root canal treatment. She would not only have saved her teeth, but she would have saved a butt-load of money, therefore everything would have been fine.

It is wise for you to be seen by a good, natural, holistic dentist, because you could be saving money, as opposed to going to another dentist to be sold something that’s probably not necessary. Maybe they’re incorrect, maybe they’re just out for your money, or maybe they’re just ignorant. They’ve just been doing the same thing for so long.

I’m going to ask three people that are listening in right now to pick up the phone and call this number. This number is our office number. We’re closed right now, but I want you to call this number: 760-536-1199. The first three callers will get a free exam and x-ray. That’s a $398 special, because we’re going to spend some serious time with you trying to figure out what issues if any are going on inside your mouth. We’re going to talk about what treatment would be necessary if it were me. It’s very important that you call and take advantage of this, because this is not going to be available very long. Who knows? You may start having dental or tooth problems tomorrow. If it starts tomorrow, then you already have an appointment. That sounds great. Make sure that you give us a call, even if we’re far. I’ve had people drive 6, 7, 8 hours just to come see us. If you’re in this listening area, you’re probably within 1 to 2 hours away. It just makes sense to go to a dentist that looks at the big picture, and that will treat you as an individual, not as a walking teeth and gums where dentists can do some work. It’s very important that you do this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s show. I know I’ve talked about a lot of the things that we do. I talked about fluoride and deep cleanings, and I talked a lot about what I’ve talked about in the past. It’s important because your mouth is important. If you don’t think it’s important, then walk around with infections in your mouth. Walk around without teeth. Walk around without eating the foods that you want. It is important. Be sure that you go to the dentist that looks at the big picture, and treats you as an individual.

I think that’s what we do here at the Center for Natural Dentistry. So give us a call, take advantage of this special. The first three callers get a free exam and x-rays here at our office. I assure you that you’re going to enjoy your visit, and you’re going to learn a lot more.

Thank you for tuning in. Tune in every week, same time, same place. 8:30 KPRAISE AM 1210.