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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is back and he is so excited about this week’s episode focusing specifically on making decisions that are BEST for your over-all health. It’s a life changing thing to truly find out what is going on within your mouth and then addressing them in the right way. When you make decisions based off symptoms instead of addressing the root cause, your only hindering your quest towards being healthy. So with that, lets get going on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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——– Transcript Of Today’s Show ——–


Thank you for listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. This is Dr. Marvin; thank you again for tuning in. Our show is about dentistry, but it’s a whole lot more. It’s about natural health; it’s about doing the right thing common sense dentistry. If this is your first time listening you’re in for a great show. For the next 25 minutes we’re going to talk about dentistry and some important topics. More importantly, I’m going to talk about infections, root canals, missing teeth, and dental implants today. I want to invite you to go to our website, trynaturaldentistry.com. You’re going to find out some good information. I just put up a brand new video about Z-Systems, or our ceramic implants that we do. You can also find us on facebook, facebook.com/naturaldentistry; you can find some good info there and also on our radio show every single week, same time, same place. If you want to schedule a visit with me or Dr. Godes, we have appointments available. You want to call us before we get too busy. When we get too busy you won’t be able to get in. That telephone number is 760-536-1199.

I want to thank patients that came in recently who found us online. They told us we do dentistry differently. I can talk for days about how different we are, but I want you to experience what it’s like by going to our website, reading more about what we do. What we do is extremely different from what other dentists believe. One of my patients that came in said they went to the dentist, they told the dentist that they did not want any fluoride. The dentist and the hygienist looked at her weird. They said, “Why?” I guess the dentist and hygienist were upset. I don’t know why they were upset, but they were upset with this patient because their insurance covered her fluoride treatment, but she insisted that she didn’t want it. When they asked her why, the patient that came to visit me told them that it’s not healthy for you. The dentist and the hygienist got really mad and stormed out of the room.

I want the patients who get those type of reactions from other dentists and hygienists– if you go to the dentist and get that type of reaction, it’s probably not the right office to go to, because the dentists are not open minded. They’re not open and listening to your ideas. A lot of practitioners are really dead-set on what they do and what they think is right. They’re going to fight with you; even though the topics and issues you bring up are valid, they’re not going to listen to you. If you are the type of patient who is smart, who wants to know what’s best for your overall health, if you make decisions based on common sense then you should be going to a holistic dentist like myself or Dr. Godes, and you should schedule a visit just to find out what’s going on inside your mouth that could be effecting your overall health. You don’t want to find out after the fact. If you find out after the fact, it tends to be more difficult or more expensive to make those decisions, and you don’t want to make a decision based on emotion. You don’t want to make a decision because you’re pressed to do it due to the symptoms. Maybe you’re in pain, or maybe someone is trying to push you to do something right away. That is the wrong time to make a decision and you definitely don’t want to do it. That’s my little rant this morning. If you go to a dentist and you want to have a whole body approach, if you want to have information to make an informed decision on the best dental treatment possible, or the best treatment for your overall health, if you want to make decisions before making the wrong decision, you should come to see a dental office like the one I have. It’s The Center for Natural Dentistry. The telephone number is 760-536-1199.

Let’s get to our topic today. Some of our most popular or most successful topics have to be about root canals. I know a lot about root canals. I’ve done root canals in the past. I understand them, I know the purpose of them, I know how to do them. I was actually pretty good at them, but when I started realizing, I took a step back and figured out that the body is all connected. It’s a holistic approach you look at the big picture. Then I went back to the dentistry I’d been taught and I’d been doing, and I realized that dentistry can be harmful to your overall health. I started putting two and two together and started understanding what root canal therapy does to your tooth and jaw, hence what it does to your overall health. Then I had to make a stand. The stand that I’m making right now is, if you are recommended a root canal, you need to take a step back, look at the research and make common sense approaches, common sense decisions for your health. If I do a root canal, am I doing what’s best for my overall health?

There are a lot of dentists that will argue with my and will argue with this idea, but a root canal is not good for your overall health, because you are literally leaving a dead tooth connected to your body. Not only connected physically but connected biologically, connected chemically. If you’ve been to a funeral and you saw a dead person in a casket, they embalmed that body. They put chemicals inside that body, so it doesn’t smell and can keep the same color at least for a little bit of time. Of course the body is dead, but they embalmed the dead body with a chemical to make sure that it stays looking like a person. A root canal is very similar to embalming a tooth. A tooth has an artery, a vein, a nerve, connective tissue. It has an ability to heal. It’s not much different from a kidney, which has an artery, vein, nerve, and an outer coating. It’s not much different from a heart that has it’s own arteries and veins. It’s not much different than your stomach, not much different than your finger, not much different than anything else.

Dentists feel that teeth are like rocks, and their only purpose is that they’re connected to your body so that you can chew in to things, and so that you can smile and look normal. The reality is that there are nerves, arteries and veins inside these teeth. If you take all of that living tissue outside of the tooth for whatever reason, you have basically killed the tooth. Now that you have a dead tooth, you realize that the anatomy of the tooth has holes in it. If you didn’t know that there are holes in it where fluid can go in and out so that your body can heal, then you will find out that when you embalm the tooth, there are bacteria that can hide in those holes. The bacteria that can hide in those holes can be very lethal bacteria. That bacteria can produce toxins that can go outside of the tooth and cause harm to your overall body. The question is, why are you doing a procedure to embalm a tooth that can cause harm in the future?

The opposite side of the aisle is saying you need your teeth. We need teeth to chew with and smile with. Why would you take out a tooth if you can keep the tooth? That’s a very valid argument, if and only if the tooth was completely solid, completely innerved and didn’t cause any harm to your overall body. The fact remains that your teeth have a connective tissue attachment to your body that can go into the blood, because the blood inside your jaw, which your teeth are connected to, is the same blood that goes to the rest of your body. When you’ve got a tooth that has a root canal, it’s only a matter of time before the tooth is going to be infected or is going to produce toxins that infect your jaw, or the toxins are going to get into your jaw, be picked up by your blood and go and cause an infection elsewhere. It’s a very easy phenomenon to believe.

It’s called The Focal Infection Theory. The theory is, if you have an infection in one part of your body, it can travel to another area and cause another infection in your body. It’s very simple. Medicine believes in this. If you go to your medical doctor with an infection in your foot, and they cannot control your infection with antibiotics or any other treatments, they’re going to say, ‘we have to amputate that area so that the infection doesn’t spread and we can save the rest of the body. We do not just keep your foot, if that’s the part that’s infected, and try to fill it with some material so that you can continue to walk on it. We know the infection is there and the infection will spread, so therefore you need to sacrifice your foot.

In dentistry we like to save the tooth, because it’s so important; your tooth is more important than anything else. Dentistry has not adopted this, because dentists make a ton of money doing procedures to try and save teeth. When was the last time you had a root canal? How much was it? It has to have been in the hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, not only to do the root canal, but to restore the tooth back into function and put a crown on it. There’s a lot of money being spent on saving teeth. What I’m trying to tell you is, do not try to save a tooth by doing root canal therapy. There are other ways to save the tooth. There are many ways, but every way is different.

The lesson for today is, if a dentist has recommended a root canal for whatever reason, because your tooth is in pain, because you have sensitivity, because you had a filling or a crown done, or whatever reason. Maybe they need to make a taller crown, because you don’t have much tooth. Maybe they have to do all these different procedures to restore the tooth. Whatever the reason, you should be scheduling an appointment with us first before doing a root canal. Once you do a root canal, you can’t go back.

Our promotion today is, if you have a dentist that has recommended a root canal, or if you already have a root canal, I want you to call us right now. It’s 760-536-1199. Schedule a free consult where we talk about your root canal or potential root canal. It’s not an exam, because there are a lot of procedures that we do in order to make a determination of what treatment needs to happen. It’s more of a visit for you to come meet one of our doctors, to meet our practice, and to understand our philosophy. If you were to sit down to one of us and we were to talk about this stuff, it makes complete sense to do whatever you can to save a tooth. I’ll be honest with you, we don’t save every tooth. It’s just because it’s not worth saving, but we do not want to do procedures that keep bacteria in the mouth. The first three callers right now will get a free 30 minute consult with one of our doctors to discuss root canals. It’s very, very important.

You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry, 760-536-1199. You can find out more about our radio show, the topics we were talking about today, and also, stuff like dental implants you want to go online to trynaturaldentistry.com and you’ll find out more about a lot of these topics.

The next topic I wan to get to for the next ten minutes is dental implants. A very, very popular topic, because people are selecting, or choosing to go with dental implants. They’re saying, “I can get rid of my teeth if they’re bombed out or decayed, because I can get dental implants and everything will be fine. But dental implants have their issues too. One of the reasons why I got in to dentistry was because of dental implants, and this was over 20 years ago when I made the decision to get into dentistry. What I know now is that dental implants may be a great option if you go to the right dentist, who understands your options.

Do you have enough bone for a dental implant? The bone is different in your lower jaw from the upper jaw. It’s different from the front of the mouth to the back of the mouth. It’s different if you were to place a crown on top of it verses a bridge. It’s different if you’re placing a denture or partial denture on top of it. There are so many different scenarios where dental implants can be used, but you need to go to a dentist that is experienced in these options.

One of the options that we provide that is very different from other dental offices is ceramic, or metal free implants. Metal free implants have been around for about nine years; they’ve been in Europe. They’ve only been in the United States for a few years, but they’ve been successful in humans for about nine to ten years already.

A lot of dentists are not choosing to do ceramic implants, because they already do titanium, or the grey or silver metal implants. The grey or silver metal implants work a lot of times, but not all the time. There are issues with those type of implants.

I have elected to use Z-Systems implants. They are ceramic, white, aesthetic implants. I’ve used them in my practice for the last couple of years and we’ve had excellent results. If you have a missing space, or let’s say you have a tooth that’s been recommended to be extracted, you should go to our office to figure out if a white, ceramic implant is best for you.

The first thing that we will do is take a 3D, or cone beam CT x-ray. We actually have one in our office. It’s part of our standard of care. Most dental offices, including those that do dental implants, do not have one of these. Do not go to a dentist that has a panoramic x-ray to determine if you need a dental implant or not. You do not want to have an implant placed by those dentists, because a two dimensional x-ray is completely different than a three dimensional x-ray. You’re putting a three dimensional object into a three dimensional object, which is you. The 3D x-ray is a very important part of our treatment planning process. The actual process of placing, or the technique to placing an implant, is actually very easy if you do the right planning.

You don’t want to figure out after the fact that the implant that they placed was the wrong type on implant. If they place the implant they didn’t put it in the right position or didn’t put it in the bone. If they did put it in the bone, maybe it’s not aligned with the crown that’s placed on top of the implant. Though you can put something in your mouth, and it looks good, it may not function and last for a very long time. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on dentistry to replace teeth that are now missing, then it had better be positioned properly. The bone better be clean before they place the implant, or the implant better be compatible with you. It’s extremely important that all of these factors are taken into consideration way before you get the implant placed or the crown placed.

There are more dental implants done today than there were last year. Lots of dentists are getting into dental implants, because they’re supposedly the next big thing. They are the next big thing, but a lot of dentists are getting in to dental implants without the proper training, without the proper know-how, without the understanding of the whole picture. Is this implant good for you?

I’ve had five or six implant surgeries where I’ve had to actually remove implants within the last few months. Dr. Bill Kellas, who has a show right after this (I encourage you to listen to the show right after this one) has contacted me and said, “Can you please remove these implants from people’s mouths, because these implants are causing a lot of issues.” We’re starting to understand more about these issues. When we remove the dental implants from people’s mouths– and it may include the bone graft that was used in addition to the dental implants– once we remove all of those toxic materials, people have started to feel better.

You may be familiar with Dick Van Dyke. He had a very popular show in the past. Google ‘dental implants in Dick Van Dyke,’ and you’ll find out that he’s been suffering from health issues for years. When he had his titanium dental implants removed, his health issues went away. Do not be a victim when it comes to improper selection or having a dentist recommend titanium implants inside your body. You may be sensitive to it. You may be allergic, and you may develop health issues because of improper planning.

I encourage you to go online right now to our website, trynaturaldentistry.com. We have produced a brand new commercial about ceramic dental implants. You can find out more about that, but more importantly, I want you to contact our office at 760-536-1199 before you go to another dentist for dental implants. You really want a predictable treatment. Predictable, meaning you want to do treatment that will last. You don’t want to be an “experiment.” You don’t want to go to the dentist that just came back from a course and says, “Oh, I need a first patient to be able to do this. This is not what you want to do. You don’t even want to go to dentist that places titanium implants and ask if they can do ceramic implants. They could put in ceramic implants thinking it’s all the same. It isn’t all the same. There are different techniques.

If you’re having someone build your house, would you want them to use the tools they’re familiar with? Absolutely. Would you want them to use the techniques that have worked well for them in the past? Absolutely. Do you want them to go by the manufacturers suggestions with those tools and techniques? Absolutely. That’s what we do at The Center for Natural Dentistry. We use the techniques and the tools to get predictable work, just like a builder that’s building your house. You don’t want your house to fall apart. You don’t want it to break or crumble down. You don’t want to use builders that don’t understand the idea that you shouldn’t compromise.

If you don’t compromise on your dental implants and your health, then you’re going to get a more predictable result, where you’re not 2, 3, or 4 years down the line you have to go back to your dentist to figure out why it didn’t happen, or you’re going to come to me and say, “I wish I would have known about you before I had this done.” Do not let that situation happen. There are people who have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on dentistry, only to have it redone by another dentist.

Put the brakes on, that’s my number one advice for today. Put the brakes on, take a step back, visit our website, trynaturaldentistry.com, spend minutes or hours on our website understanding our philosophies, then make the next step of giving us a call and scheduling at least a consult, or if you are sold on what we believe in, schedule an exam and x-ray. See Dr. Godes or myself, get all the information. We’ll find out stuff that other dentists have skipped or overlooked, because they just don’t know. We figure out what’s going on and we put together a treatment plan so that you and I or you and Dr. Godes can do what’s best for your overall health. This information is crucial, it’s absolutely crucial to your overall health. Don’t do something that could potentially be harmful or effect your health in the future. Visit us online or call us today at 760-536-1199.

Again, the first three callers will get a free 30 minute consult regarding dental implants or root canals. 760-536-1199. That show went fast, I’ll see you next week. Same time, same place.