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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is back once again answering THE MOST IMPORTANT dental questions you need to be asking for your overall health. Today we are focused specifically on some of the common dental themes among dentists and why your symptoms and treatment when visiting a dentist needs to begin with your overall health. It’s time to look ahead and find whats the safest option for you long term and it’s truly our focus at The Center for Natural Dentistry. All this and more on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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— Transcript of Today’s Show —

Good morning. This is Dr. Marvin. You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry, where we talk about dentistry and a whole lot more. That’s right, I’m back! I’m ready to take your calls. This is a live call in show. We only have half an hour, so if you want to be that one or two callers, you have a question you really want to get in, give me a call. The number is 866-577-2473. You know the number. Let’s get you on right away so we can get your questions answered. I’m fumbling because I’m excited to be here.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I do. I’m a licensed dentist here in California, where patients come from all over not just the state but all over the nation and in fact all over the world to get the proper diagnosis from a dentist who understands you as a person, your over all health. How do we get your health back on track and figure out if dentistry or the place around your mouth is a cause.

The problem is that most dentists don’t see it that way. They see your mouth as something separate from the body. We go to a different school, we have different training classes, we all have a different degree. Most dentists like to separate your mouth from the rest of the body and just treat the teeth. They repair the tooth like it’s a car. We’re a lot more complex than a car, we don’t have gasoline that we put in. We don’t plug ourselves into the wall for electricity. We take God’s gifts of taking food and converting it into energy so we can think. We have free will, but we also have the ability to move our bodies, and it’s marvelous. It’s a miracle, but it’s a lot more complex than we think. Your health care providers, your dentist included, only look at the small picture.

If you want to go to a dentist that looks at the big picture which is, ‘how do I have health for the long run,’ because that is the most important thing in your life– your health. It’s more important than house, more important than cars, more important than money. It’s more important than family. What’s more important than family? You health, because you need to be there for your family. If you’re not there because of your health, which is a big, big issue these days, then you’re in for a problem.

That’s the kind of dentistry we do. We do dentistry that is for your overall health. We look at the whole body. We figure out what’s going on in your mouth and if there is a problem with what’s in your mouth. It could be the materials, it could be procedures that were done, it could be the symptoms that you’re experiencing. You may have hot or cold sensitivity, which means when you drink something cold or something hot then it hurts. You may have a missing tooth. You may have a misaligned bite, meaning if your jaw closes in a certain direction and your body doesn’t like it. If you have TMJ pain, crooked teeth, miscolored teeth, if you have cavities or gum disease, there are a lot of things in your mouth that have a whole body effect, and vice versa.

Everything that I am saying is what I believe in and what most people should believe in. The problem is that dentists are very close-minded and only want to talk about what they know. They don’t want to know what they don’t know. Since they’re not taught this in school– in dental school and medical school, we’re only taught the small stuff, not looking at the big picture. We’re not figuring out how everything works all together.

That’s why you should come to see us. If you would like to come see us, you should schedule a visit. The telephone number at our office is 760-536-1199. You can also find that number at trynaturaldentistry.com. You’ll find our telephone number, you’ll find our address, but most importantly you’re going to find a lot of information on what we feel or what we believe in. A lot of controversial stuff. Stuff that you never learned before or that you never knew about that could be putting two and two together. You could think, ‘Ah ha! Maybe I’m on to something here. Maybe these silver fillings that they told me were silver but are actually mercury fillings are causing these problems.’

We had a patient this week who I am confident is allergic to mercury fillings. They were placed in her mouth in the military, because she was a military child. It has caused her problems ever since. Most dentists that she would go to would say, “Oh, they’re safe. They’re perfectly fine, and you need to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, because it’s all in your head.” Is that what you want as a patient? For a professional to tell you that all of that poison is fine and you should see a shrink? That’s absolutely not true.

Go online, trynaturaldentistry.com. You’ll find a lot of information on what we do and what we believe in. One other area where you can find a lot of updated information is on our facebook page. Facebook, whether you like it or not, is a great way for people to communicate and a great way to get information. We do use our facebook page to blast out information. Some new information that we have this week, which you may or may not know about is that a host that is in his 80’s now named Dick Van Dyke was having headaches, excruciating headaches. He’s been getting these mysterious problems, and he couldn’t figure it out until he found out it was because of his titanium dental implants. The titanium dental implants in his mouth had been causing his health problems. He couldn’t think and it was causing him headaches. Can you believe that? A material that is made out of metal is placed into someone’s head, and it’s causing other problems elsewhere in the body.

It’s not what most dentists will tell you. Most dentists will tell you that titanium implants are perfectly safe, that there’s not problem, there are no allergies, and they have a really high success rate, but what they’re not telling you is what they don’t know. What they don’t know is that every person is different. Every person is an individual. They have individual allergies and sensitivities. When you don’t know how to test the materials, which most dentists don’t do– I’m talking 99.99% of dentists don’t know how to test the materials. They could be doing something harmful to you without you, the patient, or the dentist knowing about it. When they find out that you’re allergic to it, they’re going to say ‘oooh, we didn’t know.’ They do know that they can test. If you can’t test for the materials, then you should not do it.

This is what the Center for Natural Dentistry, Dr. Staci Godes, and Dr. Marvin, myself do at the Center for Natural Dentistry. We look ahead. We figure out what is the safest material out there. If you want to replace your teeth for whatever reason, whether you have missing teeth or you have root canals, you need to figure out the best material and figure out the best option. It’s another level of care. You need to go to a dentist that does this.

Mr. Dick Van Dyke had headaches, and he couldn’t figure it out for the longest time until he figured out it was his dental titanium implants. What we do at the Center for Natural Dentistry is ceramic implants, or zirconium implants. They’re made out of ceramic material, which we still test with people instead of just automatically putting them in there. Not every dentist can put these in. They’re not as simple as they sound. You don’t want to be the first for any dentist. If you have missing teeth, I encourage you to come visit our office to figure out if you’re a candidate, if you’re compatible, if you have enough bone, and if the bone is healthy. That all needs to be determined before getting an implant done, because it is that crucial.

There aren’t many dentists that are doing this stuff. I would say there’s probably only about 50 to 100 dentists in the nation that are actually placing ceramic implants on a consistent basis. Why would you go to someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing? Go to someone that knows. 760-536-1199. At the end of the show I’m going to provide a promotion for the first three callers, so stay tuned to the show. That telephone number is 760-536-1199. If you had gone on our Facebook page, you would have liked it. On facebook you have to like out page, then you’ll get updates from our page. You would have known that we released an incredible promotion this week for patients that haven’t been to our office. It was the biggest promotion that we’ve ever done. We only limited it to the first ten people. If you don’t check Facebook, if you’re not on Facebook, and you didn’t like our page, then you never got the promotion. That promotion has ended. If you go online, you’re not going to find any of that there. That’s why you want to stay ahead of the game. That’s why you want to stay in tune with what we’re doing at the Center for Natural Dentistry. It is that important.

Let me tell you about our patient of the week. I was very touched. The way that I do things at the office– it’s very important that you understand that we want to know what’s best for the patients. Because we want to know what’s best for the patients, a lot of times I need to separate myself from the patient and the emotions. Sometimes the emotions just get to me, and I start crying. The reason is because the patients that come in are incredible. They really are. You listeners are incredible. You guys are the reasons why I go to the office. Your results are the reasons why I do what I do and am so proud of this dentistry that we do. This whole-body, holistic, natural dentistry is reinforcement that I’m doing the right thing. This is why God put me on Earth. It’s so important that I communicate with my patients and see these results.

There was one patient that came in this week. I hadn’t seen her in a year. I said, “Hey, welcome back. Let’s clean your teeth.”

She said, “I want to tell you this, but I can’t tell you this because it’s going to make me cry.” It was very shocking.

I was like, “Why, what’s wrong?” I didn’t know what to expect.

A year ago I detected something through my testing and evaluation. There was something wrong in her breasts, specifically her left breast. Nobody told her about it. She’d been going in for regular tests at the OB, mammograms and all of that. There was something different. I told her she needed to have it looked at, so she did. In this past year she figured out that she had something going on, something growing, and she had it taken care of. That’s the reason she hasn’t been back since. She had that taken care of, because that’s obviously more important that the tooth issue. She’s back for a cleaning and just wanted to say, ‘thank you.’ She said I saved her life. I don’t know what I’m doing when I’m telling patients to take a look at something. I’m not an expert in that field, but I am an expert in dentistry. If I can help direct someone into the right direction, they can take the initiative to find out what’s going on. If they find something serious and catch it at an early phase, are able to take care of it at an early phase without it going into a full-blown cancer, for instance, then I feel really good. This patient was really appreciative, and I want to thank that patient on the air for coming out and letting me know that this is exactly what I should be doing.

This is exactly what we do and it’s just reinforcement for all those nay-sayers that are out there. There are a lot of dentists, a lot of doctors, a lot of patients that say, ‘oh, this could not be true.’ I’m going to flip it around and say: Look at our results, our patients. Look at our patients that have gone out on a limb and believed what we believed, did what we did, and their health is improving. They’re going to be around for their children, grandchildren, spouses and loved ones. They are so appreciative. They understand that this is not about fixing a tooth. This is about health, and if your health is important to you, you should be going to a dentist, a healthcare provider, and everyone around you should understand that the food that you eat, the toxins in this world, the stress that you accumulate, everything, before it’s too late.

This is Dr. Marvin. You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. We’ve got another ten more minutes. I’m going to talk about the relationship between the alignment of the teeth and gums and your overall health. This is an extremely important topic. The reason is that for a lot of us it’s too late. It’s too late because we as individuals or our parents made a decision a long time ago that is affecting our overall health, 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, 70 years later. That’s true. I have to be the bearer of bad news for a lot of these people.

The reason why I know this is that I myself am a victim of this too. Let me tell you a little bit about what’s going on with me. You see, I want to be proactive. I’m holistic. I want to be proactive, so even as a child I wanted to have straight teeth. I’m the youngest in my family. I have an older sister and an older brother, so they’re the ones that had orthodontics and braces before me. Of course when they get it, I’m always wondering, ‘Mom, when am I going to get it?’

Like most dentists and most orthodontists, we talk about alignment of teeth. You should straighten out your teeth before they get worse for cosmetic reasons, so you can have a pretty smile, then you can be like all the other kids in school.

When I had orthodontics, I finished when I was like 14 years old. It was great. I had straight, aligned teeth. Perfectly fine, let’s go ahead and take of the braces. They told me to wear a retainer. I did what they told me. I wore the retainer for about a year, then I started not using it. My teeth stayed the same, but around age 19 I started getting some pain in my jaw bones. Then it started moving forward, then it started hurting more. I said, “Why? My teeth are in alignment!”

A dentist said, “You should get your wisdom teeth taken out. Maybe they’re impacted. Impaction means that the teeth are stuck in the bone, because there’s no room for them to come out. It’s very common. If you have wisdom teeth that came out, congratulations. If you don’t have wisdom teeth because you had them taken out, it’s probably because you didn’t have enough room. In order to be proactive and avoid problems and your teeth getting crowded again, a lot of dentists recommend wisdom teeth being removed. That’s like the bread and butter for oral surgeons. If you’ve had wisdom teeth removed, if you’ve had braces, then I’m just like you. We’re all in the same boat.

The problem was that when I was 18 – 20 my body was still growing. It’s absolutely true, there are a lot of late growth spurts, and if you have a child that’s in college, and you see that they’re still growing– yes, the body is still growing. The bones are still growing. People forget about this, but your jaw bone, your lower jaw and your upper jaw are part of your body. That’s how it’s connected. Those bones still grow. The problem that I have is that when we think the teeth are in the right position in the jaw, the bone that the teeth are in still continues to grow. That becomes a problem.

If you align the teeth with orthodontics in your teenage years and the foundation that those teeth are in is continuing to grow, then you’re working forces against each other. You’re trying to retain the position of the arch or the position of the teeth as a whole. You wanted to bite down evenly and have a good bite, but the foundation that they’re in wants to grow. Somethings got to give. Either the teeth have to move and get crooked again and they need to get spaces, or you’re inhibiting the growth of the jaw. When you start inhibiting the growth of the jaw, you’re inhibiting something that’s naturally done, that’s God-given. This is the start of many problems to come, because people come to me in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s saying, “What? Why are my teeth breaking down?” The reason why they’re breaking down is because your body wants your jaw in one position, and your teeth want your jaw in another position. When you have two different positions of your jaw, one where it is usually more forward and natural and one where your teeth aren’t together that is unnatural, then you’ve got problems. Your brain is wondering where your jaw is supposed to be. It’s this constant confusion of going back and forth where your teeth are not in the right position, and you start getting teeth problems. If you’re hitting one tooth more, because your brain is trying to figure out where your jaw is supposed to be, then that tooth is going to get worn down. It’s going to wear down and cause gum recession. It’s going to cause teeth fracturing. If you have fillings in those teeth they’re going to start to break off. You’re going to start getting crowns, which are detrimental to the teeth, because they’re going to grind on perfectly good tooth structure. You’re going to start to hurt more in that tooth, and when you start getting pain, a dentist could start recommending. Your nerve could be going bad and you might get a root canal. All of these issues stem from problems that started when you were a teenager.

Actually I can build a theory that it happened even earlier than when you got braces. All of these relationships– everything in the small picture, which I call single tooth dentistry could be related to decisions that were made all the way before conception. If you think about this, our bodies are dynamic. They’re constantly changing, and if we don’t make the right decisions even before our children are born, even before deciding to have children. When we’re a mother, where we’re going to have children in the future, is our body prepared for a growing fetus? When the baby comes out, do we observe how they’re sucking? Meaning the position of their tongue, lips and jaw. If their tongue is tied down, they’re going to have a problem latching. If their tongue is tied down, that means their tongue is not going to rest in the roof of their mouth. When the tongue isn’t at the roof of the mouth, then it’s not doing it’s natural expansion of the upper arch. If we can’t do this therapy to get the tongue into the proper position or proper alignment, then the teeth are not going to have enough room in the mouth. That’s when you start getting into trouble.

You start getting into trouble when dentists start recommending tooth treatments when you need jaw or whole body treatments. This is where the close-minded dentists only know what they know and they only recommend what they know. It’s in good faith that you decide to do things, that the dentist decides to do things, but they just don’t know what’s going to happen in the future when it comes to the alignment of your jaw, the alignment of your bones, the alignment of your teeth. You’re choosing to make decisions that will be harmful for the future. That is the bottom line of how the alignment of you teeth, jaw and your tooth problems can cause overall health issues starting when you’re very young.

My call out to you is, if you have children you need to go to a dentist that can look at the soft tissues of your teeth. They need to see your tongue and its position. They’ve got to see if your mouth breathing, if you have enough airflow, or any obstructions in your nose. All of this stuff is important, and not every dentist is trained in order to do this. I need you to concentrate on the big picture. If you want what’s best for your children in the future, if you want to have enough space to have all your teeth (I’m talking all 32 teeth including your wisdom teeth) then you need to schedule a visit with us right now.

I’m going to give you a promotion. The promotion is that the first three callers right now will get half off their first visit. That includes an evaluation and x-rays. The x-rays that we provide are three dimensional, low radiation x-rays. We need to take those x-rays because we need to see the alignment. If you have children, if you need to come in yourself, all of these things are needed to get the full picture before we can make a proper diagnosis and a proper recommendation. It is that important. That telephone number is 760-536-1199. Call the office right now. No one will answer; just leave a voicemail. We’ll call you back on Monday or Tuesday. We’ll get you scheduled so you can be on your way to health.

This is Dr. Marvin. You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. I’ll see you same time next week, 8:30 here at KPRAISE. I’m out.