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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is talking all about Tooth Discoloration. What’s happens with tooth discoloration. What is it? Why does it happen? What to do about it? I am also going to talk a little bit more about cavities. A very simple topic but what I find is that most people really don’t understand cavities so I am going to talk about that as well. All this and more on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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You’re listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health. Good Morning. Thanks for joining me this morning. This is Dr. Marvin. Dr. Marvin Pantangco. I am coming here live from La Jolla, San Diego California. We are a live call in show that talks about dentistry, more specifically about natural dentistry. If you want to call, ask questions, have a comment call this number 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473, 866-577-2473.

Got a live show today, so if you have a question please give me a call if not I am going to talk about some very cool things that happened this week and also some topics that I responded to on my website. I have 2 websites the 1st website is drmarvin.com. That’s drmarvin.com. Where I am going to be talking about tooth discoloration. What’s happens with tooth discoloration. What is it? Why does it happen? What to do about it? I am also going to talk a little bit more about cavities. A very simple topic but what I find is that most people really don’t understand cavities so I am going to talk about that. I want to remind people that we also have another website called trynaturaldentsitry.com. Trynaturaldentistry.com.

Find out more information about that. That’s how most people find out website or find our office and eventually want to become a patient because we feel that it is extremely important that you get this knowledge, get this information, and make better decisions for your health because it’s not only your right to know but it’s your responsibility to know. And if your health is important to you as it should be for everybody you should be taking control, learning what’s going on and not believing everything that your dentist or your health care practitioner say. Because the truth is they only know what they know and they are ignorant for what they don’t know. And if they don’t know what is best for your health then you could be doing things or they could be recommending procedures that is harmful to your health so this is all about you, it’s all about your health.

Our dentistry is focused on health. That’s because I want to focus on health because as a person I would like to know what is best for my health not just what is best for my teeth, that’s the difference between me and other dentists. And most dentists only know what they have been taught in school and that is teeth, teeth and gums. We focus more on infections we focus more on materials and we focus more on prevention. Yes prevention, prevention, prevention. Prevent problems by knowing what’s happening in your mouth before the symptoms occur. That’s correct. So if you have a question please give me a call right now, its 866-577-2473. Ernest is going to take your call and patch you through. So if you have a question please give us a call. If you want to schedule an appointment with us you can find our information on our website or you can just call our number directly and I will give you that number too, 760-536-1199. 760-536-1199. We also have Facebook. I am sure you know more about Facebook but you go to facebook.com/naturaldentistry you will find that I just posted a picture of an infection that I took out yesterday, late yesterday. A really large infection. Tooth number 3. Upper right first molar 6 year molars. One of the biggest teeth in the mouth and you will see an infection and you wouldn’t see this infection very clearly on a regular x-ray, the x-ray that most dentist do. So I took a picture of what it looks like on a 3 dimensional x-rays so you can see the large infection. This infection was also located on the thyroid meridian and she has been told that she has thyroid problems, and it is also located on the breast meridian and this is on the right side of her mouth she has a lot of lymph node issues around her arm pit area which is right along the breast area which is where this tooth is also located on so it’s very interesting. If you want to comment, if you have a question on that you have to online at facebook.com/naturaldentistry make sure you like the page so you get all of our updates and if you want to get on our email list because if you are on our email list you know that we gave and end of the year special for people that are on that list.

For existing patients it’s kind of like a welcome back promotion. So get on our email list and you can go to our regular website our trynaturaldentistry.com website to get on our email list to subscribe to that newsletter. So let’s talk about discoloration of teeth. I got this one patient this week that came in with one and we got a question on drmarvin.com about discoloration. So let’s say that you have a tooth that is changing colors compared to the neighboring teeth. What caused it? A lot of times and sometimes and people just don’t know why it happened but it is a sign or symptom. If you were a member every single week I talk about signs and symptoms how it can drive you toward doing treatment. A sign and a symptom is like pain, pain when you drink something cold, pain when you are biting down on something.

Well discoloration is a sign that something is happening or something has happened so this one patient that actually came in he had discoloration on a front tooth and he mentioned it to the dentist and the dentist didn’t know about it, and he goes hey now I can see that its discolored lets go ahead and take an x-ray. So that sign spurred this dentist to take an x-ray and when they looked at the x-ray they saw something funny going on at the end of the tooth. What they are looking at one a dimensional x-rays is to see if there is any pathology or any changes in the bone at the end of the tooth. Now there are no other signs for this tooth other than the color because he is not having any pain. But what they are recommending is they are recommending a root canal. Well my question is always what caused the discoloration.

The first question that I asked him was have you had braces in the past and the reason why I could tell is because he had some missing teeth. And if you have missing teeth in the bicuspid or pre molar area where they are like the back teeth but they are smaller back teeth. If you have had teeth removed then I know you have had orthodontics, because orthodontics recommended them to remove those teeth when he was either a teenager or even earlier. And the reason why they do that is because they notice crowding and since they notice crowding they pull out these teeth. The problem is that these are perfectly fine teeth and they are removing them at an early age when the body still has not grown to its full potential. In other words the jaw is not big enough to have all the teeth. So what orthodontists do is they recommend they extract these teeth so that they can close up the spaces with the other teeth saying that your teeth are too big and your jaw is too small. The problem is that they don’t understand what happens to these teeth because when you, when you pull the teeth together you make your arch smaller and your remaining teeth are not lined up directly over the jaw bone and when it’s not directed directly over the jaw bone when you move the teeth you can be harming 1 or 2 of these teeth and you could be causing 1 or 2 of these teeth to die. And that’s where this young man had the tooth die. And since its dead meaning that the nerve is dead and the arteries is probably pinched or the nerve is pinched therefore the tooth is not alive and it starts to stain from the inside of the tooth out. So you can have trauma to this tooth and this particular case it was because of the orthodontics and other cases like the one case that I have online is that they this person had an accident they hit their front tooth and because they hit their front tooth the tooth did not show any signs at the time, but over time the tooth nerve or the arteries was pinched and over time the tooth started to die.

So figuring out the cause of the problem is more important at this point, because it will help decide but this one dentist or what most dentists is that if you have a discolored tooth something rings in their head that oh there is treatment to be had. So what they have done is they recommended a root canal. The problem with this is not only an aesthetic problem but there damaged the tooth by doing the root canal by drilling a hole in back and cleaning out the tooth but they are not going to dealing with the infection because they know that you won’t get any pain after cleaning out the infection because the goal is to keep the tooth from getting darker. Doing a root canal and trying to stain, bleach the tooth or to remove the stains inside the tooth so that it matches the other teeth. But if you listen me before I am not a big fan of root canals because it does not get rid of the infection that is outside of the tooth. Now all the dentist cares about is the aesthetics and the money.

So if you, that’s all they care about they are going to recommend treatments because this is what they are used to this is what they have been trained to do Andy’s dental schools. So figure out the cause tried to deal with the infections and if you want you may not need to bleach or do a root canal inside the to see if that is the best option for you so if you have a discolored tooth and you don’t know what to do it can vary depending on the cost and depending on your vanity on the color of the juice. So the first thing is that we deal with the infection. Infections are the most important thing. So in our office we have different options. One option is using ozone therapy. There are different delivery techniques in order to clean out the infection or delivery of the ozone so you have to come in and we have to figure out and we have to test. A lot of times these teeth are on the adrenal pathways and these adrenal so are your energy. It’s your fight or flight has very specific hormones that go throughout your body your adrenals control they have the adrenaline and also the court is all.

So very important. If you have an infection we need to determine if it is affecting your adrenals it’s also on your uterus on your prostate on your bladder on all of those pathways so figure out the problem figure out if it is affecting you and that will help determine what the treatment is. See how we do this? We figure out the cost we figure out alternative safe for treatments we get to the root cause of the problem with these treatments and we can help your overall health by targeting or so or figuring out the cars as opposed to just dealing with the symptom. That’s the kind of detective work that a very good biological dentist can do. So if you have a discolored tooth hopefully you learned something today and I encourage you to come in for a visit for a simple exam and x-rays noninvasive and figure out what the best treatment is for that problem. Very important.  Before I get to cavities I got a call.

Hello this Dr. Marvin. How can I help you?

(Female voice) Hi, my name is Anne.

(Dr. Marvin) Hi Anne, thanks for calling.

(Anne) Dr. Marvin you talked about your thyroid problems you have and all the symptoms I have. Being so tired, and so forth and you said that you got the proper medication and you said it makes you feel just swell.

(Dr. Marvin) Yes.

(Anne) I was wondering what is it you are taking or

(Dr. Marvin) Ok. Um, it is a prescription.

(Anne) Yes.

(Dr. Marvin) Ok. And it is not a synthetic medication. Its actually real thyroid gland, ok. Because it, I have a low thyroid output or my thyroid isn’t functioning properly

(Anne) Mine too.

(Dr. Marvin) So I am taking a natural thyroid product and it basically supplements so that my body functions better because of, you know I am taking the right amount of thyroid and my body is using the right amount of thyroid. It actually called Nature Thyroid.

(Anne) And what are the natural ones you are taking?

(Dr. Marvin) well they come from a different, this one I believe is a pig thyroid.

(Anne) How do you spell that?

(Dr. Marvin) It’s a pig. It comes from a different animal. It’s a very very small amount. You have to go the right practitioner to know how much to take because it’s a super small amount, I don’t even need water to swallow it. It’s that small. And I take it every single morning. And I was reluctant to take it and I have very strong views about supplements ok. You need to figure out; I don’t want to be dependent on anything, ok. So I take minimal amounts of supplements and the goal is that you only take enough in hopes that your body won’t become dependent upon it. And your body will start functioning and producing your own that I will be off. But it’s very, it’s a very sensitive hormone and you want to make sure that you get the right amount. And it’s for people with lower thyroid function, not with too much thyroid function.

(Anne) Yeah because I take thyroxin and my life, I have problems sleeping and so forth and when you sound like you sound so much better I have been meaning to call you. How can I, who did you, go to get this medication? Or this answer?

(Dr. Marvin) Yes. This particular, there are a lot of doctors a lot of integrated medical doctors that understand this. You first, the doctor that I go to he is located in Hill Crest area. His name is Dr. John Huminston, Huminston.

(Anne) Huminston.

(Dr. Marvin) Humiston.

(Anne) Hold on one second, my pen ran out.

(Dr. Marvin) No worries.

(Anne) I think I have another one. Would you spell that again? Hum…

(Dr. Marvin) His first name is John

(Anne) John.

(Dr. Marvin) And his last name is Humiston,

(Anne) I can’t reach my radio to turn it off. Ok can you spell it please?

(Dr. Marvin) Yes, it’s H as in Harry, Humiston. Yes he is a medical doctor and he was able to basically look at my blood records and figure out a few things. And he has a theory on why I have a low thyroid. So that is figuring out the cause, very important so you can minimize the damage so he was able to dose me to figure out what we should start out on. And I got to tell you, it’s night and day, and these glands are so small but they regulate a whole bunch of things going on inside your body. So I encourage you. Give him a call, I don’t have his number in front of me, but maybe I will put it on my Facebook page or something like that so people can get that number, and give him a call. Schedule a visit with him and

(Anne) You say he is in Hill Crest, right?

(Dr. Marvin) Yes, he is in Hill Crest. People come from all over to come see him. He was a traditional medical doctor but now he uses a lot of his expertise in traditional along with his experience in alternative or integrative medicine and you will be very happy to see him. Alright.

(Anne) Wonderful. I am so happy for you that it sounds like you got such a good result. I would like to go to him too.

(Dr. Marvin) Yeah. I only make recommendations on people who I would see personally so he is one of the people on my list of top referrers and you know. I encourage you to visit him and maybe there is something that is more pressing for you that he may figure out, but I encourage you to get a visit with him and you will surely enjoy him because he is a very very nice individual and knowledgeable too.

(Anne) Thank you. I love listening to you. I wait for Saturday morning.

(Dr. Marvin) Thanks. Well thanks for calling and make sure you tell your friends about this show because I love my listeners.

(Anne) God bless you.

(Dr. Marvin) God bless you too, thanks for calling. Thanks for that call.

Let’s get to the topic of cavities. Ok. Cavities are really by definition is a hole. A civility a hole in your tooth, now that means that you need to figure out why you have a hole in the tooth. Now there are holes in people’s teeth for genetics. You could have grooves, grooves, and pits, pits in your teeth that can collect bacteria and stain and those can be considered holes. You can also develop holes from certain grinding wear down on your teeth, from clenching from dentist from fillings being removed or coming out so there are many reasons why you have holes. Most people think that cavities start because of decay and that is one way you can have cavities. So a cavity does not mean that you have decay, cavity means that you have a hole but you have to figure out why you have a hole because some dentist say you have a cavity you have to fill it but is that normal. Is your hole going to get worse?

That’s the best question that you need to ask. And that’s where you have to figure out if you are cavity prone or decay prone. What is your diet like? That’s why we always go back to nutrition and diet. Is your diet more conducive to a hole getting bigger? You also have to evaluate the hole. What side of the tooth is it on? Is it along the gum line? If you have a hole along the gum line is that now considered a cavity? Yes. Or is it now going to be more prone to decay and should you take care of it now and in the future a cavity on the side of the tooth could be because your tooth is flexing. And if your tooth is flexing the enamel is flaking off. And if the enamel is flaking off you have to ask why the tooth is flexing and why the enamel is flaking off. Because if you fill these holes let’s say with a composite or a white filling, your white filling might come off because you have not addressed the root cause. A lot of these root causes are because of the bite, that’s why we look at everything.

This is very important you need to figure out the cause of the problem because any treatment could be failed, could fail because of getting the wrong cause. I hope people are clear that cavities are not necessarily decay but they can be caused by decay. Also these cavities and if there are decay in there they can be arrested or stopped or kept from getting bigger or deeper by using more different techniques other than a filling. See most dentists only have one way to fix things and the way the one way that they fix things is through fillings, why? Because that’s the way we were taught and that’s how they will get paid and because that’s what insurances pay for. See I don’t dictate my treatment based on what insurance pay for. I hope you don’t either. For instance if you, if your insurance if you have an infection in your finger nail and your insurance pays to cut off your finger would you do it? Insurance pays for it. Would you still do it? Absolutely not because you want to take care of the infection not but you don’t care about but you care more about saving your finger.

So that’s what we are talking about if you have a cavity go to a dentist that can properly diagnosis and put a treatment plan together to prevent any decay from getting worse, or you can just live with that cavity and save money that way. People think that holistic dentistry is more expensive, actually it’s cheaper because we are not doing any damage to your teeth if we are going to use a more natural treatment or we can prevent problems by just a little bit of knowledge that we provide and providing you with much better advice. This is important. I want people to understand that holistic dentistry does not have to be expensive, does not have to be painful and it can revolve solely on the initial diagnosis exam and treatment plan. So I want you to call our number, 760-536-1199. If you have not been to our office it’s very important. This is a new year, this is a new you, turn over a new leaf and you start doing something new that you haven’t done before and if it’s a second opinion or if its just an exam I want you to come to our office right now. Call our number, 760-536-1199. 760-536-1199. I hope you enjoyed this show. We talked about discoloration of teeth we talked about an infection on our Facebook page and also about cavities. Thank you very much for the call today. I will see you next week. Same time same place. I am out. You’ve been listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.