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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is talking all about the difference of curing a symptom vs curing the problem, curing the cause. When you focus on the symptom your looking at your body as a series of isolated parts, when in reality, we know the body is a living interconnected thing and this is why we focus on curing the cause or the problem of the symptom, its all about doing what’s best for you and that starts today on this weeks episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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You’re listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health. Good morning. This is Dr. Marvin. You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry; we are live here in San Diego California. Ready to take your calls, any time. Twenty-five minutes is my time. In the next 25 minutes you’re going to learn a lot of information about you your healthy and your dentistry. If you want to call into the show, you can call in right now its 866-KPRAISE. 866-577-2473. 866-577-2473. If you have a dental problem, if you have a question about toothpaste, teeth, gums, missing teeth, cavities, implants, crowns, fillings, bridges, dentures, partials, you name it when it comes to dentistry you can call in. I will have an answer, but it may not be the right answer, but I will have an answer and I will surely try to help you out. You can also go online at trynaturaldentistry.com. That’s trynaturaldentistry.com, where you will find out website where we have a lot of great information with a lot of the answer that you may have. Or some questions that you may never have thought of you might find on our website. So go to try naturaldentistry.com. If you have a particular question or particular instance that pertains to you or a friend or you’re just dying to know, go to drmarvin, drmarvin.com. Where I answer a lot of people questions about their problems from all over the world.
And today I am going to answer one of them from someone from Dublin Ireland, from Dublin Ireland. You can see what she wrote on Drmarvin.com because it’s extremely interesting and I do want to share that. If I have time today I will also talk about teeth whitening. It’s a very popular topic that I get asked all the time. People get their teeth stained, unfortunately they get their teeth stained they don’t like the way their teeth look and so they contemplate whether to whiten their teeth and they want to know if it’s safe and what are the possible complications, how much things cost, things like that. So I will get to that, I will also get to dental implants. I’ve had some great questions on dental implants on drmavin.com and so I am going to get to that. I am going to talk about symptoms vs. cures, ok.
Curing the problem or curing the cause versus curing the symptom. Some stuff I have talked about before but I just want to get this crystal clear with a lot of my listeners. So that they understand where the dents is coming from and I also am going to talk about health versus looks. Ok. Are you vein or are your health consciences? You can be both, but rarely can you be both. You have to make a decision between the two. And this is what this show is all about. This show is all about information, knowledge, and you making the choice whether to take this information and apply it or just take this information and put it into your knowledge base in order to make better decisions. And this is what I am all about. I am all about; I wake up early Saturday morning. My son, 3 year old son woke me up, ok. Wants to play but instead I have to change, get ready, go to the car and talk to you about dentistry. And this is what I enjoy. I don’t have to do this but I do this because I want to help you. I want to help you get healthier. This information is covered up; this information is not heard of. You talk to dentist about holistic dentistry they don’t know anything about it. Most people are not talking about this. So if you want this information you have to get from the internet, go to our website or get it on the radio and listen to, tune in every week. Same time same place.
So your listening to Dr. Marvin this is Let’s Talk Dentistry. (Sneezes) Excuse me. That needed to come out. Excuse me. You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. I am a licensed dentist here in California, who does dentistry with the whole body in mind. With the health in mind. In other words doing what is best for you, not just what is best for your teeth.
Now I am going to talk about, about this person from Dublin Ireland, but I do want to mention this is very important. I do want to mention that a lot of what I say other dentists hate. Ok. What I say is very controversial. What I say a lot of doctors, a lot of people just don’t want me to say anything. They want me to shut up. They want me to not tell anyone about this because they say that I am quackery. That this is not true, this not based on science, which it is based on science. That it will ruin the profession of dentistry and most importantly they think that I am just out to get people’s money and to deceive people. Now there are always many ways to look at things, but if you go to our website and you look at our view on root canals which is one of the more controversial topics that we talk about. There are dentists that go on to our website and comment and say that it’s a disgrace when dentist like myself disgrace the profession. And the say that this is “information that is false, not based by science” and that I am trying to deceive people. Well let me get this straight.
There are many different types of people but two particular types of people out there. There is one particular person that likes the information that I have then there is another person that doesn’t’ like the information. If you don’t like the information that I have then don’t come and see me. You don’t come to The Center for Natural Dentistry, don’t see Dr. Godes or myself and you live your way. You go find a dentist that is in alignment with what you believe. Now I believe in common sense dealing with the root cause of problems, ok. Being proactive and being health oriented. I believe that the whole body is interconnected and what you do with the mouth affects the whole body so that’s what I believe. If you are on those, that plain of thought if you believe in the same things like common sense, like if you have an infection in your mouth can cause an infection elsewhere in the body so you take care of the infection in the mouth then you do that. If you believe that mercury is a known toxin in this world, that’s why we don’t put it in thermometers, or barometers, we don’t put it in batteries anymore because we don’t want to pollute us. And we don’t play with it in chemistry class anymore because we now know. If you know that mercury is a poison then why are we putting it 2 inches from our brain? Why are we putting it in our mouth? See this for me is common sense. You know you don’t need to have hard science to prove that mercury is bad, so you don’t put it in people’s mouths.
So what we do, or what we talk about is more common sense we would like to deal with the root cause of problems we just don’t just cover up symptoms. I deal with people a lot, with tooth pain and see pain coming from a tooth means that there is something going wrong. Your body is speaking to you. Your body has been designed to tell you something is going wrong. It’s why we have pain. Now if I took something, let’s say I go to the store, could be a drug store and I just pick up an Advil or a Tylenol. And if I take the Tylenol and the pain goes away, pain is the symptom, pain goes away did I really fix the problem? Did I really treat the cause of the pain or did I just cover it up. You see a lot of people out there believe that if you don’t have any symptoms or if you suppress the symptoms then you are ok. I am not one of those people, and I hope you’re not one of those too. So if you deal with symptoms all the time, you get this all the time. I have a root canal but I have no problems with it. I don’t have any pain, ok, so therefore there is no problem. It’s what a lot of dentists and endodontic who are root canal specialist say it’s a success so that word success is relative. It’s relived because they think success as we saved a tooth, it’s still in the mouth, and there are no symptoms so therefore it’s a success. To me it’s not a success because you can have an underlying problem. And if you have an underlying problem and there is no symptom the problem is still there, you need to go to a dentist that understands that there could be something. So that’s my type of listener, that’s my type of patients that who I am and those are the people that I service. So we are not everything to everyone.
Our office does treatment, we are for the people that are health conscience that are aware of toxins that know that the body is connected that have common sense and are more proactive about their health. So if you are not one of those types of people then you can listen in but you don’t have to come see us. You don’t have to get an evaluation. I am not, I don’t have enough time to treat everyone in this world but I am, I do have enough time to share this information to either chose you in or chose you out of becoming a patient.
Hello this is Dr. Marvin on Let’s Talk Dentistry, how can I help you?
(Female voice) Yes I had a question about braces.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. Great. What’s your question?
(Female voice) I know that you’re not an orthodontist but I hear so much about how bad the metal is to have in the mouth.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. So you want my opinion?
(Female voice) Any recommendations?
(Dr. Marvin) Opinion about orthodontics in general or the braces?
(Female voice) Yeah my 16 year old needs braces so you know I am just wondering what I should request, or who would be the best, you know what I need to look for in an orthodontist. And you know, what I would request for braces?
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. Very good. What’s your name?
(Female voice) Sally.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok Sally. And how long have you been listening?
(Sally) I have been listening off and on for probably a couple months.
(Dr. Marvin) A couple months, ok. Well good because I talk about braces and orthodontics because I can make this a really long winded question and I could talk days about just orthodontics in general. And you said that your child, your 16 year old needs braces, right? Is this from; is that what he is saying? Or is this what you’re saying or is this what a dentists or orthodontist says?
(Sally) That’s from the orthodontist what he had said.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. Obviously an orthodontist, ok if you go to a dentist they want to do dentistry, you do to an orthodontist they want to do braces if you want to go to endodontic they want to do root canals, you go to a Plummer they are going to look for plumbing stuff, ok. So first of all they have them sland they have a different sland, ok? So what’s traditional is that, and I am one of those in the past, I had braces as a teenager. And the reason is because that’s what normal is. Everyone else has teenagers and this is what is tradition, Ok. So that’s what dentists are taught and that’s what dentist recommends. When I say dentist I include orthodontist. Now let me ask you this, does your body continue to grow after being a teenager?
(Sally) Well, I mean it doesn’t usually most of the growth but I know that cells keep regenerating themselves and
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. I am going to tell you
(Sally) to replace.
(Dr. Marvin) You ever seen an eighteen year old continue to grow, like have what they call a late growth spurt and they get taller and bigger, you know until there are 21, 22 years old?
(Sally) I don’t know actually.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. We’ll let me tell you this. Orthodontist and dentist are recommending these treatments because that’s that they have done in the past and that is what they know. Ok. It’s one of those things they know what they know and they don’t know what they don’t know. Ok.
(Sally) Right.
(Dr. Marvin) And what they are seeing they’re time with the patient ends when the braces come off and they put a retainer on but what they don’t see is what does this mouth look like? More importantly what does the jaw and the bite the rest of the body look like 20, 30, 40 years down the line. And most orthodontist and dentist do not take that into consideration. They don’t take that variable and that aspect in to consideration so what they’re doing is permanent.
(Sally) Right.
(Dr. Marvin) And what I am telling you is they don’t look in the future, all they care about is the end result when they take it off. And usually the end result looks nice. Ok. Because what they look at are teeth and gums. This is what all dentists look at, teeth and gums. They don’t look at what do things look in the future, they don’t look at what is underneath the teeth and gum which I look at, which I think is more important than the teeth and gums. I look at the whole body, so when they move teeth they are moving teeth at one point in time when I feel that the body still grows. Now most people have crowding, ok. Does your 16 year old have crowding in his mouth?
(Sally) Yes.
(Dr. Marvin) So what most dentist and orthodontist say is that your jaw is too small or your teeth are too big, or a combination of both because you have crowding, OK. So I am going to tell you that teeth size when it comes out, teeth don’t grow ok. They grow inside the bone and they continue to grow and they are growing to a predetermined size so that size does not change as you get older. But the jaw, the size of the jaw does change size so the bone where the teeth are in does grow. So when it grows, you know, it’s supposed to grown enough to hold in all your teeth all 32 of them. So what we need to do is we need to figure out why the jaw is not big enough, one of the reasons why it’s not big enough and one of the reasons why it’s not big enough is because we haven’t given it enough time for the jaw to grow.
(Sally) So you’re saying that people are getting orthodontia before their jaw is finished growing.
(Dr. Marvin) That is correct.
(Sally) I see.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok the other; there are many things that I could talk about. One of the reasons why it’s not growing is because the lounge which acts like an expander of your pallet, is not positioned in the right area for whatever reason so when it doesn’t push the pallet laterally or to the sides the jaw doesn’t grow and when the jaw doesn’t grow you see the end result which is crowding in the teeth. But the root cause of the problem is that the tongue is not in the right position to make the jaw bigger. So everything we do should be helping to promote the growth the jaw, ok. So that the teeth which are more passive are being put in the right position. Because I am going to fast forward if you do the orthodontics now, to correct the alignment of the teeth and the body still grows then the teeth are not going to be in the right position anymore, Ok. OR the jaw is going to be in the wrong position. You’re forcing the body to accept the position of the teeth when the body was still growing. Does that make sense?
(Sally) uh-hu.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok so humans, man, are getting in the way of nature. And when it does the jaw is too small or the jaw can’t grow because we are retaining the teeth to keep the jaw from growing and we don’t have enough space since the jaw is not big enough. We don’t have enough space to have the last teeth come in hence wisdom teeth don’t have enough room. They become impacted and dentist will recommend them being taken out preventively because you don’t have enough room or they are going to take it out when you do have a problem because you don’t have enough room. I am always asking what caused that or what’s next? And one of the reasons one of the reasons why I don’t like orthodontics is because of that scenario. There are so many things. I mean we didn’t even talk about the metal at all, ok. So you know just keep in mind that my views in orthodontics are in a minority just like everything else that I say. You need to take a common sense approach. You need to figure out what the more natural way figure out why the jaw is not growing. Figure out if your son is sensitive to the materials, we didn’t even look at toxicity as an issue. We need to figure out that all before making the decision to spend 5, 6, 7, 000 dollars on orthodontics, when it could be causing more dental problems in the future. You know, when you think you’re doing the best for your child now.
(Sally) It’s actually my daughter, and she does have one tooth, front tooth longer than the other and we don’t know if she was grinding. She says her jaw has never been sore but the orthodontist said that it did seem like her gum was even higher so that seems like that tooth hadn’t come in and orthodontics would help it. I mean, I don’t know. I bother her, so I don’t know if it would be helpful to, you know, one of the options of course the cheapest option would be to grind down the other tooth but then you’re like cutting away the enamel.
(Dr. Marvin) That is correct. You don’t want to do that. You definitely don’t want to do that. First of all, you can tell if there is wear or grinding or not necessarily grinding but if you have ware on a tooth, ok. But a restorative dentist or like a dentist like myself can tell if there is ware. You also have to look at grinding because that can be an underlying issue to the whole thing. And the bite in the wrong position. When I say bite I mean when you jaw closes and the trajectory that closes is it closing in the right trajectory? Ok.
(Sally) Actually she was told that her jaw is off a little bit, and she had played some sports and soccer and stuff so that they were thinking that her jaw was out of alignment because of that. And that is why only one tooth was warned away. That she probably was grinding somewhere at some point, but we just don’t know if she is still doing it. Like in her sleep, or anything.
(Dr. Marvin) So there is a lot more questions to get into play like why is the jaw out of alignment but does doing braces correct the alignment or does it make it worse or does it make it neutral? I mean there are so many variables I mean it’s incredible. I guess this is why I do dentistry, is because I love this challenge that there is its not set in stone. It’s not one size fits all even though every dentist wants to do it that way because it easier and cheaper that way. But there are so many aspects of it, you know teeth erupt ok. It’s called active eruption, and passive eruption. Ok. Your child is still going to grow and the gums are going too recited predictably, ok. So you don’t cut away gums and you don’t cut away natural enamel and you look at the big picture so you know, I would say put the brakes on. Get more information; schedule an appointment with us at the office to get an evaluation to get our opinion of what needs to be done, Ok. Before you go forward ok. Because unfortunately health care and capitalism don’t work well together but it is what it is.
(Sally) Yeah.
(Dr. Marvin) Every dentist, orthodontist included needs business and if you’ve had braces, I’ve had braces 3 times and jaw surgery. I mean I understand the business the business of it, and I understand the” you better do this or else” business aspect of it. And how they kind of get you, you want to do what’s best for your kids because you didn’t have it or what not, but you need to realize that you need to get more information and make a choice and you’re making a choice for your daughter and I am glad that you’re getting more information about this.
(Sally) Right. Ok.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok, so thanks for calling. Thanks for the question and call back anytime, and I look forward to seeing you in the office for that evaluation.
(Sally) Ok. Thank you.
(Dr. Marvin) Thanks Sally. Great question about orthodontics. I mean I could go on 20 different tangents with that question that’s what we do. And if you like my answer, like I was tell you, we need to figure out the cause of the problems and when we figure out the cause of the problems sometimes it’s a lot easier and less expensive than going with the tradition route. So she is, Sally is going to save money and be more aware, more in tuned and her daughter is going to benefit from her extra knowledge from listening to the show and is going to provide her with a better foundation so that when she is 30, 40, 50, 60 years old she is not going to have the problems that I am trying to fix in my 30, 40, and 50 year olds, because their teeth and their jaw is in great alignment. The bite is good. The teeth are in their ideal position, the most natural position, the most God given natural position in relationship to the whole body. The teeth not in relationship with themselves. Hopefully that makes sense. It was a great call. I could go on forever. Thanks Sally.
If you want to schedule a visit with me or with Dr. Godes for an evaluation for your or a child for orthodontics for teeth whitening for dental implants for us to get to the root cause of the problems to not look at what is obvious to most dentist, but what is obvious to us which is the health of you. Give us a call at the office 760-536-1199 and I am going to offer a promotion today, just for today, just coming up just for I am a nice guy and I want to help people out. If you have never been to our dental office and you want to schedule, if you’re sitting by the sidelines you’re not sure if you want to come see us or not but maybe this show kind of triggered something then I want you to know for the first 3 callers, that leave their name, telephone number, email address, and contact me right now, call this number 760-536-1199. I am going to give a free cleaning with your first exam. So if you do an exam and x-rays, the total fee for that is $398.00, it’s a great exam great x-rays, the best of the best. I will give you a free cleaning that’s a $100 offer. So first 3 callers right now, 760-536-1199. Free cleaning, free teeth cleaning for you. Exam and x-rays first 3 callers. I am going to give you that number one more time, that’s 760-536-1199. Boy the time goes fast! I love what I do. Hopefully you are happy. Live life to the fullest. I will see you next week, same time same place. Good bye now. You’ve been listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.