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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin talks about the link between your teeth and your overall health, specifically we talk about a recent patients experience and the amazing things that the right dentistry can have on your body. Its an amazing story and one I think everyone could gain from, whether you yourself are suffering from pain or know someone suffering from pain, this may be a starting point to a healthier 2013! Let’s Talk Dentistry!

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You’re listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health. Good morning. Let’s Talk Dentistry I’m Dr. Marvin, this is my show let’s talk dentistry. We are live here in La Jolla San Diego. If you have a question our phone lines will be open pretty soon. Get on our phone lines 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473. Give us a call if you have a question, a comment, anything that you need. If you want to talk, feel free to call. We do a show every week same time same place about natural dentistry. Dentistry that’s not only good for your teeth and your gums but also good for your health.
A different approach, a holistic approach. One that focus on health not just saving teeth. Because as you know our teeth in our mouth is connected to the rest of the body. If you don’t take care of what is going on inside your teeth and gums, if you don’t make the right decisions as your treatment then that can and will affect your overall health. It can and will affect your whole body. So do what you think is right which is choose dentistry that is actually good for your health, not just good for your teeth.
I am Dr. Marvin I have a clinic here a natural dental office here in San Diego, where people come from long distances just to come visit us. TO figure out what we know or what we suggest because everything that we do is based on what we would do if it was our own mouth. And I like looking at the big picture, I like looking at people because that’s what’s most important is the person. It’s about health; it’s about living the healthiest you can be. It’s about living a longer healthier life without the dependency on a person without dependency on medication or drugs, without dependency on surgery. If you want to be proactive, not reactive then continue to listen to the show.
We have a great show today. I’m going to go through some of the questions that are being asked on our website. Now if you don’t know we actually have 2 different websites. One website is out main practice website which is trynaturaldentisty.com, trynaturaldentisty.com that’s our website that we have had for a while. It gets thousands of views every single month. And if you want information about ozone, fluoride, mercury fillings, root canals, cavitation’s, you name it, if you want to find out more about us our bibliography I’m talking about Dr. Godes and myself. Go visit us online. If you have a question you can go ahead and do that too. Now if you want to ask us questions, if you want immediate response or a quick response the go to drmarvin.com. Drmarvin.com ask a question and I may answer either online and/or on the air. So if you have a question our phone lines are now open 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473.
Now I want to share, every single week I share about a patient that I have had during the week which I need to share with all of my listeners. This patient actually found us and she is from another state actually she flew in this past week just to be seen. She came in she flew in we did an examination just like we would with any of my patients. But she also pre booked some time to get some treatment done. Well let me tell you a little bit about this patient. She has cancer, and she found out that she has the gene for breast cancer. And she has been going to a lot of these doctors and of course she is concerned so was her husband about what is going on with the cancer. So she has been going through the regular traditional route. She has had chemo therapy, she is considering surgery but she it was a big wake up call for her. So she wanted to try a more natural approach because she knows that chemo therapy not only can kill the cancer cells but can also very damaging, very poisonous to the rest of the body. And so and affect the immune system so she has done very well she’s gone a more natural approach she has gone to providers, gone to reading a lot of books to figure out what is going on what she can what kind of diet can she have what kind of supplements can she do what kind of treatments can she do. One area that she has not worked on is in the mouth. Because she read in this one book, I don’t remember the book, but she read in this one book that the first thing that she should do is look at the dentistry. If you have teeth that have infections, if you have teeth that have had root canals in the past you should definitely go look for a dentist that can understand this. Well she did. She actually went north and went to a dentist in Idaho. But she not was comfortable with him, and if she is not comfortable with him and I highly recommend this for any of our listeners if you go to a dentist and you’re not comfortable then don’t do the dentistry. If you’re not comfortable with your provider, if you don’t believe what they believe then don’t do it. So she wasn’t comfortable so she asked around she asked her relatives and fortunately one of her relatives is here in San Diego, so she decided to find a dentist here and fortunately she was able to find us on the internet at trynaturaldentisty.com and she came in to see us.
She told me the history we spent a lot of time about what’s going on. How did things start, what could possibly be causing and during my examination I picked up something that she did not tell me. I picked an area where it’s below her rib cage on the front on the lower left side which happened to be where her cancers are located and I picked up something. And I go oh there is something going on right there. And then I saw that in an area where her upper right tooth area is and I go there, that’s the priority. We just don’t pick and choose which one we think is the problem we actually find out which one needs to be done first. So she has a lot of root canals but we need to figure out the worst one. So we are able to figure out the worst area and that’s in the upper right. She has a couple root canals there and some infections. And then she had told me that she didn’t, tell me this, but she had pain in the area where I was checking on her body. Not in her tooth, but in her body. So I put the two together and I linked it. Ok.
This is very very advanced dentistry. We were able to test the stress or the energy of the certain area, and link it to a problem that’s found in the mouth. So she was like well I didn’t tell you about that and you found that. And she has always felt problems in this area in her mouth. So push comes to shove and we talked about the treatment. And she goes, Ok, I am going to go ahead and do this. I have done all the other natural treatments, I need to do this. I understand that my teeth are going to come out. And that’s a hard reality for a lot of people. Yes, you are going to be toothless. But also the positive side, you’re also going to be infection less in that side. And who doesn’t want to get rid of infections? So the following day we went ahead and took out the two teeth but more importantly we cleaned out the infection the procedure lasted probably about an hour and a half to two hours long. We numbed her up, we put some medications some homeopathic. We cleaned out the, took out the two teeth we cleaned out the infection really really well. It’s one of those things where it’s not hit or miss. It’s not very clear cut in dentists mind. Because they don’t take out infections. Only thing they do is take out teeth and try to save bone. But what they are actually doing is saving infected bones or leaving infections in the mouth that can continue to cause infections in your body.
Well we decided to take that out we put the anesthetic we gave her some pain medication. She took some ibporphen, went home. She anticipated that this was going to be the worst pain forever. Well she came back later in the week and I got to tell you she had a smile on her face. And it’s very very very cool when patients have a smile on their face after they have had teeth taken out and infections taken out. Because what she told me was that the pain in the area in the body right right on her stomach area went away and also her shoulder pain that she has been dealing with for years went away instantly, after I took out the infection. Now by no means did I promise this to this patient. By no means did I say oh take care of this and then all your problems will go away. I don’t do that. Because I don’t know how the body works. I don’t know how the body functions. But one thing is for sure is when you rid the body of toxins, when you rid the body of infections, and especially in the mouth where no one else is looking. And if you go to a dentist that understands this and knows how to do this you can get miraculous results and I am going to tell you she is probably on her way back home right now and she a huge smile on her face. Not because she has 2 missing teeth, her smile now has 2 missing teeth but she is on her way to better health and she truly feels it. And we put a whole treatment plan with her but I go let’s just do this one part first and since we have done this one part first she has had great results and she is very confident that may have gotten to the real trigger and I will talk about that word in a second. The real trigger to what is causing her cancer her illnesses and may extend her life.
This is amazing work that we do. I think God put us Dr. Godes and myself on this earth to share this information to you listeners who are taking a chance who are waking up early to listen to this or if you’re listening to us on our podcasts, or if you’re going to our website, God put us here on this earth to share this distinct information to share these stories to help people get better with their health. I can’t tell you how proud I am of my staff and Dr. Godes they are learning our expertise our passion our love to get people healthy I can’t tell you how excited we are to help people so if you want to schedule an appointment if you want to be a part of this health revolution, if you want to get healthy then call our number at the office. That number is 760-536-1199. And figure out what’s going on inside your mouth. Get to the root cause of the problem. Stop beating around the bush you have to know what is going on and you need to go to the experts and if you want to go to an expert that understands the whole body connection that can sense and do the testing and have the 3 dimensional x-rays to have the right tools to figure out what truly is going on instead of just trying to cover up the problem then give us a call. 760-536-1199 or go to our website, spend a little bit of time on our website. Learn a little bit more about what we do and understand that it’s very unique. Patients come from far places in order to get what you think are the simplest procedures but we are getting down to the root causes and getting people healthy. Amazing, amazing work. Ok.
And one two minute story is quite amazing is, that another patient came in this week and we did an examination before and she saved up the money, she decided to come in and its interesting because her history was that she had a sore in her clavicle which is just below her thyroid neck area and very interesting scenario where she had a filling done and when she had this filling done this sore came right away and it’s very hard to imagine that something in your mouth can cause a problem or a rash or a sore elsewhere in the body. So it’s very very interesting. Oh we got a caller!
Hello, this Dr. Marvin on Let’s Talk Dentistry. How can I serve you?
(Female voice)Yes, doctor I just have, let me turn my radio down real quick. Ok. I just have a question; my question is you know the mercury filling that they have used in the past. I don’t know if you still use that but that’s the type of filling I have in my mouth.
(Dr. Marvin) Yes.
(Female voice) And I don’t know really how that affects me or not.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok.
(Female voice) Any information can you give me?
(Dr. Marvin) Ok, very good. What’s your name ma’am?
(Female voice) Call me May, my name is May.
(Dr. Marvin) Hi May. Thanks for calling and have you been listening to our show in the past or is this your first time?
(May) This is my first time.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok good.
Yes, so first of all great question. It’s a good questions because a lot of people don’t know that a lot of mercury fillings or silver filings which a lot of dentist like to call them. They are still being placed every single day. Millions are placed every single day, in the world. Ok. So they are still being done. It’s not like all dentist have stopped using them. There are actually a lot of dentist that still promote them, and think that they are the best restoration for people, especially kids who the government says you shouldn’t put them in kids. But it’s sad because we have so much mercury poisoning that goes undetected in our bodies so my thing, my thoughts are really laid out really well on our website its trynaturaldentistry.com and for me it’s all about common sense. And here is the common sense. The common sense is that mercury could be the most toxic element that’s not radioactive on the face of this earth. It’s a natural occurring element. But we don’t use it in a lot of things now because we find out that is a neurotoxin, which means its toxic to our brain and nervous system. And also toxic to other cells in our body. So we have stopped making mercury filled thermometers, mercury barometers, mercury in the batteries. We stopped removing it from our lives but one area that we haven’t removed it is in our mercury fillings in the mouth. So May, if you have mercury fillings in your mouth that means you have a poison in your mouth.
Now let’s look at the opposite side of what the dentists say. The dentists say that the mercury fillings, the mercury in mercury fillings is stable, ok. That means that means that it combines it mixes with other fillings, other metals and then it becomes stable. But what they don’t tell you is that mercury vapor comes off of it so they are not really stable. They were thought to be stable, but they are not stable and even the American Dental Association admits that there is mercury vapor that is being removed. If you go to our website you will see videos about, you can actually see the mercury vapor coming out of mercury fillings. So the next question is if it is if it does have mercury vapor coming from it and we are breathing it. That means everything your breath in your inhaling mercury vapor, what is that causing you? Ok. What problems is it causing you? What are some of the symptoms of mercury vapor poising? Well the easy question is that it’s not good for people. And if you have mercury fillings in your mouth that means you’re getting mercury in your body. This means that it’s toxic to your body. And if you want to be the healthiest you can be and you want to avoid poisoning in the future then you have to actively learn more about this and probably and have them taken out from your body. So I don’t know exactly, if you want to schedule an appointment with us we can definitely do an examination and do some testing and look at the x-rays and see if there is another reason why you should have the mercury filling taken out. Another big reason which I won’t get into is the environmental reason which are we doing want to have more mercury in our environment. So that’s another reason why you want to avoid mercury fillings and also get it out of your body.
(May) Are they expensive to have them removed?
(Dr. Marvin) Well I am going to tell you it’s more expensive to deal with devastating effects of mercury poisoning. How would you like your memory, ok, go down 50, 60, and 80 percent?
(May) No.
(Dr. Marvin) Ok. How much is that worth to you? Ok. How much is disease worth to you? Ok. If you have chronic mercury poisoning ok you can have a buildup of yeast in your body which can cause irritability it can cause rashes it can cause infections it can cause your immune system to go on over load. It can because you to have more susceptibility to all infections it can cause gum problems it can cause heart problems. Liver problems, thyroid problems, I mean what is the cost. So it does cost money in order to do this and to do it properly. Ok. Because you don’t want to go to any dentist just to get your mercury fillings removed. That is the wrong thing to do. So if you want to have your mercury fillings removed you have to go to a dentist that knows how to remove the fillings properly and also someone who knows how to conserve or preserve as much tooth structures as possible. Because you don’t want to go to a dentist that drills away all the enamel on your teeth right?
(May) Right.
(Dr. Marvin) So you want to save as much enamel as possible. You don’t want to cause any damage to your tooth. You want to use a dental material, you want to replace obviously the filling with another filling but you don’t want to put another toxic substance inside your body. And so how do you know what is toxic? You have to have the dentist check it. So there is so many avenues and to have this type of dentistry done. In other words the right dentistry done the first time you’re going to have to pay a little bit more. But it’s not as much as you think. Ok. So it’s one of those things where just schedule an appointment with us, get the information figure out how much it’s going to cost for the big picture, figure out what I would do if it were my mouth. And then make the decisions. But don’t avoid the dentist because you are afraid to know how much it’s going to cost or afraid to know how much treatment is going to be.
(May) Ok.
(Dr. Marvin) Thank you very much May for calling. Continue to listen to the show. We have a lot of our shows online. On our website but I appreciate calling in, I appreciate tuning in and I look forward to having you as a listener for many years to come and to share this unique information with other people that you care about.
(May) Ok. Just one more thing.
(Dr. Marvin) Oh sure.
(May) Can I get your office phone number?
(Dr. Marvin) Yes. That office phone number is area code 760-536-1199. 1199. Thanks May. Have a great Saturday.
May) Thanks you too.
(Dr. Marvin) Bye bye.
(May) Bye Bye.
Great call it is one of our basic questions that we have at our office where patients ask about mercury, because this is like the first time that people have heard that mercury fillings are not good for your health that they are questioning. And then you go to a dentist and they are going to tell you something different. Or if your more holistic and looking at a more natural approach you have to start question. Are those mercury fillings good for my health? Should you take them out? And that a very very difficult question to ask, and a very difficult question to answer. But if you want to live a healthier life then you have to actively remove toxins from your body and mercury could be one of those toxins from your body.
So let me get back to the patient that I was telling you about before. About the patient that had a simple filling done. She went to a dentist had a simple filling done. Right after she had this simple filling on the upper right side she started to get a sore on the right side and it started getting bigger, and it started getting itchier and itchier. And it correlated with that filling. So we looked on the x-ray and we saw that there wasn’t any decay in it. And she was like, I know there is something wrong and actually I could tell that there was something wrong. So she decided to save up the money and we decided to do the procedure. So we took out the filling. The moment we took it out I asked her, feel that sore feel that rash is it still itchy? And she goes no. And that’s one funny thing about our bodies. God created out bodies and it’s a miracle. It’s a real miracle. We will not know how the body functions but we do know and what we should do is put the best materials in our bodies, the best foods, the best supplements, the best air, and the best water, do the best things for you. Ok. And because your body will respond it may not respond right away but it will respond in some negative, in the negative light if it’s not good for you. So go find a dentist. So we removed this filling in this patient and we cleaned it out and then we put a good feeling that she is compatible with she is biocompatible with we put it in her mouth and then we sit her up and she goes, oh for some reason I feel better. And then I asked her about that filling and the rash. And she said she said it’s not itchy any more. And I’m going to tell you that she is on her way to health. Because she made that decision to not only trust and believe in what we do but to save the money and invest in her health, because she put two and two together. The two and two is that if it’s not good for you, if you don’t feel like its good for you. Then you’ve got to do something about it. And that’s what she has done.
So if you want to schedule a visit, I did not get to the questions on my website, so if you curious about what questions they are and you want to know my answers I will get to those today. On our website its, go to drmarvin.com that’s drmarvin.com find out some great questions. Ask questions. When you read more about it you may have more questions. I want to help you. If you want help then go to our website drmarvin.com also go to trynaturaldentistry.com trynaturaldentisty.com or if you want to schedule a visit I am going to tell you it’s going to take about 6, 7, 8 weeks in order to come see us. So 760-536-1199. That’s 760-536-1199. I will see you next week. Same time, same place. I want you to stay on this radio and listen to Dr. Kellas coming up next. I am Dr. Marvin. Have a great, a great week. I am out. You’ve been listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.