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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin highlights a common theme within the dental industry and its this idea that what happens in your mouth, stays in your mouth. When in fact, your teeth, gums, bone, it is all connected to your body and what happens inside your mouth does not only effects your mouth, but your whole body as well. Lets find out more on, gum disease, and so much more on this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin!!!

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Hello. Good morning. This is Dr. Marvin once again, a wonderful day. Wonderful time to talk. Wonderful time to talk about your health. What God gave you. It’s great being on the radio talking about teeth. Talking about your health, talking about you can do to live longer prosperous, and live a quality of life that you want. I’m Dr. Marvin; you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. Where we talk about dentistry and if you listened before we talk about a whole lot more. If you want to call, if you have a comment, if you have a question, if you want to get some advice call right now. Its 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473, let me give you that telephone number again. 866-577-2473. We are live so please give us a call right now if you have a question. Thank you to all my listeners that come in, and listen in every week. I have a lot of listeners. A lot of listeners that eventually come in to see the office. Come in to meet me and to meet Dr. Godes at the office, and eventually that become patients. And thank you for all those patients all those listeners that come in because we can definitely help you. Even if it’s just for an exam, or even if it’s just for a consultation. I am going to tell you that you are responsible for your health, and the information that you get from a consultation or from an examination just broadens your knowledge about what is best for you.
We had a patient that, I’m sorry we had a person come in this last week that has been a listener for a long, long time. She loved the radio show. Kind of took us up on the offer. The offer was a free consult. That’s right we do free consults. So there really is no reason for you not to come visit us. This is where we talk about what we do. You get to meet me in person, you get to meet Dr. Godes in person, you get to see our office, you get to see how nice small and quaint we are. How we treat our patients, how we have trained our staff to follow up, to be courteous, to be kind. We see one patient at a time. We see patients on time. We approach things from a whole body perspective from a natural perspective, from a holistic point of view. And we are not just treating your teeth. So if you want to schedule a consult, this is a free consult, a 30 minute consult with us call us right now 760-536-1199. That’s our main telephone line. Once you call just leave your name number and a brief message and we’ll schedule that with you this week. We will call you back and get that scheduled. We love doing these, because we like meeting our listeners and our listeners just love a face to the voice. They love looking at the office and they are very interested in improving their health and looking at the dentistry. So let me give you an example.
Here is an example patient that came in this week. And it’s a classic example. The patient has been sick and they’ve been to many, many, many doctors. Regular doctors, traditional allopathic doctors. And they’ve been to alternative doctors and they are frustrated, and they are frustrated because everything that they have tried that she has tried hasn’t worked. I congratulate her because she is still trying. And most people stop, or they quit or they just give up. But she is still trying and she’s been going to all these providers she has an autoimmune problem. And an autoimmune problem is a disease or a is a name for when your body starts fight itself because perhaps there is something going wrong inside the body and the body is over reacting and fighting itself. That’s not a good situation. And the reason why isn’t not a good situation is because doctors like to prescribe medications which just try to calm down the immune system but when you do that you’re not addressing the cause of your body reacting. And one of the main causes could be in your mouth. So she has been fighting this, fighting this for a while. She told me that she went to this dentist, a very protonate dentist here in town, highly recommended, he is probably one of the top dentist or cosmetics or most respected dentist here in San Diego. And she’s had root canals done. And she’s had all these health issues and she’s been talking to this dentist and goes couldn’t my health issues be caused by what’s going on inside my mouth? And he just chuckled and he just laughed and he goes no that impossible. You know we have all the tools we have the best dentist, the best specialist here we have the best materials, we have the best treatment. And she said what about those root canals? Are they infected? And you know what? The doctor even admitted that yeah there is an infection there, but it’s not causing you any problems or it’s just a minor infection. Well you try to tell that to someone that has autoimmune problems that have been suffering for years and years and years. And has been going to multiple dentist or multiple doctors and they’ve said there is nothing wrong other than these diseases, you know, here take medications and she was puzzled because she was questioning how can you tell me that my body is not reacting to a small “small infection” or an infection that’s not bothering me.
How can providers, how can doctors tell patients that their body is not responding to their area of expertise. What they are basically saying that the mouth is separate from the immune system. It is separate from the body, it is separate from your heart, separate from your brain, it has a separate blood flow, and it has a separate immune system. I mean, these dentists are shockingly ignorant. They see there area as completely separate and whatever goes on in there, it’s like Las Vegas, whatever goes on in mouth stays in the mouth. Ok. And its ridiculous reasoning. It is common sense to know that the mouth is connected the teeth gums, and the bone and everything around there, the jaw joint is all connected to the body and whatever you do in the mouth will affect the body.
So, what I want you to do is to focus on overall health go to certain providers that understand that the mouth is not separate from the body and see those people first. Because I am going to tell you she is on her way to better health because what we did after the initial exam was incredible. We took a 3 dimensional x-ray and she also took this 3 dimensional x-ray that we took to her supposedly famous respected the best dentist in San Diego and they said that oh there is only a small infection, there is nothing wrong, there is nothing you can do. So this same x-ray we look at it and we see a lot of problems. And these are minor infections; remember when you see changes on a root canal it does not mean that that just happened over night. That’s an infection that has been brewing in your jaw bone in your bone marrow, in your body for months perhaps years on end. So if you are interested in knowing and going to a dentist that uses technology and that can read x-rays and has a philosophy that if you see things on the x-ray that that could be the trigger the main trigger for what’s going on inside your body, then come visit us. Please do. Do not wait until something goes wrong. Do not call us last second and say I need to come in tomorrow because we are not going to get you in. That’s absolutely true. We’re not going to get you in when you want us to come in because we are not going to push our patients the ones that were proactive that were taking the initiative to come in and see us before things got bad, we are not going to push them to the back burner because they made the choice early on that this is the right dentistry or this is the right office for us, for them. So please do not wait until an emergency happens, so before you call us. Now if you are a patient of record, if you have come to our office before we are going to do whatever we can to get you in because that’s what we do. Because we have established a relationship with you. We established a relationship where we know what’s going on inside your mouth we know that you are committed and we are going to get you in if that includes staying late if that includes going through our lunch hour or if that includes coming in early or coming in on the weekends, we are going to do whatever we can to make sure that you are prepared that we respond to you and that makes you.
So please keep in mind that there are many, many dentist out there that believe that the mouth is unique and it’s only dealing with your mouth. if you are a patient, if you are a person that takes initiative and is committed to health, and you have tried everything else and your taking medications and your taking supplements and your taking all of this stuff you tried acupuncture, you’ve tried all these therapies and it’s just not working and you problem is still there then you need to come look at the dentistry. Even if you think that you have no cavities even if you take care of your gums, even if you’ve gone to the dentists and they have said everything looks fine, even if you have treatment already if you’ve had braces, if you’ve all this stuff. I can tell you that if you go to someone that does not look at the big picture that only looks at the “regular stuff” then you could be missing something. You could be missing the root cause of your problems. The root cause of your problems the root cause of you cancer, even. The root cause of your heart disease the root cause of your arthritis, the root cause of your energy your chronic fatigue, you fibromyalgia, if you’re not going to a dentist that actively looks at what is going on and how it affects your whole body you could be in trouble. That’s just the fact of the matter. Now if I look at your mouth and we do exam and x-ray and everything, I’ll tell you everything upfront. I am not going to hold anything back I am not going to hold anything back because you come from a different place or because you have a different background or because you have no money. I am not going to hold back. I am going to tell you what I feel is necessary because it’s not fair for me to hold back. If I hold back and say you know I am not going to tell this person about this because, you know, I am afraid of what they think or I am afraid that they are going to be overwhelmed or afraid that they are going to say it’s too expensive because they barely had enough money to pay for an exam. You know, that’s not fair. That’s not fair to you. You are paying for this; you are paying for this information, this valuable information. And if you want this valuable information then you have to call our office at 760-536-1199.
You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry, I’m Dr. Marvin Pantangco. I am a dentist here, a licensed dentist here in California. I am here to serve my patients. I am here to serve my listeners if you are; if you have a question if you want to call in right now our phone lines are now open. That’s 866-577-2473, 866-577-2473. I am going to go into a couple of topics; we had a consult this week from one of our listeners. And she had two really good questions that I want to talk about today. One is the fillings. What filling materials do we use? First of all you can look at this from multiple angles, and I think I gave a pretty good answer to her. We basically look at it from multiple angles. The first angel is does it deserve a filling? Ok. Why do you need to have a filling? Or why did a dentist tell you needed filling? Is it because you have a cavity? Is it because you have a hole in your tooth? Is it because part of the tooth broke off? You need to understand that just because someone tells you that you need a filling, this is for everything, just because someone told you you needed and extraction or needed a root cancel or needed an implant you’ve got to go back and ask why. So first thing is if someone told you that you needed a filling, why do you need a filling? If you need a filling is it because of a cavity? If there is a cavity that means that there is a hole. Does that mean that if you have a hole in your tooth does it need to be filled? Are you able to clean that hole? Is that hole going to get bigger, and if it’s going to get bigger, how big is it going to get. If you have really big holes, is the filling materials the strongest materials, is it the most durable, is it the longest lasting is it the most aesthetic, is it the cheapest? All of these things have to come into play but if you really do have a cavity and you have a hole in your mouth or a hole in your tooth and you need to have a filling first of all the filling, the hole should be small. Ok, what’s small? That’s a relative word. It depends, that’s why you go to the dentist.
Every dentist has their comfort as far as what’s big and what’s small. And if its, let’s say I am going to go ahead and do a filling, how do I choose the filing material? First of all if it’s in the back of the mouth I don’t have to get a perfect shade match or I don’t have to get that perfect color. If it’s in the front of the mouth then you are very particular how things look, we need to talk about the color another thing we have to look at is what is in the filling material? Does it have fluoride? Does it have BPA? If you’re not familiar with BPA its Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is like estrogen. So if you put something in your body that is like estrogen your body is going to react like its estrogen. So do you want to start adding things to your body? If you’re familiar with, have you seen water bottles out there they say BPA free? If you don’t know what BPA free it is Bisphenol A. And one of the problems with BPA is that it’s in a plastic, it’s a plastic filling material and it will leak inside whatever it contacts so it can leak into the water that you put it in or the coffee or the tea and when it leaks into that it will continue to go into your body it will continue to leak that’s one of the reason you don’t want to put plastic materials and put food in that plastic material and then put that in the microwave because it will further leak into the food which will further feed you more toxins. It makes sense. Well if we put BPA in people’s mouths won’t that leak into the body?
So one of the biggest issues these days is these filling materials, do they have BPA? So if you go to your dentist and you have a filling done you need to ask them that. Does it have BPA? And most dentists don’t know. Why don’t they know? Because they weren’t taught this they don’t know about this and they are ignorant. So one of the things that we do at our office is that we test our materials, we have about 6 to 7 different dental materials and there is also the adhesive material that is connected to it. So we test that. And at our office we test everything at the examination. And because we test everything at the examination it will direct what type of material it could. It could be a filling material, it could be a porcelain material it could be no material at all. For instance if we have a missing tooth and I can go yeah we can do a bridge but if I can do an inlay bridge or a bridge where we remove very little tooth structure this is one of our famous restoration is that if we can use a stronger biocompatible material and then we can cut away less tooth then that may be the best restorative option for you. So that’s what we do. So it’s not all bridges are the same. And it’s not all preparations all the same and not all materials are the same. But because we test at the very beginning to know what which material is best for you, we are able to recommend the most conservative, the most predictable and the most biocompatible material possible. Or the most biocompatible restoration possible. So when it comes to filling materials you need to know if you are sensitive to it. And we test that. Because a lot of these filling materials they do have fluoride in it they do have BPA in it, they do have aluminum in it. And aluminum has been found in people with Alzheimer’s, so if you have Alzheimer’s obviously, or if you want to avoid Alzheimer’s you want to find out and minimize your amount of aluminum going into your body and that can be in your filling materials so be careful about that. The other thing that they can be putting in there is barium. Barium is a metal so when you look at a composite or a filling with these resin materials if you can see it on the x-ray, if you can see this filling material on the x-ray it has metals in it intentionally put metals in there. So don’t think that all these composites, another work for composite is a mix, or mixture. So don’t think that all these mixtures are the same.
There are thousands of different composites. So we are going to use the composites that work well for you. The one that’s not going to react that your body is not going to react to. And that’s what we do at The Center for Natural Dentistry. So take a look, not all fillings are the same if you want to go to a dentist that takes all these considerations into play, come visit our office. That’s 760-536-1199.
The next topic I want to get to before we end the show is the gum recession. If your gums are receding, and you have tooth sensitivity the question that we are always asked is my gums are receding what do I do about it? Well first thing that you always have to do as you can see it’s a common theme of mine, is why did the gums recede or why are they receding? A common answer from most dentists is your gums are receding because you’re brushing too hard. Well if you go to the dentist enough and you listen to them and they said your brushing too hard or your using the wrong toothbrush you’ve you obviously changed your toothbrush to an extra soft bristle and you’ve obviously changed the way you brushed. So if your gums are still receding then it has to be something else. Because every dentist likes to put the blame on the patient or they like to put the blame on another dentist but obviously there problems are not associated because of their dentistry. So they have this little ego thing going on and they say ok if your gums are receding it’s because your brushing too hard. Well I’m going to tell that’s not the whole truth because what you don’t see is the main problem. So what I am going to tell you is that the main reason why people have gum disease or gums receding, not gum disease but gums receding is because the tooth is either moving or the tooth has moved. In other words if the tooth is in the wrong position in relationship, not just to the other teeth, that’s what orthodontics does. They change the teeth in relationship to the other teeth but the teeth in relationship to the whole body. If you kind of look at the body as a whole and you look at the tooth is this tooth that you are addressing is the one has the recession is it where your body naturally wanted to have that tooth. If it’s not in that right position then you can get gums to recede. And that where gum recession comes from. So if you don’t look at it from the big picture the tooth is not in the right position in relationship to the whole body then that tooth is going to become symptomatic.
One of the ways it can become symptomatic is that the tooth is going to hit improperly. It’s not in the bone properly, so when the upper tooth hits the lower tooth the lower tooth hits the upper tooth that tooth starts to bend. And when that tooth starts to bend it starts to flex and then that flexing causes the bone underneath, it’s the part you cannot see, to start to receded. And I am going to tell you that gums do whatever the bone does. So if the bones start to recede under neither because of the this bite issue, maybe because of grinding or maybe because of tooth position, then the gums are going to slowly receded. And any trauma to those gums like regular tooth brushing is going to cause those gums to recede. So the question is why are the bones receding, you need to address that problem and that’s what we do. We look at the bite. We look at what has happened to the past. Did you have orthodontics? Orthodontics places teeth more often than not in a bad position as opposed to the most natural position. Very crucial that you understand this concept. The concept that is that your teeth are reactive. Your recession your cracks in your teeth your fractured tooth, a pain in a tooth, are all symptoms and you’re not addressing the root cause that’s one big reason why teeth recede the gums recede teeth start getting ” long in the tooth” they get longer and longer. That’s why you’re roots start to show your roots start to stain and get darker. Your roots also softer start to get more cavities. They start the roots, the enamel starts flaking off and starts flaking off and start getting notches and more tooth sensitivity when your drink something cold. And all of these dentists are not looking at the root cause, so if you want to address the root cause I encourage you to schedule and exam with us. With myself or Dr. Godes.
What we are going to do is we are going to do a 3D x-rays, 3D cone beam CT, and we are going to do the exam we are going to spend an hour to two hours with you just explaining what we have found and what we would do if we would do if it were our mouth. That’s all we do. And it’s this information that is critical and is really valuable. So don’t let the cost of the just the exam and x-ray keep you from getting this knowledge, because it the knowledge that you get which is more valuable than actual treatment. It’s so valuable, because if you do treatment on incorrect knowledge than it’s just a waste of time. So that person, that patient that came in she had all these root canals and retreatments and crowns and all of this and she is going to spend more money, ok, in order to get this done. So save money by coming to see us. That’s just the bottom line.
So you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry I’m Dr. Marvin. Thank you for joining me today. I appreciate everyone listening, and I hope, hopefully you will schedule a visit with us. That telephone number is 760-536-1199, that’s 760-536-1199. If you call right now if you leave your name number we will call you back this week. We will get you scheduled for an exam or a free consult with us. I’m Dr. Marvin, thanks for listening. I will see you next week same time, same place. I’m out. You’ve been listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.