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In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is back once again, but this time were talking about pediatric dentistry and specifically the dentistry related questions you have for your children. It’s so important to make the right choices for your children when they are young as often those decisions can have long term ramifications on their future health. So lets dive into today’s episode and uncover some of the important things you should know about your child’s dental health.

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You’re listing to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health. Hey, good morning this is Dr. Marvin on Let’s Talk Dentistry here live here in La Jolla, San Diego. Hope you’re enjoying the weather. I am, it is a little warm, but I am still enjoying it. There are a lot of other places that I would not like to be. So, let’s enjoy things now and thank God for all the wonderful weather that we do have here, in San Diego. This is a live call in show 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473, 577-2473. That’s the telephone number if you want to call in and speak to me right now.
We’ve got a great show today; we are going to talk about kid’s dentistry or pediatric dentistry. Dentistry for the little ones. We are talking about infants all the way up to pretty much adults. A lot of stuff that I tell you pertains to kids and baby teeth are also the same for adult teeth so stay tuned, and you’ll listen to the top three reason why you need to take your kids to a biological dentist or to a dentist like we do. We do see kids; Dr. Godes is the one that see our kids. We do exams, we do check-ups, we do evaluations, we do a little bit of orthodontics and we do cleanings and fillings. So if you want to get a more holistic or more natural approach to kid’s dentistry then you want to definitely come see us.
I’ll talk a lot more about that today and I’ll give you three really good reasons why you need to come to see us. Our telephone number at The Center for Natural Dentistry is 760-536-1199, but before you call us I want you to learn more about us. You want to go to our website it’s called trynaturaldentisty.com you know the website address if you have listened to this show before. It’s trynaturaldentistry.com. If you have a question and you don’t want to ask it on the air you can go to DrMarvin.com that’s drmarvin, drmarvin, it’s free to ask questions. Go to our website DrMarvin.com where I answer questions directly to everyone around the world and you also find some information. Maybe there is a question that you’ll read in there that you think is a good question that you’ve never thought of. So that’s why we put that website together. It’s DrMarvin.com. You can also go on facebook.com look under natural dentistry facebook.com/naturaldentisty.
We’ve got some great stuff. Let me see what we have on our Facebook page currently. We, I know that we put something on there in regards to, hold on, its loading here, right here on frequently asked questions about what happens on your first visit, also talk about fitness and also an article that’s pretty funny. I saw this on one of the main stream news, CNN actually, I go to CNN all the time to take a look at some of the news stories and there was and there was an actually article on there about how eggs, or egg yolks to be more specific, are as bad as smoking. That’s a headline that’s kind of catchy, but if you read it it’s pretty remarkable on how idiotic these studies are and these are what feeds the public so go online right now to facebook.com/naturaldentistry like our page or become a fan of our page to get more information about us.
So I always start off the show kind of telling people what we do and how is it different. If you are healthy or if you are proactive, you want a healthier approach to dentistry or a healthy approach to life let’s say that you eat healthier food or if you try to eat healthier foods or you cognizant of what is healthy and what is unhealthy then you should be going to a dentist that believes the same way, and that is what I do and that’s what Dr. Godes does. What we do is we focus on the best healthiest dentistry or the best healthiest foods or the best healthiest advice that we can give based on what we know. And what we know as far as the last 3 or 4 years that we have had this practice is incredible. What we know about the mouth and how it connects to the body is absolutely incredible because we’re able to figure out how the mouth is connected to the rest of the body and what we do in the mouth can actually harm the rest of the body or it can actually improve the health of the overall body. Because that’s what we do we look at the big picture, we look at you, we look at the whole person we look at the mouth how it connects to the whole body, we look at the rest of the body and how it connects to the mouth and we also look at what’s going to happen today and what’s going to happen in the future.
People forget about that people break down things into the smallest molecule and they talk about the smallest molecule. They don’t look at longevity how things are going to last. They don’t look at how it’s going to affect your overall health. And they don’t look at aesthetics or the durability of the products, so when you come to our office you get all of that. You get all of that and plus the service and the attention that you need. I had one patient that came in that’s been listening to the show that came in this week. Been listening to the show for about a year and they finally said I’ve gone to my dentist for a while and I need to go see what Dr. Marvin has to say. So thank you for coming in.
For that’s patients that’s been listening to the show, I know that there are a lot of people out there that have also listened to the show for a long time that have finally called, or haven’t called in and are just curious on what we have to say. I am going to tell you that, that patient that did come in and she is probably shocked because we spent like an hour and half two hours with her. We talked about a lot of things that that jived well with her. That there’s a lot of stuff that she thought or the same philosophy and she’s been going to the same dentist for a long time but she decided to make a choice to come see what we have to say and when you come to see us we’ll tell you everything. We’ll tell you what we would do if it were our mouth. We would tell you based on our knowledge and expertise what we know right now, what is best for you. Not what is best for our pocket book, not what is best for your pocket book, not what’s most aesthetic not what’s most durable but what is best for your health. And if that involves extracting a tooth because there is an infection there that’s what we are going to tell you. We are not going to beat around the bush we’re not going to try and get you to save teeth, ok, at the expense of your health. this is very different.
Dentistry is very traditional dentistry is very one way and its unfortunate because dentistry only looks at your teeth they have become so specialized that they only look at your teeth and gums and they only recommend treatment that they know how to fix. And a lot of this treatment has been used for tens hundreds of years. That’s right. Root canals have been done for over hundred years already. So if they are recommending treatment that has been done for over a hundred year, they are going to say it’s because that’s the way we have done it, that’s the way that we do it now and that’s how we do it in the future. They are not up to change and if you’re not, if you’re not one to settle on the information that someone tells you if your taking responsibility of your own health, that includes your dental health that means you brush your teeth because its good for you. That means that you eat healthier because you know that it’s good for you. You’re preventing problems in the future by making the choices today especially on your health.
So if you want to schedule an appointment with us call this number 760-536-1199 or if you have a computer go online go to trynaturaldentistry.com to find out more information about what we do and what we believe and what we stand for before you call because the patients that come to see us they are really smart. They already know what they are getting into. They know that what’s best for your health is going to a dentist that also believes what’s best for your health not to separate your mouth from the rest of the body. We don’t want to take out and then deal with the mouth separately it’s a part of the whole body. These dentists, like myself, are a part of your healthcare team its part of your overall wellness. So if your dentists is not part of doesn’t think overall wellness then they are only thinking repair. Kind of like a mechanic. You have a check engine light that comes on you go to your mechanic or you go to the body shop or you go to the car shop and then they will tell you what’s wrong. And then they are going to fix that part that’s what’s wrong. The body is completely more different ok because it’s more complex and we are never going know exactly how God created our body. We can make up all these things we can do all these studies but no one will ever know how truly the body reacts.
So that’s why at The Center for Natural Dentistry we appreciate how the body work and we realize that the body has an ability to heal its self and when it has an ability to heal its self we assist the body to heal its self because that how God created it and by doing that we remove toxins, toxicity is the root cause for many, many illnesses and if you’re not addressing the root cause and your just covering up the symptoms, remember I talking about cause of symptoms, cause causes symptoms but if your just taking care of the symptoms you may not be or most likely not addressing the root cause of that symptom.
So if you’re just taking, let’s say you have a toothache and you’re taking Tylenol or Advil ibuprofen or aspirin whatever it is, if you’re taking a pain medication to cover up the pain you have not figured out the cause. And the cause will come back with more symptoms, harder symptoms, stronger symptoms in the future. And when you don’t cover up the cause you just cover up the symptoms then you’re going have bigger problems later on. That’s where all the money is going right now. All the breast cancer awareness, all the awareness of this, all the charities, everything is going to treatment and drugs to stop symptoms and to stop the disease. But it’s not addressing what’s called upstream and addressing the cause.
So think about this. If you’re not going to the dentist that looks for the cause then you’re just covering up the problem or worse yet, you’re getting treatment which deals with the symptom and not addressing the cause so you are wasting money. Again your wasting money if you’re going to the wrong dentist and if you’re getting the wrong dentistry done your wasting money your also causing unnecessary damage to your tooth to a body part to yourself your causing more removal of tooth structure because you’re going to the wrong dentist who’s wrong diagnosing and who’s wrongly treating you. Ok. So if you’re not going to get the right treatment, don’t go to the dentist at all. Ok. Come see a dentists that look at the whole body you can call me at The Center for Natural Dentistry that number is 760-536-1199 if you have a question right now, if its if you have a pressing questions that bugging call me at the studio right now that number different. That number is 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473. I want to remind you that next hour ok at the end of this show Dr. Bill Kellas, Dr. William Kellas at The Center for Advanced Medicine is going to start talking about water and fluoride. And Mr. Bill Walling his guest is going to be on the show he is actually a patient of ours. We are going to we’ve fully endorsed what he says about water and how some of the contaminates in your water are causing you to be sick too. So make sure that you stay on to that show.
So let me get to today’s topic. Oh, one more thing. I always kind of go on these tangents and eats up all my time but that’s ok because a lot of our listeners like what I have to say. That’s what they tell me at least. One of the things I want to remind you is that I always talk about a patient that comes in and one particular case that I want to talk about this week was a patient that came from a couple hours away and his story was that in the past he had a toothache and the dentist recommended a root canal. It was on a lower right side and its one of the large teeth one of his six year molars, recommended a root canal so he started to have pain and he recommended a root canal he got the root canal done some of the pain went away but not all of the pain. He told his dentist “I can still feel like there still is an infection there” so the dentist look and he says the root canal looks fine but since you still seem like you have an infection lets go ahead and retreat the root canal, let’s redo the root canal so that’s what he did. He retreated the root canal and he said, ah it still feels bad it still feels in pain. Let’s just take the tooth out. So the dentist went ahead and took the tooth out, ok, and then said you have a missing tooth here. This is important. You better fix this tooth or else the other teeth are going to make, make are going to fall into that place and its going to cause all these bite problems going to cause you TMJ which is a disease of your joint causes you headaches and all these problems. It’s a big tooth you should replace it. So they said lets go ahead and do a dental implant, and dental implants most of them are made out of titanium so he had a dental implant placed and he still has pain. He has been telling his doctor all along that he still has pain in there. So he’s come to me he’s spent all this money on a root canal and crown and retreatment of the root canal the extraction, the root canal, I’m sorry the dental implant placed the implant in and the crown on top of the dental implant. And he spent a lot of money and he still has pain. Well he came to see us; he was referred from the Center for Advanced Medicine, Dr. Kellas refers a lot of patients regarding these infections because he believes that these infections in the mouth are causing infections elsewhere in the body. And that’s called the focal infection theory. Not to go off on the side but just remember that dentist do not believe in that theory, but doctors do. It’s this theory that if you have an infection in one area of your body it can cause an infection elsewhere in your body or causes your body to respond to an infection elsewhere in the body. It makes sense because the body is connected but dentist fail or are being taught that not true. They believe that the infections stay in the mouth and they can’t go to the rest of the body. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what we are taught and that’s what we believe because I’m a regular dentist too. I went to regular dental school and I remember everything that they taught me so don’t believe all these dentist that talk about this.
Not to be side tracked, but this patient came to see us we did a 3 dimensional x-ray which you’ve heard me talk about before, which is an x-ray which looks at the big picture. Its 3 dimensional so we see more information. And what I see in the 3 dimensional x-ray is what most dentists can’t see in a 2 dimensional x-rays which is the bone marrow. So I am able to look at these bone marrow and the bone marrow is not as healthy as normal bone marrow so we can assume that there may be some infection going on. So we did our testing and there are infections he comes from a far away and he goes man, alright I’m going to go ahead and trust you so I talked to him on the phone for quite a while. He decided to come in and he paid for the treatment decided to come in and he goes man this is expensive treatment and I go its more expensive than the disease that your having its cheaper than disease than your dealing with, you know, what is causing the harm that’s causing your body. It’s more expensive than what you’ve paid for the implant and two crowns and root canals and retreatments ok this is exactly what I am talking about. You’d want to get the right dentistry done at the very very beginning. It may cost less because you’re dealing with the right problem at the beginning. Now he’s not going to be able to get any of this money back from all those other dentist and all those other treatments or the time or the disease or the amount of work that he’s missed because he’s gone to the dentist but he made the choice to come in right now to realize that he needs to get this infection out.
So we, he was real apprehensive so we ahead and took out the tooth, we went ahead and took out the implant, I’m sorry, when we took out the implant there was a huge a gigantic hole in his jaw bone. I was showing him, I gave him a mirror and I scrapped out all the this pus, dead bone, fat bone, all of this infected bone that goes from tooth to tooth all the way down to his nerve. It was a 2 by 2 by 2 cm, big hole in his jaw bone that was there all along. And he was amazed at how big the infection is. I’m telling you listeners, KPRAZ listeners, you don’t know what you don’t know and a lot of dentists don’t know what we know at The Center for Natural Dentistry. Is that these infections are huge, and that are rampant and they are affecting your body and not many dentist know about it, and not many dentist know how to treat it. So if you have a dental implant, if you have a root canal, if you just want to know if there is something going on inside your mouth that is affecting your overall health call us, 760-536-1199. Get in. Don’t let these problems get worse. We are a one doctor, I’m sorry, a one patient per doctor practice we only see patient at a time so if you want to be seen it may take weeks for you to be seen. So don’t delay, call our office 760-536-1199.
Now gets back to my topic of the show because I only have a few minutes. But I want to tell you the reasons why you want to take your kids or your grandchildren to our office. The number one reason is because we do a though exam. What we do is we look for any oral cancer anything that looks suspicious. We know what normal looks like. We know what abnormal looks like. We’re going to go through all that with you. We are going to look at the alignment of the teeth. Now the alignment of teeth is actually a symptom, ok. Because we need to figure out what is causing the teeth to be where they are at right now. And one of the things we look at is we look at the tongue. How is the tongue positioned when it’s at rest, how is the tongue positioned when you are swallowing, let’s look at your lips, let’s look at your cheeks, let’s look at the alignment at the teeth, let’s look at the alignment of the jaw. Because these positions help dictate what’s going to happen in the future because if your tongue is not in the right position and putting the natural forces on the teeth like the forces from the inside of you teeth out. Then you’re going to have big problems later on.
And if you go to a regular dentist if you go to a orthodontist they’re going to try to fix the symptom without fixing the cause and one of the biggest procedures that are going on right now in this phased orthodontists is they move the teeth where it looks nice but they are not taking into consideration with the jaw. I’ve said this before a lot of people have bite problems and have tooth problems and have a lot of symptoms as an adult because of the braces and the braces and the orthodontics and the orthodontia that they did when they were younger. So I want kids to come in early so that we can train the right muscles and we can get the right treatment and talk to the parents to get the right treatment so that we can avoid all of these problems in the future. God created us to have 32 teeth the last 4 teeth that come into your mouth are your wisdom teeth. Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out? If you have why, did you have them taken out? Because you wanted to correct the alignment of your teeth? Because you don’t want your teeth to be crooked? Is it because they were impacted? Is it because you didn’t have enough space? Well if it’s any of those, it’s because your jaw did not develop properly and it’s because no one recognized that as a young adult or as a child or as an infant. So that’s one of the reasons why we look at that during our exams we also check for cavities and we also help with the oral hygiene. What to do and what not to do. What products to use and what products not to use, so that’s number one. We do a though exam. Number two is when we do the treatment we are going to test the materials before we do it and we are not going to use any toxins. For instance the fluoride. If you go to most dentists they are going to recommend and talk about fluoride, fluoride, fluoride, fluoride treatments fluoride toothpaste, fluoride wipes fluoride rinses fluoride drops fluoride tablets, fluoridated drinking water. It’s everywhere. Learn about fluoride. It’s a toxin. It’s a toxin to your bone and it affects your thyroid. It causes a lot thyroid issues. Everyone has thyroid issues now days. Ok. If you have sleeping problems, I am going to tell you it all starts early on. If you go to a dentist and they can add more harm to you if you do not know what they are talking about.
We don’t do any baby root canals, or what’s called pulpectomy which are to save teeth or save baby teeth, ok, but it adds toxic chemicals it cells die and it actually kills bacteria but actually it can kill you. It has formaldehyde and increase all and all of these toxins, why would you want to put these carcinogens or cancer causing substances in your mouth close to your body close to your brain everything. Do not get these done. We don’t do any stainless steel crowns, which are which have nickel in them. One out of three women are allergic to nickel one of five men are allergic to nickel. Nickel is a Nero toxin and can cause your brain to go haywire. Why would you want to put that into kid’s teeth that are developing? I am going to let you know is that if you believe in health dentistry and healthy bodies and living a health life and going around drugs without aches and pains feeling good and having lots of energy it all starts as a child. Do not toxicity our children do not make them obese do not feed them the wrong foods. It all starts early. And that includes going to the right dentist early on.
There aren’t many dentists that believe in this I want you to really focus on taking your children to a biological dentist or a natural dentist. The last reason why you want to take your kids to a dentist like us is that we can reverse a lot of the properties, ok. A lot of dentists only do what the insurance says. So if the insurance says we only take mercury fillings, we only pay for mercury fillings then the dentist is going to do mercury fillings. I’m going to tell you is that they are not going; the insurance is not going to pay for treatment to reverse cavities. And that’s what we have at our office. We are able to reverse cavities through nutrition, and through some of our advanced techniques in the office. So if you are interested in to checking to see if your kids have cavities if they have a proper alignment, if you want some tips on oral hygiene, if you don’t want to spend all your money on products in the isle then come visit us. I am going to give $25 off for kid’s exam if you call in within the next five minutes. Ok. The first five callers that call into our office 760-536-1199. We are going to give you $25 off a kid’s exam. I’m going to tell you it’s the best information the best use of your money that you’re going to get. $25 off for the first five callers for kids exams. This is for 13 years old and under. Ok. Kids exams 13 years old and under, ok. 760-536-1199. Call right now. The first five callers, again trynaturaldentistry.com find out more about us. I’m Dr. Marvin this is Let’s Talk Dentistry every single week same time stay tuned listen to Dr. Bill Kellas as he talks about water, on the next show. Thank you very much. Keep smiling; keep your teeth clean I’ll see you next week. Same time, same place Dr. Marvin. Bye bye now. You’ve been listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by The Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.