Cell Phone Use Increases Health Risks for Metallic Dental Implant Patients

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or the invisible radiation which is continuously emitted from cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless Internet, power lines, household electrical wiring and elsewhere is now being implicated in a growing number of serious symptoms, including headaches, unexplained fatigue and even mental confusion. These types of adverse effects can happen to anyone, but most particularly to people who are known to be electrosensitive. There are several factors that can create an increased risk factor to which a person may be affected by electromagnetic fields, including metallic dental implants and/or amalgam (silver) tooth fillings. This seemingly unrelated factor can significantly increase a body’s reception to the mircrocurrents from cell phones and other ambient fields.

How metal implants may exaggerate harmful effects posed by cell phone use

Cell phones constantly emit electromagnetic radiation called RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic fields). As cell phones are used in close proximity to the head, therefore increasing EMF intensity to the brain during use, there is clear potential for EMF emissions to generate harmful effects to any of the 300 million healthy cell-phone users in the United States today. However, patients who are already recognized as electrosensitive as well any anyone who may have metallic dental implants, amalgam fillings and/or dental repairs are potentially at a much higher risk.

New research on the subject says that up to eight percent of populations in developed countries experience serious electrohypersensitivity symptoms, while 35 percent experience mild symptoms, (as reported by Dr. Thomas Rau, medical director of the world-renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland). According to this study a person’s EMF sensitivity can fluctuate depending on these contributing factors:

  • body weight,
  • body-mass index,
  • bone density, and
  • water and electrolyte levels
  • Heavy metals in the brain can also act as micro-antennas, concentrating and increasing reception of EMF radiation.
  • Electrifying the problem through galvanism

The use of metallic repairs in the mouth is known to have the ability to create a potentially dangerous situation called ‘galvanism’. The body’s normal electrical (bioenergetic) current fluctuates at about 450 millivolts. Galvanism occurs when saliva mixes with amalgam (metal) fillings or implants which can cause the normal oral electric current to soar to around 1,000 millivolts, or higher. When you factor in the amplified EMF fields associated with cell phone use this number can go even higher. Such a highly charged electrical current can quite easily overpower the body’s normal electrical flows and potentially interfere with energy flow to the brain and cause irritations to the nervous system.

Electrical interference can short circuit the whole body

Cell phone radiation is suspected of being a factor in a wide range of health problems including headaches, pressure or tingling in the head, earaches, eye problems including distortion of vision, memory loss and fatigue. As the level of EMF exposure continues to rise, so do the risks of long term serious health issues, including; brain tumors, DNA alteration or damage, lymphoma and changes to the brain’s electrical activity. For patients who have metallic dental repairs, the risk is quantified significantly.

Nobody knows with certainty what long-term health consequences EMF-induced biological effects may lead to – or how comingling metal implants and dental repairs with EMF radiation from cell phones might affect the human body. However, researchers are now beginning to discover that electromagnetic emissions from cell phones can cause significant biological effects — and evidence strongly suggests that metallic dental implants do create an electrical resonance of their own. These two factors combined create serious challenges to the long term health and wellness of anyone who has been fitted with metallic dental repairs.

Electrical currents and the immune system

The electric currents and ionic flow between various dental alloys is known to cause irritation in the trigeminal nerve which is the main cranial nerve system; blocking the flow of major acupuncture (or energy) meridians. Blocks in the body’s natural flow of energy can lead to overall dysfunction throughout the body, activating the immune system, which in turn can lead to chronic and debilitating health issues. Scientific studies associated with oral galvanism have clearly illustrated that currents of just over 5 microamps is more than enough to cause significant health problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, etc.

Removing the amalgam filling, metallic dental implant or dental repair essentially eliminated the problem in patients participating in clinical studies.

Studies on metallic implants and cell phone use

Researchers in one study involved two basic types of implants: metallic pins and rings in the surface layers of the human body – positioned near the mobile phone. The goal in this case was to discover ‘the worst case scenario’ with respect to energy absorption. Researchers noted that “Based on the simulations of this study, the local absorption of EM field in a limited volume may be significantly (even by a factor of 700) enhanced by a conductive implant in the surface layer of a human body. The mobile phone and the metallic implant are strongly coupled, especially when the implant is close to a mobile phone, its length is in resonance with the field, and it is aligned with the antenna. This coupling can be either conductive, magnetic or both (Troulis et al 2003).”

Watch out for these symptoms

One suggestion for reducing exposure to harmful EMF radiation when using a cell phone would be to make only short and essential calls, particularly when not using a hands-free device. Some studies suggest that positioning the phone’s antenna as far away from the body as possible during a call may also be helpful.

How can you tell if your cell phone is causing a problem? Several topical symptoms are immediately recognizable and they include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Warmth behind the ear
  • Warmth on the ear, and
  • Burning skin

What is the long term solution?

Removing any amalgam fillings, metal fixtures, metallic dental implants or other dental repairs help to eliminate health problems in patients. Ceramic dental implants and non-metallic repairs are the best alternative. Ceramics are highly resistant to corrosion and superior to other implant materials such as titanium and amalgams for both durability and aesthetics. They also have a higher level of human biocompatibility and do not conduct radioactive frequencies.


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Note: The concept for this article and many of the sources were graciously provided by Dr. Sammy Noumbissi. Dr. Noumbissi is a skilled implantologist working with ceramic dental implants in the Washington D.C. area. You can learn more at www.MilesofSmilesDental.net.