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Female: You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.
Dr. Marvin: Hey, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. This is with Dr. Marvin. Thank you for tuning in today. This show is about dentistry. That’s why we call it Let’s Talk Dentistry. And today we’re going to talk a lot about – this week is actually a special week. I am not here alone today. I have a very special guest. He’s actually our Marketing Director of our dental office, the Center for Natural Dentistry. His name is Jared Young and he has been on before, but if you haven’t heard him before, you’re in for a treat today. So, welcome, Jared.
Jared: Thank you, Dr. Marvin. Good morning.
Dr. Marvin: Good morning. We got a great show today. So, for the next 25 minutes, we’re going to talk about this special topic of this week. It’s actually Mercury Awareness Week. Is that right, Jared?
Jared: Yes, it’s Celebrate Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, September 4th through the 9th.
Dr. Marvin: Alright. So, we’re going to provide a really awesome special to celebrate this week because we want people to know about mercury, especially mercury fillings, and if you haven’t heard us before, you’re going to hear some things that you’ve never heard before. And we’re very excited. I am a licensed dentist here in California at the Center for Natural Dentistry. I’ve had my practice for a few years and I’m going to tell you, we are doing some amazing things for people as we continue to get people healthier, not just fixing teeth.
We also have Dr. Stacy Godes at our office, a phenomenal dentist. She’s been around for a while and is really picking this stuff up. A lot of patients are getting healthier just because their making the decisions to come to the office and get this necessary work done. So, if you have a question please – you can call us, you can email us. The best thing to do is this is also something new is that you want to get on our brand new redesigned website. It is just kick-butt. Its trynaturaldentistry.com and I attribute a lot of this redesign to my good friend here, Mr. Jared Young.
Jared: Yes, thank you. We spent a lot of hours late into the morning taking care of that, setting up this new site. What we tried to do is set up the site in a way that would make everything a whole lot easier for people to find the information they need. We have about 20,000 people visiting our site every month for information about their dental work and holistic dentistry.
We wanted to make it easier for people to find the information they need, to find the information about why root canals are bad, why mercury fillings can cause problems, what a cavitation is, what ozone dentistry is, why we don’t like fluoride. All that information we want to put in a way that our patients and visitors to our site could find it a whole lot easier.
So, I encourage you to check it out, trynaturaldentistry.com. We’d love your feedback. Feel free to drop us an email or post on our Facebook page, facebook.com/naturaldentist – naturaldentistry, sorry. And let us know what you think of the new site.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. And it’s a lot of good stuff. I’m actually looking at it right now. You put a lot of good stuff. There’s this great menu bar at the top where it talks about like who we are, gives you a little bit an office tour. We also have maps and directions to our place and hours because some people just seem to forget what our hours are. They’ll call on a day-off and they’ll leave us a message and we get a lot of cool things about – a lot of it is what I say on this radio show.
And if you don’t know natural dentistry is a lot different than regular dentistry where we focus on your whole health or the whole body and not just about fixing the tooth. We talked about ceramic dental implants, not just regular titanium implants. We talk about cosmetic dentistry, certain technologies like one visit crowns, CERECs, our 3D Cone Beam technology and a lot of other cool things that we talk about on this show, we also have it on our website. So, if you can’t get enough of this, just go to our website, you can find more and more things about this.
And again, give us your comments about the new redesigns, new modern look and I’m going to tell you, this is how people find us. This is how people learn more about us and people come from faraway places just to come visit our office.
Jared: Yes, if you actually go to the website and again, it’s trynaturaldentistry.com and you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see some columns down there that say Let’s Talk Dentistry, that’s the normally sort of our more recent or more popular episodes of Let’s Talk Dentistry. We also have Frequently Asked Questions and recent articles in the Hot Topics of Holistic Dentistry. Those are updated regularly with new content. So, things like this upcoming week with Mercury-Free Awareness Week is there’ll be articles everyday this week popping up on the site down there. Make sure you check it out.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, so if you have mercury fillings in your mouth right now and if you don’t know if you have mercury fillings, go to the mirror, open up your mouth and you see something dark. If you see something silver, see something gray, something that looks really ugly. It could either be a cavity or it’s probably a mercury filling.
So, if you have mercury fillings, you really need to get this information. A lot of my listeners already know that mercury fillings are bad for you, but they’re not doing something about it. Well, today and this week, we’re going to give you a very good reason why you should come in and get that mercury fillings taken out.
We also have on our homepage, we have some videos, some testimonial stuff, some information – a video from Brian who had a great experience at our dental office. We also have a video about our office and how people hate seeing the dentist, but some reasons why you want to come see us. But since we’re dealing with the mercury issue today, we also have a video on mercury’s neurotoxic effects that is done by a university study that has absolutely no interest in mercury fillings or is a dentist and actually shows you the scientific view on how low doses of mercury, like the ones coming out from your mercury fillings, are causing to your brain.
It was only – it just makes you wonder, it makes you think about why people are getting sicker and sicker. You see all these, what they call old homes, these nursing homes, Alzheimer’s homes where people have these chronic illnesses and why are people getting chronic illnesses if we’re supposed to be the healthiest society. And we’re supposed to know what’s best for the health of our people. If our government is in control of a lot of things and we regulate things, why are we one of the sickest nations? Just gets you thinking about certain toxins in our lives that perhaps just aren’t good for you and I think mercury is near, if it’s at or near the top of that list.
Jared: Let’s go right from there, right into what’s coming up this week, first credit where credit is due. This Mercury-Free Dentistry Week is sort of being sponsored by Dr. Joe Mercola you may have heard of his name and Charlie Brown from the Consumers for Dental Choice who is an advocate for mercury-free dentistry.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, he’s an advocate for consumers. And his goal and a lot of organization’s goals out there are to not only eliminate mercury fillings, but eliminate mercury altogether from our population. And there are studies after studies, hundreds, there’s probably thousands of studies out there that talk about how mercury is dangerous and how we should eliminate it from everything in our lives, not just mercury fillings, but also thermometers, batteries, light bulbs, all of these initiatives to minimize the amount of mercury that’s in our environment that can seriously make us sick. And that is what we’re talking about.
But this week, we want to pay particular attention on mercury and mercury fillings. So, go to our Facebook page, facebook.com/naturaldentistry. If you’re not a fan of that page already, you really need to. We actually created an offer this past week for only our Facebook listeners and – or Facebook fans. And what happened was is that we gave away some free cleanings. That’s right. We gave away some free cleanings just for those people.
So, become a fan of our Facebook page. You need to get on Facebook and you need to get on our Facebook page. But also, we dish out a lot of our great information on our website and the Facebook page. So, if you want to be up-to-date, if you want to get the latest discounts, if you want to have the latest information and stay up-to-date and tell your coworkers that you know the most or the best stuff there is about natural dentistry, about health and about thwarting illnesses, then you really need to get on our Facebook page and [indiscernible].
Jared: Don’t forget too, Dr. Marvin, one of the best things that we have on that Facebook page is once you like us on Facebook, you get a copy of your Safe Dental Materials List which is one of your more prized bits of information.
Dr. Marvin: That’s right. If you don’t know what that is or if you don’t have that list, I’ve had someone this past week. You can go on our Facebook page that I’ve been going back and forth. She’s actually from Scotland. And she has been asking me questions about a certain material, about which material is best because I guess she’s not available to fly from Scotland to San Diego this week. So, she wants…
Jared: Well, that’s probably quite nice for her.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, it is better, but I don’t know if she can squeeze it in. But she wants to know if Cerec materials, which is a certain technology, are biocompatible, meaning are good for us and is in that list. So, if you are on Facebook, you know about our safest dental materials list that we use in my office that I spent years developing to determine which is best for my patients.
So, if you’re going to get something installed, if you’re going to put something into your body permanently, you better know if your body is good with it. And I’m going to tell you 99. – oh, I’d say 99.789% of dentists out there, I’m just kidding. But most dentists do not test the materials before they put it in your body. I have patients that come in that are good with gold and some that are bad with gold. I have some that are okay with mercury fillings and some that are not. I have some that are okay with plastic fillings or composite fillings and some are not. So, how would you know if a dentist does not test you? You won’t.
And so one of the biggest complaints that I have is when patients come in and they tell me exactly to the dollar how much they spent on dentistry. And then they come to my place, my office, and Dr. Godes and myself have to just recommend that the dentistry that was done was dentistry that was not good for you and that you have to spend more money just to fix it.
So, if you want, if you think that natural dentistry is expensive, just imagine going to regular dentistry getting the wrong stuff and then going to the natural dentistry to take out the bad dentistry out and to put good biocompatible dentistry in. That’s a lot more expansion.
So, when I’d say that it’s probably cheaper for you to go to a natural dentist even though it may appear to be more expensive, it’s actually cheaper in the long run. Because you not only put good stuff in your body, but you avoid putting the bad stuff which hence cause chronic illnesses in the future. And those chronic illnesses cost a lot of money to fix. So, if you look at the big picture, it’s a lot better to just go ahead and get the right dentistry done at the right time and that right time is now.
Jared: Not only does it save money, it’s also going to save you time. Because I don’t know about you, but most people I know and myself would prefer not to be going into the dental office or the doctor office for chronic issues on a regular basis. So, let’s get rid of those problems. Let’s help you solve these issues on a long-term basis so you don’t have to spend your life in an office, a doctor’s office. You can spend it out doing fun things, things that you love to do and really enjoying your life.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, it’s really quite simple. You have to look at the big picture and I can’t help it, but I always look at the big picture. And the picture is that I am treating you as a person. I am not treating a tooth. I’m not just treating a toothache, I’m not just trying to make the tooth functional, I’m not trying to just fix the tooth so that you can chew it again. I’m looking at you as a person and then if you as a person, I want to make sure that the right dentistry is done at the right time and done properly. I’m a perfectionist actually. That’s one of my biggest faults is that I won’t stop until it’s done right. And that’s everything in my practice, it’s my life. And that’s what the way that I designed my practice. I designed my practice exactly how I would want it to have it done if it were my mouth. So, that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you come to our office.
Jared: Oh, before we get right back into what we started talking about, which is mercury, I do want to say also that we actually are very active on our Facebook page and in the comments section of our website. So, if you do post a comment, do expect a response from us. So, feel free to ask questions, questions that you don’t mind other people on Facebook reading. If you want to keep your questions private, send us an email or give us a call. But if you don’t mind sharing the information, your question may be a question that a lot of other people are thinking about too. So, feel free to ask it on Facebook. We will reply on Facebook. You will get an answer. You will get an answer on our comments sections of our website.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, I was saying this last month. We’ve had approximately 30 or 40 comments or questions on our Facebook page and on our website. So, we’re very excited about helping people not just in our office, but for those people that maybe can’t afford to fly out to San Diego and get this much needed dentistry done. So, definitely ask questions and, of course, you can call our radio show, you can call our office, you can email us at the office.
And I’m going to tell you, a lot of the questions are answered on our website. And if we don’t have an answer, we’ll probably put something on our website. And that’s one of the reasons why our website ranks so high in all websites out there. It’s a dental practice website that ranks up really, really high on these things because we provide answers for people that really want this information.
Jared: Well, we also have something exciting to talk about in honor and in celebration of Mercury-Free Awareness Week. We have an amazing promotion for you that we’re going to talk about in just a little bit here. So, stay on the radio, keep listening and we’ll tell you how you could get some amazing stuff from our practice.
Dr. Marvin: If you are due for a cleaning and a lot of people think that they need a cleaning every six months and some people do and some people don’t. Some people did it more often and some people need it less often. But if you have a mouth full of mercury, if you have a mouth full of metal and you go to a dentist as any regular dentist. A dentist will clean it or your hygienist will clean it. And if they used one of those electric toothbrushes, they‘re called prophy cups or prophylaxis cups. They use those in your mouth. They actually cause a lot of heat and a lot of friction because it’s trying to rub off all the stains.
But if that tooth or if your teeth have mercury fillings in them and they rub this polish on the mercury fillings or on the tooth itself, it generates a lot of heat. It’s called friction. And all these friction and all these heat, it heats up the mercury filling. And when you heat up a mercury filling, it releases not only 10, 20, 30, but maybe 100 times more mercury vapor than if you were not cleaning your teeth.
And so you can get a very high dose of mercury just from getting your teeth cleaned. And it’s amazing how people can get sick after they get their teeth cleaning and they don’t know why. Because I know in dental school, in dental hygiene school, we are not taught this information. So, if you have been to the dentist lately or if you plan on going to get a cleaning, get a cleaning done by a dentist that understands this like at our office and get a cleaning.
And kind of segues into – I’m going to offer our first special right now. It’s a little bit early for my specials, but I’m just going to go ahead and give it to you. But for the first three callers right now, so the first three callers, if you want a free cleaning and you have mercury fillings. If you want to have a free cleaning, for the first three callers, if you schedule an exam and pay for a full comprehensive exam, we’ll go ahead and clean your teeth for free.
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been in the last two months or in the last 20 years. I want you to call right now, that number is 760-536-1199. That’s just a special I’m just coming off on the top of my head. I want you to get your teeth cleaned, get your teeth evaluated and really get those mercury fillings taken out of your mouth. So, that you can move on your journey toward better health.
Jared: So, Dr. Marvin, what happens once these mercury fillings are removed safely? What happens environmentally with the disposed of mercury fillings because that’s a big issue as well with the amalgam?
Dr. Marvin: Yes. So, once a dentist removes the mercury, it goes into what’s called a trap. It’s called a solid trap in our machines that collect the mercury…
Jared: These are the parts that you don’t swallow after it’s removed.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, this is the stuff that comes in through the suction that high-speed suction where we sucked up all the particles and it goes into this trap which collects all the mercury fillings. Well, most dentists are not removing this mercury properly and they’re not disposing of it properly because mercury is hazardous waste material. It’s hazardous waste when it’s delivered to the dental office before they put it into someone’s mouth and it’s hazardous waste when it comes out of the mouth and collected in the units.
But most dentists are not removing it. Instead, it’s going into the waste water, the water system and causing a lot of problems further on down the line because that mercury is going into our water system. And what’s in our water, fish. And the fish don’t have a good excretory system to get rid of this mercury and so they are accumulating fish – mercury into the body. And who’s eating the fish, we are.
So, it’s just continuing to get worse and mercury and dental offices are the biggest culprits because they’re not being regulated and the dentist that you are getting your dentistry done is not removing it properly. So, part of the fee of going to our dental office is making sure that we get rid of the mercury properly so that we can help the environment. So, we are not only supporting just a dental office that’s mercury-free, but you’re also supporting a dental office that’s also environmentally friendly. And we’re really focus on that at our office.
Jared: And this isn’t really a small problem either. I mean the UN right now has a special subcommittee focused just on the international trade of mercury and not necessarily for amalgam fillings, but the international trade of mercury altogether. They’re looking into banning the international trade of mercury. This is a special subcommittee from the UN, United Nations special subcommittee looking at banning the international trade of mercury. So, this is a large international subject right now. Yet, for some reason, we keep putting mercury fillings into our mouths and into our own bodies.
Dr. Marvin: And so, Jared, you know about this and I’ll just ask you. So, who’s against having mercury fillings banned?
Jared: Well, I’m going to come right out and say it, it’s the traditional dental associations without naming the names, it’s the big dental association out there and a lot of it comes from the way the dental schools are run. Dentists, as you know, Dr. Marvin, because you’ve been in dental school. You went through dental school and you’re taught how to place amalgam fillings.
Also the insurance companies like amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are inexpensive. They’re easy to place. They are affordable. So, the insurance companies – this is one reason that it’s difficult for practices like ourselves to deal with insurance. We do accept insurance, but it’s difficult for us to be in network as an insurance provider or as provider because they want us to do mercury fillings their way, not our way.
Dr. Marvin: Yes.
Jared: So, they want us to place mercury fillings because it’s cheaper for the insurance companies.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, that’s exactly true. And this is a problem when money gets in the way of health. When money and health start to mix together, the problem starts to get worse and the insurance company, these large organizations which support this are also teaching the dental school and saying that everything is safe because they wouldn’t teach you something that is unsafe.
So, they’re not going to gloss over the issue of mercury, they don’t call this mercury fillings, they call them silver fillings or they call them amalgam fillings or they call them alloys. When the reality it’s more than 50% mercury and when they teach us this, it’s really – it’s engrained in our thought and it’s engrained in our speech and since we do it and they suggest it and they teach it and they promote it therefore, we think it’s safe not until you get out into the real world and do your own research will most dentists ultimately decide that mercury fillings are not good for you or they choose a more alternative route which is to do plastic fillings because they just look better.
And I’m going to tell you that there’s alternatives to mercury fillings out there that are very good and I don’t think that we need to have mercury fillings in there. So, all these organizations that are out there, the insurance companies, all these interference when it’s your mouth, it’s your decision. You should get informed consent, that’s informed consent.
That means you should know what’s going on inside your mouth before you do it and that’s what we do at our office for everything that we do. So, extremely important. Jared, we’re getting close to the end of the time. I want you to spill the beans on what we’re doing this week so people can start getting their information ready and just signing up for this contest because this is going to be really fun.
Jared: Well much rather just keep talking about mercury actually.
Dr. Marvin: No, no, no, no.
Jared: Alright, alright. Oh, yes. I’ll tell you. So, this week in honor of Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, we’re celebrating Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, September 4th through the 9th. We’re going to be giving away completely free one mercury removal everyday this week. We’ll be giving away five each weekday this week. We’ll be giving away one mercury removal completely free. This is at least a $500 value. There’s no strings attached.
Dr. Marvin: It could be up to like $1,500, $2,000 value if that mercury filling is really, really bad and it has to be replaced with something that’s larger. So, this is an incredible deal. So, how do people sign up for this program?
Jared: They’re going to need to either email us or go to our Facebook page and tell us why we should pick you for a free mercury removal. So, let us know. Go to our Facebook page, facebook.com/naturaldentistry and tell us why you deserve, why you need, why we should pick you to get a free mercury removal.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, and that’s everyday this week we’re going to do that. So, for instance, if you had your mercury filling in your mouth for a very long time. Let’s say that you have some chronic illnesses, let’s say you have anxiety, you’ve got brain fog, you’ve got arthritis, you got anything, any of these stuffs that could be caused by mercury. Tell us that story. We want to know that story because that’s what really hits home. When we start linking mercury dentistry to a lot of other systemic problems, that’s when we start focusing on health. And this is exactly what we should be doing right now.
Jared: So, again go to facebook.com/naturaldentistry and tell us why we should pick you. You can also email us info@theoffice.drmarvin.com, that’s United States .us, Uncle Sam.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. So, this is going to be great stuff. So, start your – getting your ideas together. Write us on Facebook. Write us in an email and every single day this week, starting on Monday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so for five days, we’re going to pick the best the story and that person is going to have a free, safe mercury removal and replacement.
Jared: We’re taking submissions now. So, go ahead. If you already know what you want to say, you can post it on our Facebook page now. We’ll be taking them all week and we’ll be picking five people, giving away one each day this week.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, if you have any questions, please call our office, 760-536-1199. A few seconds left, let me remind you that we probably, I don’t know if we have our three people that called and scheduled an exam and got a free cleaning, but you need to do that right now, 760-536-1199. This is great stuff. Thanks, Jared, for joining me today.
Jared: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.
Dr. Marvin: Alright, thanks. Be sure to get your information in. I’m out and thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week. Bye bye now.
Female: You’ve been listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.