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Female: You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.
Dr. Marvin: Hello. Good morning. This is Dr. Marvin and you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry here on K-PRAISE AM 1210 here in San Diego and around the globe on kprz.com or if you have one of those fancy iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, you can go ahead and download the app at kprz.com. I’m Dr. Marvin, if you listen to this show, we’re on the same time, same place every Saturday morning at 8:30 where we talk about great dentistry and how it can affect your health.
Today, I have back one of my best friends. He is one of my – he’s my office manager and he helps me a lot with my marketing and website. He’s helped me with these offers and his name is Mr. Jared Young. Mr. Jared Young, good morning. How are you?
Jared: I’m doing well. Thanks. Good morning and thanks for having me once again, two weeks in a row.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. It’s great having you back. We had a phenomenal week. Great response to our Mercury Awareness Week promotion.
Jared: Five people got free mercury removals.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, that’s what we do here. We give away a lot of stuff for free because we not only want to save people money but we also get people healthy and it was just a phenomenal week. We got a lot of great stories, some really good ones, right?
Jared: Oh, yes. We got some amazing stories. You can check them out on facebook.com/naturaldentistry.
Dr. Marvin: And also on our website trynaturaldentistry.com, revamped website. Thanks to yours truly and Mr. Jared.
Jared: Yes, it’s about a week old now so I guess it’s not new anymore but for those of you who didn’t check it out last week, please do and we’d love to get your feedback.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, give us feedback, give us a lot of the information and this is how we get better. Better feedback. We make the necessary changes and it just gets a whole lot better.
One of the things that we want to talk about this week, we pretty much killed the mercury issue but if you still have mercury fillings, please do come in. If you want to get them removed, we’ll be happy to do that. Let me give you that telephone number again. I know if you’ve listened to this show before, you know our number. You probably know it by heart by now but it’s 760-536-1199. You can also get that information on our website. That’s trynaturaldentistry.com.
On our website, we have some amazing testimonials where people have come in and we just did the normal dentistry that we do. People thinks it’s amazing, but for us, we do it day in and day out. And what happens is that people get healthier. Surprise, surprise. We’re not just fixing the tooth but we’re actually helping people’s health and it’s this intent, our philosophy, our whole body approach, we look at the big picture, we figure out the source of the problem that gets them healthier. And if there’s one thing that really separates us from your regular dental office, it is that we look at the big picture and we sometimes – most of the time, I should say, help people get healthier because we have this whole body integrative medical approach to dentistry which really separates us from other dentists.
Jared: Yes, it’s awesome. I mean I’ve been a patient in the office obviously. My wife’s been a patient. My family’s been a patient. We have had over the last, I don’t know, three years now we’ve had this practice and I’ve been working with you since pretty much day one on the practice and watching the evolution of the types of patients we have come in, some of the issues that we’ve solved. And we want to talk a little bit about that today.
But some of the patients who have come in with some pretty amazing symptoms, things that you would never think are related to your dental work and we’ve watched their evolution or watched them, helped them get healthy and been able to participate in their transformation into better health.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, it happens time and time again and it surprises me a lot but it also doesn’t surprise me because us professionals, so the dentists, the doctors, your chiropractors, everyones, they have a lot of training and we know a lot but we just don’t know everything and sometimes we do not put our ego aside and truly look at the patient and really listen. And when we do that, amazing things can happen.
God created our bodies to heal itself if humans or us, if we get out of the way. If we just take some simple, practical approaches like eating healthier, recognizing what’s bad and not eating it, what we drink, what we damage to our body, the stress, the sleep, the environment that we live in and including the medicines, the supplements and the dentistry that’s actually done.
My good friend, Dr. Bill Kellas. Dr. Bill, he’s great. He’s phenomenal. Phenomenal doctor. He has a show right after this. Stay tuned for this on kprz.com or AM 1210. And he’s the one that has taught me a lot about how dentistry and structure can solve 70% to 80% of most people’s problems.
Jared: Just those two things, just dentistry and the structure of your body and we’re not talking about anything radical here.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, we’re talking about your neck, your back, your lower back or how your muscles come together and also dentistry. And it’s not that dentistry, the mouth, is more he’s looking at the mouth and the more dentistry that you had done, the more likelihood that you have problems and it’s not supposed to be like that. If you have more dentistry done, you’re supposed to be healthier, not sicker.
But what he has found is that dentistry or the field of dentistry has actually made things worse from the whole body’s perspective and when he told me that, when I listened to that and I was like, really? I have a whole new appreciation of how important my job is in helping people but also the understanding and the realization that other dentists are actually doing stuff that actually can harm people. So dentists can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You really have to look inside the mouth and you have to look at the structure.
Jared: Well, you’re a very friendly guy, Dr. Marvin.
Dr. Marvin: Oh, thank you. One of the things that we’re going to focus on today is on our website and Jared’s seen all these videos so he’s very familiar. But there’s one particular video that stands out that we get a lot of hits from, where it’s Maribel talking about her root canal and her health. Tell us a little bit about that, Jared.
Jared: Well, she was a patient not long after we opened the practice.
Dr. Marvin: That’s a while back.
Jared: We’re talking about a few years ago here and just to clarify, the practice here – Dr. Marvin’s practice here in Encinitas has been around for three years. He’s actually been practicing for about 10 years so we’re just talking specifically about the practice here. But she came in and she had had symptoms for, I think she’s going back about eight years.
Dr. Marvin: Yeah, around that.
Jared: She had dizziness and basically, it devolved into vertigo for her and she had tried everything.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, she’s actually went to other dentists and there, it was like, “Oh, it’s not a big deal.” She went to doctors, “Oh, it’s not a big deal.” If you’ve ever heard this before, some practitioners and where they can’t figure something out, then there’s still a problem, they’ll say, “This is just all in your head.” And that’s what happened to her is like, oh, they’re just saying she’s crazy, it’s all in her head.
Jared: If you were dizzy for eight years…
Dr. Marvin: Yes.
Jared: …it might be more than just all in your head.
Dr. Marvin: Well, it’s because these doctors or these professionals think that they know everything. So if they can’t figure it out then it can’t obviously be a problem. It has to be a problem with you and that’s why they say it must be in your head or they make a name for it and they say, “Well, you have this. It’s a syndrome.” Such as chronic fatigue syndrome, such as fibromyalgia. So if they can’t explain it, then they make a name for it and then they try to get you to find it or just say, “You just have to live with it and that’s just the way things are today.”
But we don’t accept that so what we…
Jared: Well, credit Maribel for persisting and continuing to seek an answer to her – it started as dizziness and ended at near vertigo levels where she was in a constant state of dizziness.
Dr. Marvin: Yeah, that’s exactly what she did. She went out and actually did something. So that’s why I’m telling you people, the listeners, to do something about it. If you have a chronic illness that is, let’s say, over 120 days, look in the mouth, look at your structures, come schedule a visit at our office and let’s see if we can uncover something because sometimes it has nothing to do with the dentistry.
Jared: You don’t have to live with it.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. You don’t have to live with it. You have to do something about it. So if you want to schedule a visit with me or with Dr. Godes at the Center for Natural Dentistry, that number is 760-536-1199. Stay tuned until the end of the show because we’re going to offer you a special with someone new at our office and I’ll save it until the end of the show.
Jared: Yes, it’s a unique special with something that I’m excited to be able to talk about today.
Dr. Marvin: Yes.
Jared: So Maribel, let’s get back to her. She came in and you identified a problem on one of her teeth that had had what, Dr. Marvin?
Dr. Marvin: A root canal.
Jared: Go figure. So this root-canalled tooth had an infection in the tooth and after talking over through her options, it was decided that the best option for her was to remove that tooth.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. And whenever we remove teeth, it’s not like we’re just removing any tooth, what’s more important is that when we remove the tooth, we also remove the infection.
Jared: Yes. There is a wrong and a right way to remove a tooth.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, there’s a lot of right and wrongs in dentistry. There’s a right way to clean your teeth and there’s a wrong way to cleanse your teeth. There’s one way that can be more harmful and there’s one way that can be helpful. And the same way with taking out mercury fillings, same thing with extractions and that’s what we’re talking about. When we extracted a tooth that had a root canal filling, just like we do now, we not only take out the tooth but we also take out the infection and voila, what happened?
Jared: Almost instantly her vertigo went away.
Dr. Marvin: Did you say instantly?
Jared: Almost instantly. In the chair, the dizziness actually went away.
Dr. Marvin: Okay, if you’ve listened to this show before and you may think these are miracles because how can something instantly happen? Well, our bodies are miracles. God created our bodies to heal itself and when we get the problem out, if we get to the source of the problem then our body can heal itself. So this is just one classic example of how dentistry can relate to another part of the body, her ear, which is causing her vertigo or dizziness and how that was instantly resolved by taking out the problem. That sounds weird?
Jared: Yes, and if you don’t believe it, I don’t blame you but you can check it out on our website. We actually have the video of her talking about it. She is so excited. It’s right after her extraction was done and she is so excited. For the first time in her life, she doesn’t have that dizziness.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, and so this is not planted. We did not force her to say this and we did not go out and search and we didn’t even promise anything. But our body contains toxins and these toxins are what causes our bodies to give off symptoms like the vertigo. It might be pain. It might be pain somewhere else in the body like Al Menconi with his neck.
I had a patient this past week. She’s very bubbly. She’s very nice. She’s very excited but since her root canal done I think about seven, eight years ago, her energy has been going down and she feels more anxiety. She would cry. She would be depressed, all of these things and then she says, that’s not her and her husband even mentioned it. So things like toxins in the teeth cause these problems.
When I pulled out this tooth and took out the extraction, I’m going to tell you within seven days, she just came back to our office, within seven days she felt a whole lot better and usually, her tooth and the swelling and all of that would have caused her all this heartache and anxiety. It didn’t do it. So we got rid of the toxins and toxins are some of the major causes of all of these chronic illnesses these days. That’s why we highly recommend that you get toxins removed from your body and we have a special person at our office to help with that.
Jared: And we’re going to get into that in just a second but I also want to say that these are not unique stories about removing root canals. There is a clinic, one of the world’s leading alternative cancer clinics in Switzerland run by Dr. Thomas Rau and when you come in with cancer in his clinic, the first thing you do. What’s the first practitioner you see? You see the dentist. He sends you to the dentist.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. The dentist is really the primary doctor in these situations because so much dentistry is toxic and it gets in the way. It may not be the cause. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t but it’s exacerbating. It’s making the situation get worse and so if you are on the road to health, you need to get rid of the toxins inside the mouth. So one of his protocols is for you to see a dentist and to get all the dental infections out of the mouth that is infected.
Jared: And he’s removing those root canals.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, not just – I mean people ask me, “What do you mean remove root canals?” We’re talking about taking out the tooth which is plugging the infection, the infected bone that’s around the tooth and removing the tooth so that you can feel better and get the infection out of your body.
Jared: You have to do that before he’ll even start to work on your cancer.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. And so a lot of people think that all you need to do is you need to eat healthy or you need to exercise or you need to take this supplement or you need to take this medication and that may cover up the symptom or remove the symptom but the underlying cause is still there and many underlying causes, no pun intended, but the root cause of a lot of these problems are root canals.
Jared: Well, you know what, one thing Dr. Thomas Rau and the Paracelsus Clinic doesn’t have that we do have?
Dr. Marvin: What’s that?
Jared: James O’Sullivan Darcy.
Dr. Marvin: Oh, the Darcy method. Why don’t you tell me about that?
Jared: Well, Mr. Darcy is a good friend of our practice. He has worked on a lot of our patients. He actually comes into our practice now to work on our patients a couple of times a week and he does some amazing things to help remove toxins from your body.
Dr. Marvin: Did you say amazing or weird?
Jared: Well, you know it’s all in the eye of the beholder. He actually has his own method which we’ve dubbed the Darcy Method to help identify problem areas in your body and then help eliminate the toxins specifically in those areas. And I will tell you, the first time I went through it, it was definitely a little bit strange. And a week later when I felt better, it was not so strange.
Dr. Marvin: He’s one of those people that through his evaluation, he’s been trained a lot. He’s gone through trainings, many of the trainings of a lot people that I respect is that I haven’t even gone to see yet. So he’s pretty intuitive and a part of…
Jared: And that’s what we like to call him, the intuitive.
Dr. Marvin: The intuitive. And fortunately, he has donated actually some of his time to come to our office and to help a lot of our team members at our office, myself included. My kids are on it. I have two kids that are on his supplements. I’ll tell you what their supplements are in a bit. And my wife. And I’ve got to tell you they would hands down say it’s just remarkable.
Jared: Well, I met James through you and your family and I’m pretty sure you would not recommend some of these services – or you would not take your children to somebody if you didn’t believe 100% what they do. And I also 100% believe in what he does and I’ve been a patient of his for…
Dr. Marvin: A few months now.
Jared: Probably about a year now that I’ve been seeing him and he does some really remarkable things.
And I’ll tell you a real quick story. I have had a sensitivity to eggs my entire life. And I just could not eat eggs. I could not have a plate of eggs for breakfast and I’m a breakfast man. I love – I think omelets look delicious. I’ve never had omelets. In two sessions with James, I actually was down in Mexico and I ate eggs for breakfast three straight days. I told my wife and she was absolutely floored. She had to see it for herself. She did not believe that after two sessions with him, my entire life, all of a sudden I could eat eggs.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, you would gag probably right when the scrambled egg would touch your tongue, right?
Jared: Yes. Oh, and they look delicious. It’s not something where I think they look gross and – I eat everything. The eggs are the only thing I couldn’t eat. I love food and I love to eat and I’ve always thought eggs looked incredible. I just could not eat them.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. So he has this really neat allergy elimination technique that’s quite phenomenal and some of the other stuff or the teachings that he abides by is that he looks at the body as balance. And your body should work in balance and not everyone’s balance is exactly the same.
So he’s able to – his method of diagnosis and evaluation, he’s able to figure out which systems of your body. It can be your skin. It can be your shoulder. It can be your right shoulder. But it can be certain organs like your kidneys, your liver, your intestine. It could be something in your brain. It could be a tooth. I mean there’s so much overlap with these things but he’ll figure out which is a priority and he uses – what is it? – oriental herbs or Chinese herbs in a special formula that’s made just for you. And this formula is not something that you need to be on forever. It only takes about 10 to 14 days and it’s just quite amazing. He’s able to balance out your whole body with one formula and it’s just quite incredible.
Jared: Well, and that’s what I love about him too is so many practitioners out there just want to sell you supplements. And yes, some of the supplements can do absolutely amazing things. We’ve seen them. Dr. Kellas’s supplements do incredible things. He does incredible things. I love people that like to taper off the supplements. There’s a goal in mind with the supplements. Let’s fix this problem and then re-evaluate to see what you need.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, some people I’ve seen – if it’s medications or if it’s supplements. People come in with this big – one of those huge Ziploc bags. They come to the office or they come with a typed list of their medications that they have and how often they’re taking it and they’re constantly adding more and more and more. They go to Costco or they go to the health food stores, Whole Foods, and they get more and more things. They keep on adding and reading labels and trying to self-diagnose things.
Jared: For years.
Dr. Marvin: For years and then just keep on doing it and I’m going to tell you that some of those supplements actually can cause problems. So if you’re not getting help, if you’re not getting good advice in figuring out which ones are best for you then you can actually be causing more harm than good and that’s the worst thing. When you think you’re going to be doing good but you actually cause more harm, like I was saying earlier, if you’re using a toothbrush that’s like a hard-bristle toothbrush and you think you’re doing a good job but you’re actually causing more problems and you’re going to have to spend more money later, that’s not good. So get the right information and I got tell you that the Darcy Method is definitely working for me and for the patients that I’ve referred to him so far.
Jared: Yes. And also your family and it’s great. We’ve just started bringing him to our office and he is coming in about twice a week right now seeing patients while they come in to get their dental work done right after they’ve gotten like a root canal removed and it’s time to get rid of those toxins to help clear up a lot of those other issues, he’s there to help take care of that.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, and how would you like to be seen, get the right formula of Chinese herbs and then instantly feel better like in two or three days. And I tell you, if you don’t feel better then you just stop taking it. I mean, it’s just quite amazing and as today’s special, we are going to offer something new that we have never done before because we haven’t really talked about Darcy because I needed to make sure that his stuff worked before I could help them. But I got to tell you, I am floored at what we are going to be offering today.
Jared: Yes. So for our special offer, we’re actually going to be giving away initial evaluations and exams with Mr. Darcy.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. We’re going to give free exams with James Darcy at our office for the first nine callers right now. You need to call our office right now and leave us a name, number, telephone number. If someone answers, give them that information but for the first nine people, you want to call this number right now, 760-536-1199.
Jared: This is not related to anything dental so you do not need to book an exam with us. You do not need to have a cleaning done…
Dr. Marvin: No.
Jared: …or anything else. This is just a free exam with James O’Sullivan Darcy.
Dr. Marvin: I mean you’re going to be floored. I have an assistant who has been in the dental field for a while and you won’t be surprised. Guess what popped in his system that he’s sensitive to? Mercury. It’s [indiscernible].
Jared: Really?
Dr. Marvin: And let’s say, my Joy, she’s my front office manager.
Jared: She’s your Joy.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. She’s my Joy and guess what popped up in her mouth because she’s been around dental for a while? Mercury. So my assistant Rose, she had a cavity in her mouth that she didn’t want to take care of for a very long time. It didn’t hurt. It’s been there for a while. We’ve done some ozone treatments on it and stuff like that. Guess what showed up in her mouth as the root cause of all of her problems? That tooth. And a previous dentist wanted to do a root canal on it. And so what we did was we went ahead and extracted that tooth and she’s been taking these Chinese herbs and she feels great. I can’t tell you all the good stuff. How would you like to spend less and get more? And that’s exactly what we’re doing.
Jared: Yes. He’s quite an incredible man. He’s, as Dr. Marvin was mentioning earlier, when he does – if you need anything. If you do need a supplement, it’s actually custom-made for you. It’s not a pill. It’s actually a custom-made powder. It takes about a couple days to get it.
Dr. Marvin: Yes.
Jared: And you actually – it’s made specifically for what you need, not for the next person who’s coming into the office, not for, oh, you have mercury sensitivities and this is the mercury pill. It’s specifically for what you need at the dose you need.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. I think there’s close to like 80 or 90 different combinations that he uses, not combinations but different Chinese herbs that he uses and he’ll figure out the best one that works for you. He’ll figure out how much needs to be done and then he’ll go ahead and get you that formula and that formula will do wonders. My wife has been saying some amazing stuff. I actually get quite jealous. I get jealous because she says more good stuff about the Darcy Method than she does about me.
Jared: And as we said, we dubbed it the Darcy Method because his method is quite unique and the fact that it works, it deserves a name and it is the Darcy Method.
Dr. Marvin: Yeah, and that speaks volumes whenever results – and that’s what we do at the Center for Natural Dentistry. We get results. We get results for our patients.
Jared: And we’ll bring in help to help people get results and that’s why we’re offering a free exam with the Darcy Method for the first nine people who call our office right now.
Dr. Marvin: Yeah, so call our office. If you’re sitting on the sideline, I don’t know why you’re sitting on the sideline because this is free. He comes to our office. He gives you an evaluation. He doesn’t include the Chinese herbs but it includes the evaluation and this is only for my listeners so you can pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself but most of all, pick up the phone right now, 760-536-1199. Never offered this before and probably we’ll never offer this again.
Jared: Yeah, make sure you take advantage of that offer and we’ll make sure we get those first nine people.
Dr. Marvin: Yeah, first nine people. Go to our website. Find a lot of good information on our website. You’ll be floored with all the good information. Tell your friends, family, relatives, your neighbors about this show. Tell them about our website. Get in to see a natural dentist. Find one near you. If not, give us a call. Maybe we’ll make special arrangements for you. This is what we do for our patients. This is for our office. These are for our friends and families. I’ll treat you as if I treat myself and my sister or my brother or any other family member. So, please, please, please, do the right thing. Get scheduled. Give us a call right now. Thanks, Jared, for coming in.
Jared: Thanks for having me.
Dr. Marvin: And we’ll see you next week. Same time, same place K-PRAISE, 760-536-1199. Bye bye.
Female: You’ve been listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.