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In this episode, Dr. Marvin talks about Pediatric Dentistry and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJD), two very great topic’s that we specialize in. Click below to listen in!

Female: You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.
Dr. Marvin: Yes, we take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health. That’s what we do. I’m Dr. Marvin, licensed dentist here in California and several other states and we’re here today to talk about dentistry. That’s why it’s called Dr. Marvin’s Let’s Talk Dentistry.
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So, this is Let’s Talk Dentistry. We are live here in San Diego. We broadcast out of a studio here in at the KPRZ studios here in La Jolla. You can call in. This is a live call in show. Our telephone number is 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473.
If you don’t call in, you’re going to hear a wonderful show today where I picked out two very important topics that I haven’t really talked too much about. One is TMJ, which is the temporomandibular joint or a disease of that joint, which can result in a lot of problems such as pain, headaches. We can also going to talk about Pediatric Dentistry or Kid’s Dentistry because I know a lot of you have kids or I know a lot of you have kids that have kids or have grandchildren. So, this is very important stuff and I would go through each and every one of those as thoroughly as possible in the limits and the amount of time that we have.
At the end of the show, I’m going to talk about our special for today which a lot of you take advantage of. That reminds me, it’s coming down to the end of the year and a lot of you still have insurance – insurance benefits still remaining. I’m going to tell you I could probably count may be only about 15 or 16 days work days left in this year. And if you want Dr. Godes—she’s my associate. She’s a wonderful dentist—or myself to see you, you should see us before the end of the year because it’s not just the exam that we have to do before the end of the year, it’s the treatment. So, if you only have 15 days and let’s say you have a $1,000 or $2,000 left this year, you better use it or lose it as they say.
So, please give us a call. I have Rose. She is one of our wonderful employees that is standing by right now to schedule that appointment with you. She has our appointment calendar in her hand or more specifically on her computer and she could schedule that for you right now. So, if you want to schedule an exam so you can get your treatment done before the end of the year, 760-536-1199. That’s our telephone number, call that right now. You’ll get a hold of her.
If you don’t get a hold of her, leave a message and she’ll get back with you because if your teeth are important so should your health be, and if your health is important that’s your greatest asset more important than anything else in your life. Imagine all the people that would be affected if your health goes bad. So, please, please, please don’t take your health lightly. Natural Dentistry is one area where you need to concentrate on.
I’m Dr. Marvin, you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry. Let’s get busy. What we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about – actually one of my patients that came in this week, a patient that drove from three hours away from Arizona just to see us. This is what he told me. He told me that he’s young, he’s in the military and he’s been calling our office every now and then, but he’s scrounging up money just because he is finding out that he is getting all of these symptoms. I mean, symptom after symptom of mercury poisoning and it all happened after a dentist drilled out a large mercury filling on a tooth that he had root canalled and all of these symptoms and he’s scared because it’s affecting his vision and he’s in the military, believe it or not. It’s also affecting his hearing. It’s affecting his mind because mercury is a neurotoxin.
So, he drove three hours away with his girlfriend and found out a way to get his mercury – his remaining mercury fillings taken out properly. It’s very, very important that you do this. So, we get patients that come from far and wide that make it a point for them to get the right dentistry done by the right dentist. And he was shocked when he saw all the equipment that we used to remove mercury fillings properly.
So, if you have mercury fillings, if you think that you may be mercury toxic or if you don’t know you are and you don’t want to learn the hard way as they say, then you should give us a call so we can remove your mercury fillings properly instead of haphazardly and subsequently get sicker like our patient that came this week.
Another patient from one of our KPRAISE listeners came in and this is what she said at the end of the visit. She’s been going to a lot of dentists. She’s trying to figure out. She’s searching for information and I got to to tell you, she had a lot of information. And at the end of the appointment, she was so appreciative, she goes, “This is the most thorough, most comprehensive visit I’ve ever had at a dental office.”
She literally stayed at our office for about one-and-a-half hours where we discussed her treatment on how to get healthy. She has pain in her neck, headaches, pain in her cheekbones, all of those problems. And I’m going to tell you, she is so happy because we’re getting down to the cause of the problem not just trying to cover up the symptom.
Because if you wanted just to cover up symptoms, you could just take a pain medication and does that fix the cause? Absolutely not. So, if your body is screaming out pain, it’s because it’s trying to tell you something. It’s trying to tell you that you should pay attention to something and figure out the cause because if you just cover it up like most dentists or most of medicine, then you’re not really fixing the problem.
It’s one of my biggest problems is that healthcare practitioners are only fixing up symptoms. And so if you want to band-aid over things, go to your dentist, go to other people. But if you really want to figure out the cause, go to a dentist that has the knowledge and expertise.
Now, your question is, do I have the knowledge and expertise? Well, the first thing that you should do is you have to understand that I spend my weekends. You ever listen to this show and then you’ve heard the show repeated before and you’re like, man, I wish he would repeat it. He get so much good information, I just want to hear a new show every other – every week. Well, the reason why is because I go to – I spend my weekends learning more about the best type of dentistry to better serve my patients.
Is that a good use of my time? I think so. Because I tell you that my dentistry is improving, my diagnosis is improving. I mean, it’s just phenomenal on the results that we’re getting. We have a listener this week who came in and we took out what is called a chronic ischemic bone disease or a cavitation. A jaw issue where there’s an infection in the jawbone. Think of your jaw as a collection plate. Think of your jaw as a drain where everything drains into the bone into your jaw. And this is the same jaw which has all the blood that goes to your brain and to the rest of your body. When you have an infection in your jaw, your body picks up that infection in your jaw and travels elsewhere.
Well this particular case, this is actually a patient of mine from another patient which happens a lot. We get a lot of referrals at our office, but she’s a spouse actually. She came in, she didn’t know what to expect. We did an exam. We told her that she has one of these infections in her jawbone. She also had two root canals right next to it which could have been caused by this infection. We subsequently, she agreed, she paid, we went ahead and took out this infection. Right after the infection was taken out, that same day, you wouldn’t believe what I just – what we heard or what she told us. She told us that the neck pain that’s been bugging her for the last three to four months was now gone instantly after we took out the infection.
Now, did I know that this was going to happen? Absolutely not. Am I glad this happened? Absolutely. Because I want people to realize that there are links between the mouth and the rest of the body and if you don’t remove the toxins in your mouth, you won’t get down to the root cause of these problems. Think of your mouth as – or think of yourself or your body as balance. You want your body in balance so that your body can function better. Remove the toxins from your body, give your body what it needs, all the nutrients that it needs and your body will heal itself and we’ll get down to the root cause of the problem as opposed to taking out the symptoms.
If you want, our phone lines are open. This is Dr. Marvin of Let’s Talk Dentistry. It’s more natural dentistry, dentistry that’s good for you and your health. Then give us a call right now, it’s 866-577-2473. I’m going to get to my two main topics today. First topic is going to be TMJ or temporomandibular joint disease. A lot of patients have been coming in. I’m going to tell you, a lot of patients have this disease just with varying severities. Some are worse than others. Some have pain, some don’t.
Let me tell you a little bit about this joint. This is a very, very important joint. This is a joint between your lower jaw or your mandible and your head. It’s a very unique joint because it’s not like any other in the body. For one reason, it supports a jaw, the bone, the jaw, the lower jaw and it floats – the lower jaw floats in your joint. And this joint moves a lot every time you chew, every time you breathe, every time you open your mouth. So, it’s a very active joint and there’s also 60% of your nerves from your brain go through that joint. So, if this joint is stressed, your body can be completely out of balance and it could scream, scream a lot of pain and headaches, neck pains, all of these problems that you’re having. Everyone’s having these problems, it could be because of this jaw joint. But the question that I’m always going to ask you, why did it get out of position? And that’s what we do at the Center for Natural Dentistry.
Let me take a caller. Hello, this is Dr. Marvin of Let’s Talk Dentistry, how can I serve you?
Mary Ann: Good morning, Dr. Marvin.
Dr. Marvin: Good morning. Who am I speaking with?
Mary Ann: I’m sorry?
Dr. Marvin: What’s your name?
Mary Ann: My name is Mary Ann.
Dr. Marvin: Hi, Mary Ann and thanks for calling. What can I help you with?
Mary Ann: Well, on Thursday, I was in a really bad automobile accident.
Dr. Marvin: I’m sorry.
Mary Ann: And in fact, the other car hit me three separate times.
Dr. Marvin: Whoa.
Mary Ann: And I ended up spinning around and things like that. So, I’m – you were talking about this TMJ and such. Should I get a dental exam after that? Is it possible that anything…
Dr. Marvin: Absolutely.
Mary Ann: …could have gone wrong in my mouth like clenching my teeth or anything like that? Because I don’t know what I did for those moments…
Dr. Marvin: Right.
Mary Ann: …as far as hurting myself, but the upper neck and all through there…
Dr. Marvin: Is it sore?
Mary Ann: …it’s so tight and so sore. So, I just would like to have your feedback if I may?
Dr. Marvin: Okay, Mary Ann. First things first, I’m glad that you’re okay.
Mary Ann: Thank you.
Dr. Marvin: You suffered through something that’s very tragic to your body. The most important thing right now is to get your body back into alignment because your misalignments. Your – I can almost guarantee that your body is out of alignment right now, has thrown your jaw out of alignment.
Mary Ann: Yes.
Dr. Marvin: One thing that you have to look is you have to look at the jaw, the TMJ and the spine and the position of the head all at once. And that’s what we do at the Center for Natural Dentistry. We don’t do the other adjustments, but we do work with other providers to get your body into alignment because once you get your body into alignment to correct what’s called a whiplash injury. So, that’s the soreness that you have. Once that’s back into place, then you have to put your jaw and teeth to match that position.
Mary Ann: Yes.
Dr. Marvin: Okay. So, very, very important sooner the better. If you want to know who we go to, I want you to call the office right now 760-536-1199 and my assistant Rose will give you that information because we want to get you over to our office soon after that appointment like immediately after that appointment with the chiropractor to make sure that your teeth go back into alignment because if you don’t fix this, then your teeth can be grinding and worn down and your jaw joints can be pain- you can suffer headaches and migraines for the rest of your life so hurry.
Mary Ann: Uh-oh, I don’t want that. This is bad enough.
Dr. Marvin: This is bad enough and I know that the – we look at the whole picture and I truly feel that if you get these things taken cared of, you’re going to save yourself a lot of pain and agony in the future.
Mary Ann: Very great. Okay, thank you so much.
Dr. Marvin: You’re welcome. Thanks for the call, Mary Ann and thanks for listening and tell other people about our show. Call anytime.
Mary Ann: Okay, thank you. Bye bye.
Dr. Marvin: Thank you. Bye bye. Yes, this is one of the reasons why most dentists don’t diagnose this is because they don’t understand the whole body. You need to have the body into alignment because your jaw is like a gyroscope. When your jaw is out of position, it can be that your body is out of position and vice versa. It’s one of those chicken or the egg scenarios. What causes what to go out?
Well, I’m going to tell you that most people jaws are out because most people spines are out and most people spines are out because most people’s jaws are out of position. So, if your jaw’s out of position which 90% of you are walking around with a bad jaw, you need to come to see us to get a consultation or an exam to see what can be done because if you don’t have symptoms now, you may have symptoms in the future.
So, jaw position is extremely important to have proper alignment or proper gait, so that you can walk around. When your body is in better alignment, your nerves will actually function a lot better. Your muscles start functioning better. You won’t get as tired. If you have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, your muscles will bring – everything will start working better when your structure is in better alignment. A lot of people are talking about this. Dr. Kaszer before me; Dr. Kellas, who’s has a show right after me. They’re always going to talk about the structure.
The structure is so important. Most doctors, most dentists don’t see how this works. They don’t understand it, they don’t see the connection. We do. That’s why I’m telling you. Go to a dentist that spends extra hours during the weekends, learning how to fix this stuff. And then when you come to see us, you get the right stuff done without being invasive.
Now the treatment I’m telling you about is not invasive where you go see the chiropractor, you get a special adjustment to align your jaw, align your neck, align your head, put it on straight then you come over to us and we do a very minor adjustment to the teeth so that we can match the teeth up to your new jaw position. That’s very, very common. That’s one of the procedures that we do. The other procedure that we could talk about today is the splint or the orthotic that we put in your mouth to keep your jaw into better alignment. So TMJ, very important, a lot of you have it. If you want to get it fixed, give us a call right now, 760-536-1199. Stay tuned until the end of the show, we’re going to give you a special.
The next thing I want to talk to you today that has been a common occurrence at our office is Kids’ Dentistry, another name is called Pediatric Dentistry, dentistry for kids. I’m going to say the four biggest problems that I see in my office. The four biggest problems that I see affecting all, our whole public, our whole everyone are number one, root canals or root canal therapy. I’ve talked about it extensively in the past. If you have a root canal, get into our office so we can evaluate and see if it’s good for you. If you plan on having a root canal or someone has told you that you need a root canal, put the brakes on, come to our office, we’ll see if we can do something about it.
Number two, jaw infections. I told you about my patient earlier who had his neck – her neck problems go away instantly after we cleaned out her jaw. The jaw was filled with pus, nasty pus. It’s a pus pocket in the jaw. No one diagnosed it. No other dentists, no other doctors figured it out. We figured it out. We went ahead and take it out and she’s feeling better. That’s her jaw infections in the bone and the only way that you can figure those out if you go to a dentist that has a 3D x-ray which we do. It’s a Cone Beam CT scan or use special diagnosis that we do in our office. So, you have to get in for that. So check to see if you have jaw infections.
The third thing is TMJ. I just finished talking about that, the TMJ or TMD, the joint problems, those are bite problems. The last problem is Pediatric Dentistry. And I’m talking about adults that come in and they have problems. Why? Because they had poor Pediatric Dentistry as a child, in other words, poor orthodontics and poor Pediatric Dentistry. So, what’s wrong with Pediatric Dentistry? Now, let’s just go through the list.
Number one is a lot of pediatric dentists or dentists, they like to talk about fluoride. I’ve talked extensively in the past that fluoride is a poison. You need to take care of your teeth without fluoride. Fluoride is a medication. It is actually a poison that’s put on teeth, that’s ingested, that’s put in our water. And so one thing that a pediatric dentists love to do or a dentist love to do is to bathe your mouth with fluoride. That’s one big problem.
Number two is they do – they talk a lot about sealants. Sealants, sealants, sealants, they like to put sealants on teeth. Now, sealants can be good, but the problem with sealants is one, the material itself may not be good for the patients. Dentists do not test the material to see if the sealant is good for you or healthy for you. They don’t test the – to see if the sealant will last. They don’t monitor these sealants because if you don’t go to the dentist, if you get decay underneath the sealant, you won’t be able to see the decay until it gets bigger and you see it on the x-ray. So, big problem with that.
Nutritional counseling, most dentists do not talk about how to prevent decay. Actually most doctors don’t know how to – don’t teach you how to prevent anything. All they teach about is how do we get a medication in order to fix it. So, at our office, we talk about what is causing the decay because you may think you’re doing a good thing, but if they’re still getting cavities and they’re not doing the right thing. So, you need to get counseling on nutrition.
The other thing is decay. So, how large does the decay get? What is your treatment for decay? At our office, we try to prevent decay, but if we have decay, we can actually arrest it or stop the process. We can actually cure tooth decay with our set techniques in our office. So, very, very important that you get the right treatment done. Most dentists are placing fillings in these cavities because that’s what we were taught to do. Most dentists place mercury-laden fillings, mercury fillings, silver fillings, black fillings. If you open the mouth, you go to your child, you open their mouth and you see dark filings. Those are mercury fillings. A child’s immune system, especially if they’re mercury sensitive, will be highly affected by the placement of the mercury filling, keeping the mercury filling in and also taking the mercury filling out.
You may think as an adult that, oh, it’s my insurance who’ll paid for it. It will be free. The dentist does them. They do it all the time. I’ve seen other kids that do it. Put the brakes on. Learn about what’s going on. Pediatric Dentistry places a lot of mercury fillings because they’re simple and easy. And when they work on kids, they want things that are instantly fast. They want fast, fast, fast and mercury fillings are the easiest ones.
The plastic fillings that are replaced by dentists. Plastic filings are harder to do that’s why they’re more expensive. If they’re harder to do, the bonding doesn’t fit well. I had a patient that came this week. She’s seven years old and the bonding came off and it exposed a larger cavity underneath. So, big problems with plastic fillings in patients because they don’t last very long because the dentistry is done haphazardly. When dentists work very fast, it doesn’t work very good. Take out those fillings and then you use the right fillings.
The other things are what called baby root canals and stainless steel crowns. Stainless are those silver crowns that you see. Stainless steel is chromium, nickel chromium. Nickel is a neurotoxin for a lot of people. Adults are allergic to it and so are kids. So, if you have those metal crowns, those can be causing neurological problems. You don’t want to put those in your mouth because you don’t – they don’t test them before they put them in.
What about baby root canals? Well, a lot of them use toxins to kill the bacteria, but they also kill you. Like they use a product, a lot of products called the formocresol. Formo means formaldehyde. You’re putting a known carcinogen, cancer causing ingredient in this [indiscernible]. Doctors don’t tell you this, but they do it. This is what they do to stop the bleeding and to kill it. They don’t do baby – they don’t do full root canals because the roots are not there, but they do take out the nerve inside the tooth. So, when they do this, they put more ingredients inside your mouth that could cause more toxin. They’re going to say, you need to this or else, big, big problems.
Another problem is orthodontics palatal expansion, moving the palette. A lot of dentists say your jaw is too small and your teeth are too big or you have to do this or else your adult teeth will come in and will get crowding. A big, big problem is not getting down to the root cause of problem. Why is the palette not expanding?
Well, this is what we talked about. We talked about how position of your tongue should be your natural expander. Very, very important because if you don’t get this information right now, if you don’t do something about it when they’re young, they’re going to continue to have that problem when they’re older. Here’s a final thing I want to talk about is that when you get orthodontics as a teenager, what you’re actually doing is you’re keeping the jaw, the teeth into one position and you’re stunting the growth of the jaw. It doesn’t make sense to stunt the growth of a major organ.
Would you like to put a cast over your arm and go through puberty and that arm will be a lot smaller and then a lot of problems will occur. That’s what’s happening in orthodontics. As you continue to get braces as a teenagers and adult, you are keeping the teeth in the same position while your body is still growing. Why are we doing that? It’s because everyone else’s doing it. It’s because you did it as a child. Absolutely.
Now, I’m telling you all of these problems can cause the problems as adults and I’m going to be the bearer of bad news. This is important stuff people. I’m going to tell you that for the first six callers right now, call 760-536-1199. I want you to bring your kids or your grandchildren in to get this valuable information before you get problems later on. I am going to give a free cleaning for kids with a paid exam. Free cleaning for kids when we evaluate you and we’ll go and tell you what is to be done. If you have orthodontics, if you have stainless steel crowns, if you have any of these problems, get in right now, 760-536-1199.
If you are not one of the first six callers, we do still have our everyday special of a no charge consultation. We have no charge consultations for you. This is very important. Let me give you that number again, you need to call right now and leave your name, number, telephone number, email, whatever you can, we’ll get back to you. It’s 760-536-1199.
What we learned today is that Pediatric Dentistry, dentistry for kids extremely important. We learned that TMJ, the joint, very important. Go get seen right now. I’m Dr. Marvin of Let’s Talk Dentistry. I’ll see you next week same time, same place. Bye bye now.
Female: You’ve been listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.