Regular readers of our website, along with our patients, are well aware of the dangers of ingested fluoride. Less frequently we discuss the downsides to topical fluoride (like what you find in most toothpaste). Research that’s been done is spotty at best, but for the most part, research has shown that large doses of topical fluoride MAY have a positive effect on decay. Of course, at those large doses, fluoride is toxic (as Dr. Mercola points out, even the toothpaste label says it’s toxic).

Without too much preamble, here is Dr. Mercola’s video. I maintain that the potential benefits of topical fluoride do not out weigh the potential dangers. Especially when there are plenty of other products out there that can do the same thing without the same risk… why take that chance?

PS: We recently had a weighty discussion on this topic over at Dangers of Topical Fluoride — Discussion. Check it out in the comments section at the bottom.