Many metals and metal-containing compounds have been identified to be potent mutagens and carcinogens. Recently, a new sub-discipline of molecular toxicology and carcinogenesis has been developed. The combination of newly developed molecular techniques and free radical approach makes it possible to insightfully examine metal-induced carcinogenesis in precise molecular terms so that intricate biological interrelationships can be elucidated. In consideration of the increased amount of new findings deciphered by utilizing these new methods, the 1st Conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Metal Toxicity and Carcinogenesis was held. In this conference, more than 50 scientists from nine countries presented their novel discoveries concerning metal-induced carcinogenesis, delineated molecular mechanism of metal carcinogenesis, and proposed novel therapeutic intervention and prevention strategies. This article reviews some of the state-of-the-art information presented at the meeting regarding the molecular mechanisms of metal cytotoxicity and carcinogenesis.

Wang S, Shi X. Mol Cell Biochem. 2001 Jun; 222(1-2):3-9. 11678608 PubMed.