Hi! I hope the summer has been treating you well! We’ve been slammed at the office and I’ve fallen behind on our newsletter, but I have some exciting news to share that you might be able to benefit from.

(As a side note, most of this pertains to people in our area. I will be writing another article in the coming days with some news about the FDA and mercury fillings, as well as some new dental tips, so stay tuned for that email in the next week or so).

We recently invested in some exciting new equipment for our practice that allows us to improve the services we can provide and to provide some of those services at a lower cost. To celebrate, we are offering our friends and patients an opportunity to save a good chuck of change on some dental work. What do I mean? Well first, let me explain what we got:

We have integrated a 3D Cone Beam scanner into our practice. As many of our patients already know, we have long supported and recommended cone beam scans to help improve diagnostics while decreasing your exposure to radiation. But it was often difficult to schedule an appointment for such images and could be cost prohibitive. Now, with a machine in our practice, we are able to provide high quality scans in less time and often for lower costs.

3D Cone Beam scans provide the highest resolution scans possible at the lowest possible radiation levels. This means that we can pinpoint problems easier and be more precise in our diagnosis. These scans are infinitely more detailed than any other dental radiography technology on the market and are available in very few dental practices in the country.

After being a “CEREC” doctor for almost a decade, I understand the value of what CEREC brings to a practice and a patient. That’s why we recently upgraded to the latest and greatest machine, the CEREC AC. This machine allows us to take digital impressions for restorations (no more gagging on impressions!) and make precise restorations that look excellent, fit perfectly, and last a long time — all out of biocompatible, metal-free materials and all in very little time.

By upgrading our CEREC machine, we are able to do same-day restorations on almost all procedures, including inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges, often at a lower cost to you. Restorations look outstanding, last a long time, and are biocompatible and metal-free. Fewer visits and a lower cost… that’s a pretty good benefit!

What’s in it all for you? If you have any work you need to have done (do you have a chipped tooth? Do you need a crown replaced? Do you have a missing tooth and need a bridge?) we are offering 13% off on the first CEREC restoration you have done in our practice in July. The offer includes inlays, onlays, bridges, and crowns done on our new CEREC. It’s good for one restoration. It’s good for the first 8 people who respond and schedule an appointment for the month of July.

Keep in mind, we are rapidly filling our July calendar (we have a few appointments left at the end of the month) and we do not plan to extend this offer. So if you have work you need done, please call soon and make sure you get scheduled while we still have spots available and to ensure you are one the first 8 people.

When you call, tell Sasja that you are responding to my email offer and would like to be scheduled in July (you can reach her at 888-825-5351. If she doesn’t pick up right away, she’s probably on the other line. Feel free to leave a message and she’ll call you back as soon as possible).

If you don’t need any work done or you aren’t in our area, I appreciate you reading this far into my email and I hope you’re enjoying your summer. As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I promise to have some information about the FDA’s about-face on mercury amalgam fillings as well as some new dental tips and info in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Dr. Marvin