I’m so happy today because it is National Fresh Breath Day.

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Bad Breath is more than a social issue…. it is an issue about health.

Did you know that bad breath is a SIGN of more serious underlying problems… the most common being a systemic candida infection.

The best way to get rid of bad breath and the fungus in your body is to do a supervised full-body cleanse.

Of course it is not easy but most everything important or worth doing requires work.

Rhea, my wife went through one and now she feels great.  (and her breath is better because of it).

One sign of fresher breath is a pink (not white) tongue.  Check in the mirror and see if you have a white tongue.  If so, 1. get a system to fight bad breath locally then 2. find a health professional in cleansing to get rid of those nasty overgrowth of candida.

As always, I recommend BreathDr. Brand

Dr. Marvin