At The Center for Natural Dentistry, we’re always looking for the latest in “safe, natural” dental alternatives. But how would you feel if your next filling was made from bile acids from a cadaver’s gall bladder? It might not be that far-fetched.

“Scientists in Canada and China are reporting development of a new dental filling material that substitutes natural ingredients from the human body for controversial ingredients in existing “composite,” or plastic, fillings. The new material appears stronger and longer lasting, as well, with the potential for reducing painful filling cracks and emergency visits to the dentist, the scientists say. Their study appears in the current edition of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.”


The study, being conducted by Julian X.X. Zhu and colleagues, has shown that resins created from bile acids form an extremely hard, durable “plastic” that resists cracking and can bond to the teeth indefinitely.

Are You Ready for Bile Fillings?

Are You Ready for Bile Fillings?

Is this going too far? Would you allow cadaver’s bile acid to placed in your mouth? In the trending toward natural medical alternatives, fillings made from human bile might be only the beginning.