Much uproar has surfaced about BPA contained in plastics and in dental materials.

Baby bottles and other plastic bottles are notorious for containing the synthetic harmful substance that has been known to cause problems in the body. More specifically, BPA looks a lot like the hormone estrogen and when the body recognizes it…. well, things just go haywire.

Dental sealants and some composite fillings (plastic or white fillings) contain BPA as a product or as a by-product.

We are aware of such an issue and have done our best to select dental composite fillings and dental sealants that don’t include bisphenol-A nor contain compounds that make bisphenol-A.

In studies done approximately 10 years ago showed that BPA can be found in the saliva after 10 minutes of placing it.  However, that brand of dental sealant hasn’t been used in years and currently, dental sealant manufacturers are aware of the issue and have stopped using BPA (but check with your dentist for sure.  If he or she is not aware of the issue, then it might be time to change dentists).  

If a dentist told me that my children should have sealants, they better put sealants that don’t have BPA.