Dentistry should be safe for the whole body.

If we breakdown dentistry and only look at the teeth, then traditional dentistry does a great job of treating the problem. For instance, if you have cavity, dentists have been trained to numb the tooth, drill out the decay, and fill the tooth. Or, if you have tartar buildup, any dentist or dental hygienist can remove the debris.

Where most dentists fail is in three main areas: 1) educating the patients in preventing these common problems, 2) forgetting to understand the long-term effects of what they are doing and 3) realizing the “whole-body” aspects of dentistry.

This is where a holistic dentist or biological dentist distinguishes him or herself from traditional dentists.

Some metal fillings are great because they restore the tooth back into function (chewing) after it has been softened because of tooth decay. But what if that filling made the remaining tooth weaker… like in the case of an amalgam filling where the enamel is undercut to keep the filling in place. What if that metal (mercury) filling leaks a toxic poison that slowly absorbs into the body including the brain, kidneys, and liver? If that same filling causes alzheimers, parkinson’s and lou gehrigs disease, would you still choose to have one of those fillings placed? Would you question the associations or governmental agencies that state that these fillings are “safe”?

Or, are you going to find the good information on your own, perhaps on the internet?

It can be hard to find the information you need… that’s exactly why I have created this website. Of course, this site does not have all of your answers… but it does answer some of the most common questions.

You can also come to our office or call us. Our San Diego dentistry office is proud to help people from the area become better informed about holistic dentistry. We specialize in safe mercury free dentistry and mercury extraction services.