About Dr. Marvin’s Dentistry

Dr. Marvin embraces a whole-body approach to dentistry. Obviously, the mouth is a part of the body so his approach takes into consideration that intricate relationship between the oral environment and the body. This can mean observing how systemic health contributes to dental disease, or how a filling material can illicit an immune response.

Pain, in and of itself, is simply a sign or symptom of some bigger issue or problem. While others may jump to HOW to eliminate the pain, a keen observer should ask WHY there’s pain first. Dr. Marvin uses the latter approach by using the most natural and most conservative way possible. If one has an infection or a dead tooth, we remove it with great care AND treat the underlying infection. If one has a cavity, then we take out the decay without damaging the fragile tooth by using advanced techniques and technology to keep our patient safe from harm.

Finally, we help our patients get better without sacrificing mother Earth.

If that goal requires the use of non-toxic chemicals to minimizing mercury into the environment, then we will take those extra measures.

What is Biological Dentistry?
According to the IABDM, Biological Dentistry is concerned with the whole body effects of all dental materials, techniques and procedures.
What is (W)Holistic Dentistry?
According to the Holistic Dental Assocation website, being holistic involves an awareness of dental care as it relates to the entire person.

HDA members believe that health care practitioners and recipients should be provided with appropriate information to make informed choices that will enhance personal health and wellness while feeling loved, accepted, and understood.


Our Philosophy

We do not focus on alleviating symptoms. Our aim is to get to the root cause of your problems and solve it from there. We treat each patient as individuals because we understand that each person’s needs are unique – we do not believe in “cookie cutter” treatment plans.

Our patients are treated the way we want ourselves or our loved ones to be treated. We place a premium on being preventative, conservative, and practicing dentistry as naturally as possible.


Our Use Of Technology

Having good skills in dentistry is just as important as using the right tools. There are a multitude of technological advances available for dental practices, but not all are necessary. Dr. Marvin has gone to great lengths in choosing and investing in only scientifically-proven technology to better serve our patients. He is always constantly learning and mastering the use of these tools to satisfy our goal of giving our patients the best results.

Our Services

Jack of all trades, master of none – is definitely not how we operate. Find out what we do and do really, really well.

Meet Dr. Marvin

The man behind the mask, Dr. Marvin is much more than a technical dentist. Referring to him as “just a dentist”, probably tops the list of things that annoy him the most.

That said, Dr. Marvin is very passionate with his work and his beliefs. Being a perfectionist, he is constantly investing time and effort in expanding his knowledge on his practice and continuing his personal growth.

We Change People’s Lives

Whether or not you have a cavity or a bad tooth, Dr. Marvin makes sure the diagnosis is correct and his recommendations are the most conservative, predictable, and safest services possible.

Our amazing Technology

A heart or brain surgeon spares no expense when it comes to performing a delicate, but life-changing procedure. This comparison may seem extreme but when it comes to your dental and overall health, one wrong move, or wrong decision, can mean the difference between a successfully-completed filling versus a painful infection and possible missing tooth. Our doctor has carefully done his due diligence on his chosen technologies.

“If it is not our customer service, then it is our technology that sets us apart.”
-Dr. Marvin

Here we highlight just 3 of the many tools in his armamentarium to help him achieve predictable, esthetic, and conservative treatments.

what our Patients Say...

“Doctor Marvin is a genuine sage healer. His cavitation surgery on my root canal tooth cured my chronic kidney stones and put me back on the path to reversing my chronic kidney disease. He literally saved my life. And now, as I experience euphoria again, I am forever grateful to him. Thank you Doctor Marvin. You are magnificent.”

Ken S.

Tokyo, Japan
“Dr. Marvin helped my digestion! Yes digestion haha not what I expected going in to get an inlay fixed. I didn’t even have to tell him to use porcelain he just knew. I have been telling everyone about him and my sisters to bring my nieces to him.”

J G.

Encinitas, Ca
“I can tell he really cares! It’s refreshing going to a doctor who cares about overall health not just his specialty. I went to him and he guided me in the right direction to getting healthy, even though there was nothing wrong with my teeth! I have no cavities and no infections but he still helped me and let me know to stay away from certain foods, and even certain medications that were not helping me get healthy. Great practice!”


San Diego Ca
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